When the 'Rubber' of Politics meets the 'Road' to Ambition

Obama salutes the People

Obama salutes the People

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We all know the expression, ‘how badly do you want it’!

How much are you willing to do or offer in an attempt to ‘get it‘?

When man has ambition, he may do anything in the name of ambition; to gain power, and be put in man’s ‘seat of authority’. He may even promise a few future favors in return.

Politics is full of ambition for  power, and the whole system is geared to political campaigning to influence the voters, which gives the candidate a good chance at winning the election.

We all know about the last Presidential race, where Barack Obama was in competition with Senator of Arizona John McCain. Senator McCain, of course represents the Republican Party, and President elect Obama the Democrats.

How this ties into the government land subsidy issues being fought in  the U.S. Supreme Court, the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy case, and the Republican Goldwater Institute may prove intriguing.

Lines may begin to blur, where political ideals and values  may not match political ambition. Where Republican values may be ‘numbed’ by past relationships, or potential promises or favors made. ‘Eyes’ deflected away when they should be firmly focused.

So, what on earth am I talking about?

Well, a recent article asked Arizonans to contact their Senator to help put an end to the sales tax based government spending as evidenced in the CityNorth case, and in the Coyotes case in Glendale.

The Republican values of the Goldwater Institute are fighting fiercely the governments of Phoenix and Glendale on these tax concessions.

Now, as we have looked at time and again, the ‘friends of Glendale’ seem to have positioned themselves well with the City and it’s officials. But if they truly wanted to position themselves well in Glendale, Arizona, perhaps they should position themselves well with the State of Arizona. Could this also be why the Mayor of Phoenix is fighting so fiercely to keep the corporate partners like Related Companies happy?

Could it also explain why Jerry Reinsdorf was a political fundraiser in John McCain’s 2008 Presidential Campaign?

Jerry Reinsdorf (fundraiser for John McCain in 2008 Presidential Campaign)

Jerry Reinsdorf (fundraiser for John McCain in 2008 Presidential Campaign)

I would certainly hope that the Senator of Arizona would join the Republican cause in fighting hand in hand with the Goldwater Institute to take back control for the taxpayers.

Senator John McCain (Arizona)

Senator John McCain (Arizona)

Arizonans, you can help Senator McCain by contacting him. Show your support of reduced government spending, and support the ideals and goals of the Republican Party to have your voice count.

Help him put the past behind him, and focus on the rights of the American people.

And, even if you live in a state outside Arizona, chances are good your government is considering land development sales tax subsidies too. Time to have your voice heard!


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