Gotta love this article from the Winnipeg Free Press

The operative word in free press is ‘free’.

I absolutely love guys that tell it like it is!

Here is my favorite part of this great piece:

Heck, no wonder Jerry Reinsdorf might look at the Phoenix Coyotes — at least, if he gets the sweetheart deal from the City of Glendale that’s been reported. It includes a special tax to generate $23 million annually, plus $15 million if the Coyotes lose money.

Here’s our calculation: $38 million in taxpayers’ money from the city, $8 million to $12 million in revenue sharing from the league, and another $10 million in escrow from players. See, that’s all you need to make hockey work in Phoenix — about $60 million every single season in glorified welfare. It’s so simple.

Many thanks to a friend named Patrick, for putting it on the MakeItSeven rant page!


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