What's really 'in it' for Alan Leventhal of Beacon Capital Partners and Beacon Sports Capital Management?

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Alan Leventhal, like the Jones’ group seems to have a path to Eric Rosen and MSD Capital. Should any of us be surprised at this point?

Is it a small world or what?

There are no ‘by chance’ referrals in this Glendale saga. Anyone introduced to the City of Glendale needs to be connected to the bigger picture. That much we know.

So,  it’s time to now look beyond Daryl Jones and his group. We learned that  Jones was connected to Onex, and his ex boss Eric Rosen, who left Onex to become the partner with Michael Dell in MSD Capital.

Alan Leventhal owns the Beacon Sports Capital Partners, the firm that was brought in to assess the Jobing.com Arena for the City of Glendale. His firm was referred by IFG (Michael Reinsdorf) to the City of Glendale. The report  from Beacon Sports Capital (Leventhal) was sent to John Kaites a month before the bankruptcy, as described in this article.

A letter summarizing these recommendations was sent to John Kaites on April 15, 2009, a little less then one month before Moyes put the Coyotes into bankruptcy. Kaites is a member of Jerry Reinsdorf’s Glendale Hockey, LLC group.

The whole month before thing shows us there was thinking in the works before Moyes made the bankruptcy official. So when the NHL says his filing for Chapter 11 took them by surprise, we should not be surprised to know it was really no shock at all. Also explains the proxies that were an attempt by the NHL to deter Moyes from actually going through with it.

Now, Alan Leventhal also owns Beacon Capital Partners, that specializes in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), as described by Answers.com:

Beacon earns its bacon by collecting offices. A private real estate investment trust (REIT), Beacon Capital Partners invests in and renovates commercial and mixed-use properties in major metropolitan markets throughout the US. Beacon also has properties in London and Paris. The company manages investment funds on behalf of institutional, corporate, and government investors. Beacon Capital Pratners was formed in 1998 after predecessor public REIT Beacon Properties merged with Equity Office Properties Trust in a $4 billion transaction.

Remember, ‘mixed use’ was the term used for the CityNorth land subsidy issue. Could there be use for REIT’s in Glendale and other parts of Arizona? Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Nothing about the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale is the true draw. Everything outside of hockey is the true reason to help the City with aspects of the Coyotes lease, and arena.

Alan Leventhal is also a Board of Governors member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT), as shown in this muckety chart. So, he is well connected and well respected with regard to REIT’s, and seems in it for the long haul.

As we are learning in Glendale particularly, sports management  services go hand in hand with real estate  and land development opportunites. One would wonder where the connection with Michael Reinsdorf would be in  this scenario. Why would Michael Reinsdorf connect Lenventhal with consulting for the  Jobing.com arena (and the City of Glendale)?

 Could there be more connections related to commercial real estate with Leventhal and the City of Glendale?

Well, let’s dig a little shall we?

There has to be ‘a friend of a friend somewhere’ that would tie in lucrative and influential Leventhal with land development and other opportunities, that would make that $48,000 he charged the City via Ed Beasley ( carefully placed under the radar) to be a simple loss leader.

Well, here’s a possibility.

Leventhal is the Chairman of Boston University.

A man named Donald Fraser is a Professor at Boston University, and therefore we could assume he would know Leventhal.

Well, Fraser is also by chance a Director of DRS Technologies. Isn’t that a coincidence? So is  Eric Rosen ( a Director of DRS, and Partner of MSD Capital). So Fraser and Rosen are both directors of DRS, and Rosen a partner with Michael Dell. Small world or what?

Therefore, it would seem we can tie Leventhal by the muckety map to connections that would lead him to MSD Capital. And why not? When you are in real estate investments through REIT’s, it sure opens up some interesting opportunities to have contacts in Glendale, through Michael Reinsdorf and Michael Dell.

 To summarize, could the sports management sideline business be an excuse to get in under the radar with Beasley and the City, through Michael Reinsdorf, and lead to other real estate investment opportunities with the City and MSD Capital? It sure opens up that possibility now, doesn’t it?

And in this parade of friends that use sports to get to the real money, it would sure seem to fit this story! And as for MSD Capital? Why does this company always seem to be the root of many relationships?

If some reporter for a paper that wants to get to the bottom of things should check the lunch receipts for Ed Beasley, do you think there is good chance Lenventhal would be etched on the receipts somewhere?


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