Reading 'through' the lines. What you read in the newspapers is not even close to the real story!

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‘If you could see what I see.’
As many of you know, I started writing about this case more than a month ago. You also know I write out of an underlying compassion for injustices suffered.
Paramount to this case is the position that Jerry Moyes has found himself in. He put the Phoenix Coyotes in Chapter 11, much to the chagrin of Gary Bettman and the NHL, not to mention several key parties involved in this bankruptcy. Jerry Moyes’ move has opened up a world of hurt, that mainstream media has not begun to talk about, and only in a small way has touched on.

I have witnessed this case from an angle that perhaps not too many would understand. I will attempt now to explain a little more of what has happened as seen from my perspective, an angle that includes the  monitoring of ‘reaction’ to articles posted, and the key parties it has attracted. Again, in order to bring this to light and help you understand better, it is important that I share this unique perspective with you.

When you have a website or blog, there are services on the internet that can provide the website owner who has visited their site, and if there is a company name for the server, it will list the name. It will tell which page(s) were visited, and the times they were visited. It also lists the IP addresses of the computers where the visits were from. This, as you will learn, plays a key role in the research I have done, and will play a key role in the future should the authorities be interested in using this information. I will explain this in more detail as we move along.

I have had more time to ‘digest’ the court proceedings of yesterday, and have been able to conjecture, based again on a bigger understanding, the reasons for what transpired.

We can look at several key statements. And, we can then look at the strategy and potential reason(s) the statements were made.  It is also of note that several people came to court to be seen, and to be noted. Specifically,  Anthony LeBlanc and Gary Bettman. OK, let’s begin the analysis.

Statement from Jerry Reinsdorf’s attorney Abramowitz:

Abramowitz urged the court to “do anything it can” to keep Reinsdorf’s bid alive.

Analysis: It has been shown throughout the articles written on this site, that there is a strong possibility of collusion among several key individuals and companies surrounding the City of Glendale, and it’s desire to build infrastructure of the city. Jerry Reinsdorf’s son Michael is pivotal to this idea. Also involved is Michael Dell. At this point, after much comings and goings from the articles related to the suggestion of collusion, the Reinsdorf camp is ready to pull out. Jerry Moyes’ attorney’s have been applying pressure on Reinsdorf and others to build a case to support the notion of collusion. It would seem the Reinsdorf group is hiding behind the safety net of the court, and specifically the bankruptcy court to protect information vital to the case that Moyes may have to support the collusion allegations.

The bigger issue at this point is ‘appearance’, and not results. I strongly believe that the Reinsdorf group is attempting damage control. It is fairly obvious that the concessions demanded from Glendale are highly unlikely to materialize, but the perception of looking like they are following through on an attempt is the goal at this point. To further back this up, we can look at comments made by Reinsdorf’s attorney, Alan Klein.

Statement via phone to the court, from Reinsdorf Group attorney Alan Klein:

Earlier in the hearing, the Reinsdorf group’s attorney Alan Klein said by telephone that his clients were fed up with the meddling and interfering as they attempted to work out the details of their offer.

Klein indicated Reinsdorf was on the brink of withdrawing the bid.

“I don’t know how long we’re going to be in here wasting time and money,” Klein said, noting that confidential information already had been made public by Moyes’ attorneys, who said it was a mistake and have apologized.

Analysis: When you are not a straight shooter you tend to contradict yourself in the attempt to cover up truths. Specifically in this case, you have Abramowitz saying that the court is urged to keep the bid alive, and in the next breath we have Klein saying his client is not going to waste time and money, and his client is on the brink of withdrawing?  Which is it, commitment or ‘flight’? Dedication to the cause, or just going through the motions? Again, are we supposed to pull punches when there is potential for collusion, and the stripping of a man’s wealth and reputation at stake? Short answer: No!

This whole attitude serves two purposes: 1) to give an excuse to pull out, and 2) to give justification for not wanting more information to become public.

The expectation of concessions from the City of Glendale is a PUBLIC matter. There should not be anything held secret regarding negotiations or anything else related to the taxpayers and their money. What could be so secret that it would send a bid and bidder packing? To put this in comparative terms, Jim Balsillie’s cards are on the table. The money for the team. There are no secret negotiations. Anything that needs to remain so secret in a situation so entirely suspect already cannot help but raise more flags and suspicion.

A further statement from Abramowitz:


Outside the courtroom, Abramowitz declined to say whether the company still supported Balsillie’s offer, as well.

Balsillie’s representative Richard Rodier said Abramowitz’s announcement came as a surprise in the long, twisted bankruptcy process

Analysis: Just like the conflicting lawyer statements for the Reinsdorf group (‘court please consider this bid’, and the other, ‘we are ready to run’), the lawyer for SOF Investments pulled a turnaround that surprised everyone. Well, in order to appreciate and understand the conflicting positions and  the turnaround, it is important to look at the  ‘cover up’ thinking.

Why would SOF first say they support the Balisillie bid?

 Well, because the aspect again about being part of a collusion was the issue. If they say they do not support the Reinsdorf idea of renegotiated debt, that would get them off the hook for collusion. But, upon further thinking, and perhaps discussion with the colluding members, the next strategy would come.

 They must make it look like they are not phased by the allegations of collusion and go back to the original thinking. The reason for this upon further reflection, is if SOF is scared off at this point, then in civil action, Moyes will have a strong case against the group, and use the evidence from the bankruptcy procedings in the future civil case. So, ‘appearing’  now as unphased by the allegations of collusion, explains the turnaround from the original ‘strategy’ of supporting Balsillie to the new strategy of support for the Reinsdorf debt reworking. Ping pong best played by those scrambling to find the best way out of a terrible situation.

 The only problem is, it becomes obvious when the facts are put together. This also further ties into Reinsdorf’s  ‘ready to withdraw’ thinking. Everyone is simply looking for the best way out. The bid is just a means to an end. And since the expectations of concessions are so far out of sight, and will likely never pan out, going through the motions  is of little risk:

Heck, no wonder Jerry Reinsdorf might look at the Phoenix Coyotes — at least, if he gets the sweetheart deal from the City of Glendale that’s been reported. It includes a special tax to generate $23 million annually, plus $15 million if the Coyotes lose money.

Here’s our calculation: $38 million in taxpayers’ money from the city, $8 million to $12 million in revenue sharing from the league, and another $10 million in escrow from players. See, that’s all you need to make hockey work in Phoenix — about $60 million every single season in glorified welfare. It’s so simple.

To add further insight from my perspective into this, I will bring up again the ‘visits to the site’ information to support the validity that collusion was very likely.

If I was completely out in left field, as a blog writer from Hamilton, Ontario, how in the world would I have had such an impact on this case in Glendale, Arizona? When the article about Jerry Moyes being a victim of a squeeze play was released, it cannot be emphasized enough that it stirred the pot, and had an immediate ripple effect of going from Vieste LLC, to the NHL offices, to the City of Glendale offices, in a very short period of time, and in that order. That is when they knew the ‘jig was up’!

From that point, I have had a steady stream and pattern of visits to this site at key times. From MSD Capital and the City of Glendale just recently. The order of MSD, then the City of Glendale, further supporting the notion of ‘planning’ to answer the allegations of collusion and to change the strategy, which we have seen threw a curve at the participants.

After these recent visits, the SOF position changed to support Reinsdorf’s restructuring of debt. From the outside view, a twist, but from an overview as explained by reactions and visits to certain articles on this site, a simple change of story, and strategy to minimize a potentially damaging situation. What’s the best way to handle this, and the potential of Moyes’ taking civil action?  The new strategy we are witnessing now.

Let’s move on to Anthony LeBlanc. First, it is important to note that LeBlanc showed up in court. This was intentional strategy number one for Ice Edge.

What LeBlanc said, was even more important, and this was the key:

WhiteCoyotes BK: IceEdge’s LeBlanc says financing nailed down, near “partnership” w/Glade. Aware of perceptions: “We don’t want to be vilified.”


Analysis: Who exactly is ‘vilifying’ Mr. LeBlanc? If he is referring to the facts as outlined in the articles from this site, then I would suggest Mr. LeBlanc become transparent as well. This is not to be counted on however. You see, when you have things that don’t work in your favor, you use again the rules of court to get away with not having to be transparent, and admit relationships, and other things. These are saved for civil procedings.

Instead, you agree with other parties that do not want certain things to be discussed, and become known, as in this comment by LeBlanc in court:

Coyotes BK: Leblanc says he agrees w/Reinsdorf threat to walk away. Would do same if asked for more info.

Again, it was more important for LeBlanc just to be there. As far as can be remembered, the Ice Edge group is also expecting loan reworking of SOF, and negotations on concessions with the City of Glendale. Ice Edge is almost an afterthought at this time. Where is mention of SOF agreeing to the terms of the loan renegotiation with Ice Edge? Not an issue. The bigger issue is looking like business as usual.

The biggest statement LeBlanc said, was not wanting to be vilified. Translation: no, we are not guilty of collusion too. Please leave us alone.

This group is a non-entity in the grand scheme of things, at least at this point.

Finally, we move on to Gary Bettman. It is my understanding Mr. Bettman was ready to ‘testify’ to the court, and when he was advised the court was not in session for testimonies, he commented that it was ‘like Seinfeld’, ‘nothing was happening’. Well, there was a lot happening, just not anything that would appear on the surface.

The sheer fact that Mr. Bettman wanted to make a probably well rehearsed speech, is in it’s own right, a suggestion that there are accusations that need to be addressed. Hence, Mr. Bettman’s presence in court. His comment though, outside of court, suggesting Reinsdorf was thinking ‘roadblocks’ were put in the way of bidding, is absolutely correct.

You must understand, that for Jerry Moyes, his understanding of being setup, and colluded against would be considered grounds for a ‘roadblock’ or two. It would be grounds for anyone.

From Judge Baum’s perspective, I can appreciate he is trying to avoid all unnecessary powderkegs in these proceedings, as he knows there are several. But he also knows that it is ‘not his department’. There are potential civil, and criminal issues at hand here, and he is avoiding them, and rightfully so.

How do I know there are more issues at hand? Well, again, when you can see the comings and goings on the site, it should be noted that the U.S. Justice Department, and the U.S. office for Fiscal Policy have been by. There is likely more going on behind the scenes than we will ever know.

This case, and the circumstances surrounding it are far reaching, and may have consequences that are just starting to be realized now.

So, in the words of Elmer Fudd, “Wun you waskle wabbit, wun!”





2 responses to “Reading 'through' the lines. What you read in the newspapers is not even close to the real story!

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  2. Still busting my gut over the “Wun you Waskle Wabbit, Wun!” comment. Absoloutely hilarious!!!!. Again, you nailed it, connected the dots using common sense & objectivity. Keep up the good work. You are the ONLY one giving voice to yet another sleaze play, of which there are many, in the sordid history of the National Hockey League. These guys are nothing short of Grifters’, Greedy Monoplists with a penchant for tax payer subsidised welfare handouts of epic proportions. Machiavelli would be proud.

    Steve Scott

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