Tim Horton – a Legend in Hockey not just coffee!


When Hockey was magical- Part 1: Tim Horton


Tim Horton

What would Tim say about the game today?

With all the changes taking place in the game of hockey, many of us are left wondering ‘what happened’ to our game. Are we to lose the memories of what hockey means to Canada, as we build ‘super suites’ to attract corporate big wigs? Are we going to be able to convey the magic to our children, and their children?

Or, as reported, are fewer and fewer Canadians interested in the game?

As kids, at Christmas, every year we would get a new road hockey net. You might recall the phone calls to your friends, “Did you get it? Yep, you? Yep! See you outside in 20 minutes?”

Every day after school, game upon game was being played on streets. Sometimes you could see three or four games going on at the same time. All kids were outside playing, even when the parents wanted them in to learn the mathematical times tables. “But ma, the kids are already starting to play!”

When hockey was hockey. How we all want to remember the game, and it’s heroes. We must try to recall the history, and the players that we admired.


For those of you that don’t know who Tim Horton really was, here is a very interesting video.


   Tim Horton opened the first Tim Horton Donut Shop in Hamilton in 1964, on Ottawa Street.

As mentioned in the video, Johnny Bower and others were paid $25 for four hours work, signing autographs outside the store when it first opened. This, in an attempt to draw customers. Well, suffice it to say, the customers just keep on coming!

The store, as seen in this photo, is of course modernized, but still stands. Complete with pictures of Tim Horton on the walls, it is

A modernized original location on Ottawa St, Hamilton

A modernized original location on Ottawa St, Hamilton

a reminder of a hockey hero and legend. Tim Horton restaurants are a reminder of what it is to be Canadian. And to tie cold hockey weather in with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate from Tims has been a hockey lovers reality for many years.

Many families can recall hockey tournaments with their kids, and the importing of Tim Hortons to other thirsty parents by the nice man making the ‘coffee run’.


Hamilton has deep roots in hockey in Canada, and would not be a stranger to hosting an NHL hockey team, yet again.

I’m sure Tim Horton would be proud to know his town was granted a team, after many years of being without. And, I’m sure the new Copps Colliseum would host a pretty impressive Tim Horton location too.


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