Some notes on International Facility Group (IFG), Director Michael Reinsdorf

From IFG’s own service list:

IV. Team Lease

A. Review of initial documents proposed by the governmental entity.

B. Participation in review sessions with Client to determine goals and strategies.

C. Review of similar leases for possible inception into this process.

D. Review and comment on ongoing lease drafts.

E. Review of impact of lease terms on team operations

Question: Was IFG involved in the lease negotiations with Jerry Moyes?

From Vieste LLC:

VIESTE, LLC and its subsidiary, Level 5 Engineering, have been retained, along with International Facilities Group, by the City of Glendale, Arizona.  The companies serve as the owner’s representative on a $26 million infrastructure project around spring training facilities being constructed for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox.  The project includes a 3,600 foot, 5-lane roadway, multi-use path and utilities to support the proposed development.  These utilities include water, sanitary sewer, electric and fiber optic communication facilities.

VIESTE, LLC and International Facilities Group have been retained by the City of Glendale to serve as the owner’s representative on a $30 million judicial center.  The complex will contain approximately 90,000 square feet, accommodate multiple court dockets and provide auxiliary services.  The judicial center project is scheduled to start design in September 2007

Question: How does Michael Reinsdorf profit from his position with the IFG in dealing with the City of Glendale, and how would this be impacted by Jerry Reinsdorf’s ownership in the Coyotes? Would IFG be advising and Jerry Reinsdorf benefitting from ‘opportunities’ presented in the Camelback Ranch project, or arena business? Would this be a conflict of interest?

From Ellerbe Becket :

IFG works with public sector and professional sports and business owners to help them successfully develop major projects, providing assistance in program planning, financing, building and commissioning new sports facilities. IFG and its personnel have completed more than $3 billion of sports-related developments, often working for the “owner at risk.” The company supplies its clients prompt, informed recommendations and strong project management to address often-competing priorities between facility design, tenant expectations, operational considerations and budget realities. Some of IFG’s projects include Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, the United Center and US Cellular Field in Chicago, AT&T Center in San Antonio, Toyota Center in Houston, American Airlines Center in Miami, Save Mart Center at Cal State University-Fresno, and Glendale, Arizona’s Arena and the new Arizona Cardinals Stadium, host of the most recent Superbowl.

Question: Was Michael Reinsdorf’s company advising Glendale on the lease terms, etc. related to Jerry Moyes’ lease? Will the company be in place to advise the same if Jerry Reinsdorf takes over the Coyotes? Would this be a conflict of interest?

From Team Marketing Report (TMR):

Reinsdorf’s son, Michael, Managing Director of International Facilities Group, LLC, has experience operating arenas and stadiums, including Glendale neighbor, University of Phoenix Stadium, and has taken a role running the ECHL Stockton Thunder. Michael Reinsdorf graduated from the University of Arizona and resides in Chicago. He was nice enough to respond to an e-mail sent by me earlier today and not call me an idiot. He noted that he’s happy in Chicago, even with its temperamental spring weather. Michael didn’t specifically respond to my question about the deal making sense if he was on board, and really, I didn’t push it.

The White Sox moved their spring home to Glendale this year as a partner in the opulent complex shared by the Dodgers. Reinsdorf the Senior obviously has a slew of contacts in the region and could drum a partnership quickly while receiving a sweetheart deal from his pals in the NHL. Heck, maybe he could convince Blackhawks Prez John McDonough to work his magic out West. Stranger things have happened.


Question: Why no mention that IFG is also a consultant for the City of Glendale for the arena. There certainly were no deals made for Jerry Moyes.

From David Schwartz
West Coast Arena Ventures, L.L.C.

Lawsuit filed against Michael Reinsdorf, the son of Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner, Jerry Reinsdorf

It is alleged in a lawsuit (LASC BC 337 982) that, in violation of the terms of a signed Confidentiality Agreement between West Coast Arena Ventures, “WCAV,” and Beacon Sports, Michael Reinsdorf and related entities, including International Facilities Group — a spin-off of Jerry Reinsdorf’s, Chicago White Sox Baseball Team — elected to move forward and promote development concepts, similar or identical to West Coast Arena Ventures, cutting out its competition.

“Since professional sports is usually a Monopolized and Antitrust protected business, the issue as to whether Mr. Reinsdorf and his companies, ‘play’ fair on a level playing field, or use their family, contacts, and name, to unfairly compete and to dominate Sports Development, is certainly of interest to Sports Fans around the world,” said West Coast Arena Ventures, CEO, David Schwartz.

Although, the case is set for trial, and the allegations have not been proven, you may take a look at the Complaint, LASC BC 337 982, or at:

WCAV is an an innovative new Sports and Entertainment Development Company, dedicated to building medium to large scale Sports and Music arenas, combining mixed use of commercial, residential, and retail components, to add value to outlining suburbs and communities that are near major Metropolitan communities.

WCAV, is preparing an I.P.O, and will use the proceeds to work with cities to build their tax base, while developing unique public-private partnerships to develop quality Entertainment and Sports venues for communities that have the demographics and demand to increase their quality of life and to have access to major sports and music content, that is usually located in larger metropolitan areas.

WCAV’s mission is to work with willing cities and partners across the world, to create Public venues, and surrounding development, for an environment that the entire family and each target age group can enjoy.

West Coast Arena Ventures, LLC

West Coast Arena Ventures, LLC, is a boutique sports/entertainment/special purpose development entity specializing in mid-sized (8-10,000 seat) arenas, specialty venues for music, trade shows, and other specialized content oriented projects, or other initiatives that will enhance the quality of life for people and the communities that they reside.

As a turn-key sports and entertainment company, we bring the necessary skills and experience to work with cities, teams, leagues, television, movie, record, and other content and distribution driven companies, to finance and develop innovative venues in receptive communities throughout the United States , with our first 10-20 projects on the West Coast.

For the citizens of the locales in which we develop projects, West Coast Arena Ventures, LLC, desire is to offer our development, programming, marketing, technological (new Internet distribution, innovations), and financial engineering expertise as part of a team which has its priority developing venues which are effectively designed and constructed, efficiently financed and enthusiastically marketed to create content and excitement for deserving clients and communities.

Author Information

David Schwartz
West Coast Arena Ventures, L.L.C.

Question: Could this be a repeat of history, where benefit and favour is imposed from one ‘controlling’ or influencing family member to another? This would represent unfair business practice, and a non-arms length competitive advantage for the family members acting in different roles with the City of Glendale. A conflict of interest?

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