Time for Arizonans to Speak with their Senator!

For the bullet summary  (of the Phoenix Coyotes case that led to this), please go here.

It’s time for the American people to stand up and be heard!

People of Arizona,

As a Canadian I have learned much about the tax injustices you suffer as a result of private, American corporations taking advantage of you as taxpayers. It started out as a campaign to support NHL hockey for Hamilton, Ontario, but has grown into a bigger cause. Even as a Canadian, I cannot stand to see what is happening to the American debt, not helped by fellow Americans. Here is your chance to make a difference too.

Senator John McCain (Arizona)

Senator John McCain (Arizona)

We have discussed the land development subsidies contributing to the mounting debt of the United States. Senator John McCain is a strong advocate of reducing spending in government, and therefore, you should use his contact form located here to send him a clear message whether or not you agree with a parking spot at CityNorth costing the taxpayers of Arizona (Phoenix) $480,000. (200 spots to the tune of $97 million Arizona tax dollars!)

We all know the rich find ways to get richer, but on the backsides of the American taxpayer? I don’t think so.

Here is your chance to say enough is enough. It’s time to start with the state of Arizona. Little steps toward a bigger need to reduce the nation of America’s debt, that according to Senator McCain, is growing by the second. To see the money clock, go here. (paid for by the friends of John McCain).

The Goldwater Institute, a republican watchdog group should have Senator McCain’s full support. There should be no reason why he wouldn’t want to put a stop to land development sales tax subsidies. Subsidies and ‘deals’ that put too much power in the hands of private corporations, stripping the rights of the people, and making infrastructure growth incredibly expensive.

The Goldwater Institute is fighting the developers, in Phoenix over CityNorth, and they are fighting for your rights as taxpayers to have full, transparent disclosure in the Phoenix Coyotes NHL bankruptcy battle. The article starts out by stating’ Phoenix is broke!  There is another great article on the CityNorth nightmare by the Wall Street Journal you can find here.

In case you didn’t know, in a recent poll, the residents of Glendale spoke clearly that if there were subsidies for private owners of the hockey team, the residents didn’t want the team! Approximately three quarters of those polled (72%) said they clearly didn’t want to pay for the team to remain in Glendale.

So, in response, the City of Glendale, involved in partnership arrangements with private corporations decided to leave the taxpayers out, hoping to push the deal through, and only advise the results when it is too late. The same city officials the taxpayers of Glendale elected to represent them.

You can see the argument why you need to know here.

And, thank you Senator McCain, in advance, for listening to the taxpayers of Arizona! I certainly hope you can have influence to stop the greed of some, to the detriment of many!


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