The legal ‘Eyebrow’ is officially raised

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Folks, we should have just asked the NHL a long time ago if they would have arrived at a unanimous decision to reject Jim Balsillie as an owner in the NHL. I bet Judge Baum is now upset that the court’s time and money has been spent on a cause that was never going to happen. They should probably just call a special meeting, where Judge Baum can stand up, look somber, and give Jim Balsillie the unfortunate news that he is disliked in the NHL owners’ lounge, and he might as well give up. Or, not!

I think we can all recall the moment when Judge Baum flexed his wisdom at the NHL and its’ lawyers. The question is, were they sleeping at that part?

And Justice For All!

And Justice For All!

Did the NHL miss the important, yet revealing words of Judge Baum, when he said clearly that if Jim Balsillie should be rejected as an owner at this point, it would ‘raise some legal eyebrows‘? In laymans terms, Judge Baum may as well have said, ‘Boys, I’ll let you play your game, but when it steps over the line and becomes so obvious as it insults my court and intelligence, then all bets are off!’ Well, the bets are officially off!

You see, Judge Baum has no doubt been down this road many times before. It’s called legal wrangling, and it is quite honestly pathetic.

But, there are important aspects of human psychology that come into play with this ‘move’.

The NHL has played all their cards now. This is a last ditch effort to secure Jerry Reinsdorf as the ‘white knight’ of Glendale. Actually Jerry Reinsdorf is just another friend of uncle Glendale.

The boys tried to bring in the rookies, and now have realized, oops, that wasn’t a good idea, let’s go back to Jerry. But, they tried to fool the court in believing plan B was fresh, autonomous, and evidence no collusion was taking place. Judge Baum must be thinking, ‘Is that all you got?’

It is time for the U.S. bankruptcy trustee with much wisdom too, to call a spade a spade, stand up, and pull out the whistle. What the NHL has to wonder is who strategically called in the U.S. Bankruptcy trustee in the first place. Hmmmm. That’s an interesting one, isn’t it? There could be a judge looking for an excuse, and is lining up his ducks too.

The NHL has been testing the court with it’s arrogant nature. Judge Baum has so far let the noose out, and given the NHL the benefit of the doubt. Judge Baum was playing the game too. No more. It’s now the nitty gritty. Now, it’s time to get tough.

It would seem the NHL has finally done it this time. They have officially raised the legal eyebrow of Judge Baum’s courtroom.

If I were the NHL, I’d be a little worried about how strong the court can really be.


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