When we look at the possibilities, the waters get very 'Muckety'

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As we are discovering, relationships are very important in business to get ahead. And, when you want to ensure success, your strategy must be to put some key people, with key contacts in place to ensure the ‘team’ is going to get results.

The situation in Glendale seems to have revolved around the opportunity for land development and tax subsidies to private corporations developing and lending money. The bond issues that are sales tax based are very lucrative to the investors, and in light of today’s uncertain economy, anything backed by the taxpayer is an incentive for the private lenders and developers to ‘keep on keeping on’.

Well, it is interesting to look further into MSD Capital, as it seems to play a pivotal role in the Phoenix Coyotes case, and keeps popping up time and time again, becoming impossible to ignore. It would seem as time goes by, that MSD Capital is a very influential player in this game, indeed.

How big an obstacle could MSD Capital’s relationship with Glendale be in the bid to move the Coyotes to Canada? Well, when we look at it, the waters get very muddy. Downright ‘Muckety’ !

Muckety.com (located at http://www.muckety.com) has a very unique way to view relationships in business. Let’s call it the ‘family tree’ of business. Worth repeating, alliances are keys to success, and alliances can create quite the ‘tangled web’ when explored. Kind of like logrithmic growth.  The family tree can get rather intricate.

We can have some fun looking at all the possibilities though, and since we are on the subject of MSD Capital involvement with the Phoenix Coyotes case, let’s have a closer look.

Yesterday, we looked at Daryl Jones’ Research Edge LLC, and noted that there would appear to be some key relationships that brought Jones into the mix. Well, Jones may just be one of several key maneuvers that have occured over time to set up the situation in Arizona. Let me explain.

Let’s look again at the Management team at MSD Capital. According to Business Week, the company is involved in ‘grow equity’ financing, and was formed in 1998.

If we look at the business family tree of MSD Capital, we can see Eric Rosen (former boss of Daryl Jones at Onex), and brought into MSD Capital in 2005. And, we can see other relationships to MSD , Onex, and others. If you click the contacts with the (+) symbols, look out, you can create quite a mess on the diagram. Some companies you might recognize too. Interesting stuff!

The point to be made here is that when forming alliances, and bringing in partners, it is important to ensure we don’t let just anyone into the club. When there is a lot at stake financially and otherwise, any new player must fit a certain criteria.

So, when Daryl Jones and the boys surrounding Research Edge LLC just happened to show up with an offer for the Phoenix Coyotes, it would appear it might have been anything but a co-incidence. And, anything but an autonomous relationship with the friends already in Glendale. This could be the ‘Collusion‘ poster child.

For the average hockey fan, or truck driver, who would have known it would be this complicated. After all, isn’t this about a hockey team?


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