'Done Like Dinner' gets reheated?

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There’s a new nightclub in town for friends of Glendale called, ‘Club Collusion’.

To get in you must be well connected, and be a qualified partner.

To get out, what you may not know is there is a hidden cover charge, the amount and cost that may only be determinable in civil court. At that time, you might have to testify under oath about business and other relationships that you have material to the Phoenix Coyotes’ case.

The other day I explained that I have a web statistics service on this site. It tells me where hits come from, the place, the IP address, when they came, etc.

Well, as you know, there are a lot of pages on this site, and more coming regularly. So, when I looked at today’s activity, it became very obvious something out of the ordinary was happening.

The last post examined Jerry Reinsdorf’s lawyer claiming that his client was getting tired of the roadblocks and the information that has become known, and that his client was on the verge of withdrawing his bid.

Well, as in wrestling, one might wonder if it is time to get to the ropes, and tag the partner, to come in and enter the match. This is what might be happening (or at least being considered) at this time.

You see, as you will recall we have a theory that there are friends to the City of Glendale that are all trying to ensure information on their business dealings don’t become public knowledge, and to have any ‘stranger’ enter the picture would defeat the purposes to keep things hush hush.

This would in large part explain why Jerry Reinsdorf was sought after by the friends of Glendale to take over the team. And, if son Michael has a lot to lose from the exposure of the relationships and business dealings in Glendale, what better help than to call on dear old dad? The seeking out of Jerry Reinsdorf to help out a son in need is far from coincidence. And the ‘courting of the NHL and the City of Glendale may not be the full picture. A dad helping out a son in need is likely the main reason the hesitant, 11th hour bid came in to play. At plus 70, Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t need this hassle, unless it is for good reason. A son! Good enough, right?

But, since accusations of collusion are now in play, plan A is definitely a tougher, riskier sell. Too much heat in the kitchen may just bring us to plan B, and specifically the Plan B bidders we discussed before; namely, Daryl Jones, Anthony LeBlanc, and Research/Ice Edge. Remember, the plan B bidders were assumed to quell the questioning of the U.S. bankrutcy trustee, and get her off the trail.

Research Edge  (plan B boys) told us to think outside the box, and if this included the ‘you can look but don’t touch’ idea of playing a few tantalizing games for us Canucks in Saskatoon, I’d say to them, save it! Sounds to me like an NHL idea. What an insult!

The true draw is an extension of land, investment, and taxes, just as it is for the other folks that entered the radar screen, such as Alan Leventhal (Beacon Sports, and Beacon Capital Partners (REIT’s specialist)).

Leventhal, brought in by Michael Reinsdorf a month before the bankruptcy, sent John Kaites a report on what should be done to fix the Jobing.com arena woes. Nice to do that behind the owner of the Coyotes back. Special!

Anthony LeBlanc was in court the other day, and his main goal was to be seen, but equally important was his desire to let the court know they don’t want to be ‘vilified’.

Well, as suggested, when you walk like a duck, and talk like a duck, want to hang out with other ducks, don’t think we look at you like you resemble a swan. Mr. LeBlanc, with all due respect you have a lot of explaining to do before the ‘questionable connections’ are off the table. For one, Eric Rosen and Daryl Jones, and Michael Dell (at MSD Capital).

As we all know, MSD seems to be the relationship hub. And, the other day, before the day in court, a similar pattern of web hits – MSD Capital and the City of Glendale. Too coincidental to not suggest some planning and strategy sessions are in play.

There were two articles related to why we could suspect the Research Edge group as being an extension of the ’cause’ in Glendale, specifically this one, and the last one, ‘Done Like Dinner!’

Well, this afternoon a very interesting ‘flurry from across the country’ occured within a couple of minutes of each other to the ‘Done Like Dinner’ article.

Let’s take a look. New York, Chicago, and Massachussetts. Hmmmmm. I don’t think we need a degree from Yale to figure out that connection.

So, is it time to reheat the Dinner? Is it time to pull the plan B bidders out of mothballs because the heat is too hot in the NHL kitchen?


But, just a word to the boys at Research Edge. Remember what you think might be worth it inside the doors of Club Collusion, just remember the cover charge may be more that you are willing, or should consider worth it.


6 responses to “'Done Like Dinner' gets reheated?

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  2. Hey there; the “Done Like Dinner” article?. Not so good. IceEdge is nothing more than a Shell in the NHL’s game of “Find the Pea”. These guys are ambulance chasers who have been using the Coyotes as a springboard for publicity, in the hopes of attracting investors to whatever nefarious schemes these prairie boys can dream up. Wannabe’s of the worst kind, you can bet that Gary Bettman & Bill Daily chuckle to themselves every time they read “IceEdge” in the paper. Honestly, I dont think their “bid!” is anything more than a blind, a prop, a distraction. They’ve been falsely encouraged by the NHL in its multi- pronged PR campaign surrounding their abrogation of responsibilities to Mr. Jerry Moyes, the taxpayers and hockey fans of Phoenix, the NHLPA, the member clubs who have to shell-out subsidies and on and on and on. Expecting any league, be it the NHL, MLB, the NBA or NFL, the CHL, AHL, ECHL or whatever to develop a “conscience” is like hoping for Ice in the Sahara. These Bastards prey on the emotional commitments of the players, the parents, the media, John “Q” Public & each other. Dog eat Dog. Not nice.

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