Daily Commentary of the NHL Coyotes Saga

Anyhow, want to say that what is up with the NHL ‘mystery’ bidder, that is ‘so shy’ he/she/they may be ‘scared off’ if Mr. Moyes gets to actually examine the Reinsdorf offer? How dare Moyes want to do that, and waste the court’s precious time?  After all, Moyes has only pumped a mere $300 million U.S. into the team. Who is he? Oh, that’s right, he is the one to stand to actually get a $100 million back out, never wanting to then  hear the letters “N H L” again. Must say, the NHL sure knows how to treat one of their own!

 It’s a good thing judge Baum has been around the block, but I’m sure his eyeballs are a rolling on this latest, grovel in the mud, move by the NHL. One might surmise that Reinsdorf is ready to run with what’s left of his reputation and ego, and maybe he has read the riot act to the NHL head office to ‘do something’ to stop the dissection of the facade that is the offer (using the term losely here) that the NHL put him up to….for nothing more than PR purposes. If Glendale is pointing at Moyes and Gretzky, and Moyes is pointing at Bettman, Daly, and the City of Glendale manager, I suspect that Reinsdorf if harshly pointed at Bettman to do major damage control. But, if the best you can do is defend the ‘mystery bidder’ that is so convinced that the team is worthy of an offer, why is he/she/them ready to run if anyone wants to examine an offer? Wow, this should be the next reality TV show, which might give the national TV deal a chance. It’s OK, he has taken Canada for all they are worth, anyhow!


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