Daily Commentary for our 'cartoon episode' also known as the Coyotes bankruptcy case

How does the cartoon begin?  Oh ya……

We rejoin our characters as we wonder,  why is the NHL protecting the Reinsdorf offer?

Well, it would seem that when you have a U.S. Bankruptcy trustee on your case, your thinking had better change. At least, it will be interesting to see the names and intents of the “other” bidders that, according to Daly, had decided that Reinsdorf’s bid was the best, so they decided not to proceed with their own. Sounds like an episode of ‘Chip & Dale’, crazyoverdaisy1who argue who will enter the doorway first, “After you….No, I insist, after you”. How sweet! Doesn’t it warm your cockels?

Further on my belief that the Reinsdorf offer was a stall tactic, designed by convincing Reinsdorf to place the ‘impossible to achieve’ bid in hope to find a real bidder, the NHL’s attempt to stop Moyes from investigating the bid may be due to the direction of Reinsdorf to the NHL to keep him out of it, and not bring his own reputation into question. With Glendale so bound by AZ law, and Goldwater with magnifying glass in hand, it appears increasingly likely that Reinsdorf helped the NHL buy time.

Now, the new Canadian contingent that “may” want to place an offer, says it would have no immediate plans to leave Glendale if their “due diligence” results in their ability to see how the team can succeed. Here we go again folks, more thinking that Bullwinkle can pull the rabbit from his hat. bullwinkle1

I think Glendale said it best, when they said they would help the new owner look to increase ticket prices. Well, good luck. Right now, you practically can get Coyote’s babysitting services for free if you can make it out to a game.

It would also make one wonder if the new Canadians that are thinking of entering this circus might have learned that being totally honest (like Balsillie) may not be the best idea. Perhaps it would be wiser to enter the club, and then look to alter the rules, and move the team after a year or so. That is, if you can negotiate the lease penalty of over $700 million.

Moyes, who would be painted as the man that didn’t have clear vision on how to run the team, would be suggested by the NHL as a Mr. Magoo, but he would seem to have the clearest head, and make-sense arguments. I guess that type of owner is not preferred in this NHL.

No matter what, Judge Baum has kept a clear, focused head, much like our beloved Mr. Peabody! His intelligence is a breath of fresh air in thinking that is far from clouded.

No matter how we view the teams, and who fits the descriptions of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Chip and Dale, or even Mr. Magoo, there is one thing for sure, this cartoon is likely to have a succesful run! I will leave it up to your imagination to determine who Boris Badanov might be. Boris

Well, let’s see what the new week will hold. I’m sure this plot will thicken more than crow’s blood on the sand in the  hot desert.


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