The promise of revenues outside of hockey – the Glendale connection?

The negotiations between the City of Glendale and Jerry Reinsdorf have been a ‘secret affair’, that is being well protected by the NHL.

The question has always been, why bid in the 11th hour? What could have changed? What could be the ‘new’ thinking?

Connections in business are vitally important one could argue. We are all advised to network our efforts for success.

In Glendale, it would seem the math never quite added up for Jerry Moyes’ Coyotes, and for the life of him, he probably is wondering how it could add up for anyone else either.

 I present this for your consideration, and especially for the consideration of the Goldwater Group, that is watching the hockey drama as closely as they can.

Connections……connnections……connections……ahhhh, what could be the connections here that might work a good deal?

Comiskey ParkA company named Vieste LLC  had their hand in the new Chicago White Sox stadium and in the Dodgers/White Sox facility in Glendale. It would appear that Mr. Reinsdorf should be familiar with them, as his son Michael, is a director of a partnering firm, International Facilities Group (IFG), that has a hand in consulting the City of Glendale for the arena,  and more. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What is Michael doing consulting for the city of Glendale if his father stands to become a tenant? And, what potential exclusive investment opportunities could be made outside of hockey with a connection and development link of this significance and  magnitude?

Income outside of hockey you say? Restaurants, etc. etc. How would that work?


Well, if we read about the Camelback Ranch developmentcamelbackranch, it would seem there is a lot of potential for growth and capital infusion, as it is quite huge by the sounds of the description. Could it be an opportunity for profit generating investment outside of hockey? That would be a fair bet!

But, for the City of Glendale, shouldn’t any potential deals be scrutinized by the public? And how should information of this nature be viewed by the current bankruptcy court, and the watchdog Goldwater group?

All interesting questions that deserve at least a good look.

It’s always the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ that need to be addressed. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have great connections and influential friends either. Something that it would seem Jerry Moyes wasn’t privy to. Was Michael Reinsdorf influential in any way with the arena lease terms with Jerry Moyes? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist if he was?

As far as a good client would go, I can see why Glendale would want to keep Reinsdorf around. But I would be especially careful as a taxpayer to ensure he didn’t get too good a deal for either baseball or hockey.  And, with the influence his son Michael could have in his consulting role regarding the arena and other land development, there could easily be accusations of favouritism. It likely would not wash with the Goldwater Group, and it should be monitored for the safety of the public. It would seem a conflict of interest is the innevitable outcome between Glendale, Michael and father Jerry.


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