Wayne Gretzky talks about his position on Coyotes

If we can argue even a little with the ‘Great One’, to use what Bettman would say, ‘all situations are different’. If this team can stand viably on it’s own, nobody is going to question that. In fact, Mr. Moyes would not be in bankruptcy court right now. Wayne himself tried to get the corporate sponsors and it did not work. From 1996 this team has not been viable. It is one thing to say you need to win to bring in the fans, but unfortunately this is big league business with big league payrolls. The poor years are going to have the same devastation on the team’s finances, and how can a team be expected to continue to win just to break even? To be viable, a team needs a strong foundation, and loyal fans, both individual and corporate that appreciate hockey for what it is, win or lose. This is not minor hockey, as we are talking about millions and millions of dollars. Giving away the ship, as in all you can eat buffets, free programs, etc. is a symptom of the lack of major league interest in hockey in the suffering communities.coyote starve With tougher economic times in the picture, the Phoenix Coyotes will be like Wiley, always chasing, always starving.


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