Putting your identity in this is just plain, ‘silly human pride’!

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Is this just plain silly? Or is there something more sinister underlying the stubborn Commissioner and his disrespect for the court, and Jim Balsillie?

Everyone learns a lesson or two in life.

Are we to go through life without ever having to admit we took a wrong turn, made a blunder, or even was so stubborn that we could not admit defeat? You know the expression, ‘It takes a big man to say he is sorry’! It takes a man to swallow his pride!

Well, like Judge Baum, Commissioner Gary Bettman has to regain his composure here. It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the battle, and lose focus on the bigger picture. Well, it would seem Mr. Bettman, being ‘only human’ has gone a little too far, and is not doing what is best for the game of hockey at this point, and is putting all his eggs in one basket.

How far will Gary Bettman go with this, and why?

How far will Gary Bettman go with this, and why?

Since Gary Bettman is the NHL’s first Commissioner, perhaps he can set a precendent of accomodation. Or, he could act like a man obsessed with power and pride.

 No doubt the ‘opinion’ of the NHL Board of Governors is largely attributable to the spinoff from the anger Mr. Bettman must have conveyed about Jim Balsillie. Let’s face it. Mr. Bettman is going to have an influence as a leader of the BOG that he reports to.

Will this be a learning experience for the NHL and it’s owners, players, and fans that putting too much power and influence in the hands of a single man is potentially disasterous?

It really is no different than the analogy of say, a Credit Union. Often, the manager of the credit union reports to the Board of Directors, and most times, his or her opinion ‘becomes’ their opinions. In short, the manager is the leader, and well, it is often OK to follow the leader.

But we also have a situation where teams and their finances are ‘isolated’ from the other teams. The only common denominator to all the owners and their financial affairs is the Commissioner and his office. This breads an almost unfair advantage. In previous articles, I touched on the mushroom principle (or theory).

Let’s hope that the Commissioner doesn’t have something to hide! Would Jim Balsillie’s entering the mix put pressure on his office, in his mind, and does he fear the obvious strength and opinion a man like Jim Balsillie would bring to the table? Is it a question of pride on the part of Gary Bettman, or is it something far more sinister, as in trying to keep a secret, well, secret?

Let’s hope for Commissioner Bettman’s sake, it’s just pride. And for him, I would urge him to head the words of a classic.

Silly human pride, words in the ‘Stand Tall’ song as sung by Burton Cummings explains it best.

In fact, I keep hearing the words of that song going through my head. Key parts that make me understand the mood of the man when he wrote that, and the revelation he must have experienced. As poor as I am at  remembering lyrics, I remember the words as they went, in part,  something like this:

Never been so blue…….ohhh, never knew the meaning of a heartache…..

And then in ‘I’m scared’ another Burton Cummings song, he breaks down yet again to sing:

Never been much on religion, but sure enough I fell down on my knees

Oh heck, I’m starting to want to know now….OK….here we go. Folks, the Lyrics to Stand Tall, a classic:

Never been this blue
Never knew the meaning of a heartache
But then again, I never lost at love before
Somewhere down the road
Maybe all those years will find some meaning
I just can’t think about them now
Or live them out anymore

Stand tall, don’t you fall
For God’s sake don’t go and do something foolish
All you’re feeling right now is silly human pride
Oooooh, Stand tall, don’t you fall
Don’t you do something you might regret later
You’re feelin’ it like everyone, it’s silly human pride

Never lasted so long, no,
Through so much or through so many
I just can’t believe I could throw it all away
Sometimes late at night
When there’s nothing here except my old piano
I’d almost give my hands to make you see my way

Stand tall, don’t you fall
For God’s sake don’t go and do something foolish
All you’re feeling right now is silly human pride
You’ve got me down on my knees for ya mama
Stand tall, don’t you fall
Don’t you do something you might regret later
You’re feelin’ it like everyone
It’s silly human pride

And, we could look to Hannah Montana, who sang something like:

Everybody has those days….everybody makes mistakes….

If we look at the credit union industry again, and some of the managers, know that some of the managers in control and leading the opinions of the board of directors, thought they had too much control.

In thinking so, some of the managers did things less than ethical, and less than legal. They eventually got caught.

I would have to say that should Gary Bettman be listening. If this is just about silly human pride, regain your composure and get over it. If it is something else, then we have a bigger problem, don’t we?

Time will tell. I would suggest Mr. Bettman does the smart thing, and does not go for broke. All eyes to you Mr. Bettman. Anything you do or don’t so at this point is going to lend itself to questioning motives. I would suggest we don’t go that far. Time to forget standing tall. Time to swallow silly human pride. If there is more to hide,  I can guarantee one thing; It won’t be hidden forever.

The Shakespearean expression  from Hamlet that ‘thou doth protest too much’ fits this situation to a tee. Eventually everyone is going to question the objection. Judge Baum already is questioning it, and he is a man with much wisdom.

Note the smarts of Judge Baum, that should make his son proud. One bid, all bidders in. So when you place your bid, you take your choice. Is this a ‘stay home’ or ‘pack up’ bid? In other words, a relocation ‘in disguise’ is not going to fly.

And, Gary Bettman has little opportunity to pull more rabbits from the hat at this point.

You see, Judge Baum has been insulted. His court has been insulted. His legal eyebrow has been raised. And, in the nicest possible way, he has placed the cueball behind a ‘blue ball’, when the NHL needs to sink a ‘red’. In short, Judge Baum is doing his part, and he has effectively ‘snookered’ the NHL and it’s partners.

How far will it go?

Will Gary Bettman come out as being the bitter but better man for admitting the obvious? Or will he continue to paint himself in the corner, lending question to alterior motive or fears? ‘Stand Tall’ or’ fall down to you knees’? The puck’s in Bettman’s end. Will he try another rush, or will he ice it, and give us all a much needed break?


3 responses to “Putting your identity in this is just plain, ‘silly human pride’!

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  2. Once again you raise a number of interesting points & theories in your “Im scared” column. My take on it, one thats been well documented & espoused by plenty of others is the “Domino Effect”. Gary Bettman is indeed hiding plenty & sanctimoniously/arrogantly sticks to his mantra that “all’s well” from Tampa to Atlanta to Nashville to Colorado yadda yadda yadda. Like any World Class Liar, he’s an expert in parsing words, obfuscation, double entendre, indignation & confrontation, particularilly when faced with tough questions. He’s a Lawyer. What do you expect?. The truth?. Think Jack Nicholson’s line in a Few Good Men. “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!”…. That’d be Mssrs’ Bettman, Daly, & roughly 80% of the NHL Board of Governors. Thats the culture. The way it is & the way its been since the league was formed in the 1920’s. Formed to spite & remove a rebellious owner, Eddie Livingstone of the Toronto Blueshirts/Arenas/St Pats. These guys have been drinking from the same KoolAid Cup ever since. The battles were seeing to date in Phoenix are mere skirmishes compared to whats to come. I wouldnt put it past the League to dissolve itself once again in order to keep out an unpopular owner, just for the principal of it all. Start up again the next day, claiming re-birth to “move ahead into the 22nd Century”, and LOL, “rising like a Great Bird from the ashes in Phoenix”.

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