Have 'concessions' biased the opinion of the Chairman of the NHL's Board of Governors?

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Have conflicts of interest tainted the vote against Jim Balsillie as a proposed owner for the NHL?

Did the vote literally go to the ‘dogs’?

What if the Board of Governors had to revote on the eligibility issue? Would it go something like this?

Jacobs: OK, we have to do this thing over, because of some crazy rules they gave us….to make it easier, please just raise your hand if you think you DO NOT have a conflict of interest…….anybody?……….no?………….What do we do now?…..They didn’t tell us what to do if this happened…….


I must thank a fellow Hamiltonian (please see the about section) for bringing to my attention Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins. Jacobs is the Chairman of the NHL Board of Governors.
Could Jeremy Jacobs really vote against client Jerry Reinsdorf?

Could Jeremy Jacobs really vote against client Jerry Reinsdorf?

Mr. Jacobs is not only the owner of the Boston Bruins, but he operates a concession  and gaming company that provides the catering to many major league baseball stadiums, NHL arenas, and other venues,  named Delaware North.  He has parlayed his business into a multi billion dollar empire.

As we have seen time and again, in order to get ahead, you must network. Sometimes you have to be a little bit shrewd it would seem. Well, in the news now, Jeremy Jacobs is in a court battle with ex partners over a Buffalo casino opportunity. I won’t get in specifics, but suffice it to say that there are allegations of using information from the old partnership in order to get unfair advantage in negotiations direct with the powers that be. You can read the article on this lawsuit here. But, here is the skinny:
Delaware North took confidential information and used it against former partners in its bid to develop a major casino at a downstate racetrack, its former partner alleges in a new lawsuit.
As I have been told, it’s a dog eat dog world . It’s just business. Nothing personal, just business. Sounds like the book tycoon in the movie, ‘You’ve Got Mail’. ‘Go to the mattresses! 
A friend told me that very rich people in business think differently than you and I. They are in a league all their own. Well, that may be true, but if getting ahead means operating unfairly, that’s when I have a problem, I don’t know about you.
But when you are in a position on a Board, you should and really must put personal ties aside. You must be impartial and fair. This is the issue. This is the question. How could there have been a unanimous ‘NO’ vote against Jim Balsillie as a potential owner? The reason: Poor character?
Well, again, you would hope that as a member of the NHL Board of Governors, the members would take their roles seriously. And, in doing so, you would hope that every consideration would be looked upon with non-biased eyes.
So, if a new, proposed owner should be introduced as a candidate to be approved, you would hope that his application would be fairly treated. Why is Jeremy Jacobs leading the fight against the RIM boss, whose company is claimed by Forbes to be one of the world’s fastest growing, and most succesful successes of all time?
My fellow Hamiltonian friend mentioned Jeremy Jacobs related to the issue of the court case. But, I have a sneaking suspicion he knew of a bigger issue related to the case against Jim Balsillie. He may deny it, but, I would say he is a wise man. He is just letting me present it to you.
It would seem that we have a pattern brewing here, as we dig deeper into the relationships that seem to intertwine amongst the members of the NHL Board of Governors. Relationships that seem to transcend one sport, and spill into others. And, as we have seen already with Tom Hicks, it can even cross industry, and potentially goes into land development as well.
Without reiterating the obvious, the Phoenix Coyotes case is all about land development and opportunities that surround it, almost making hockey operations a ‘loss leader’ to get to the true prize that exists with deals with government.
Tom Hicks has benefited from such arrangement with his Dallas development, Victory Park.
As mentioned in the title of this article, Jeremy Jacobs may have had a hard time being fair to Jim Balsillie, as he supplies refreshment services to many major league ballparks including the one that hosts the Chicago White Sox.
So, put simply, if Jacobs had a choice of choosing Jerry Reinsdorf, a client, or Jim Balsillie (his competitor for the team), which one would he choose? And, more importantly, is there any way he’d be able to put aside his business interests in order to be fair? It would not seem likely.
So, we have looked at the chairman here, and the vice chairman of the NHL Board of Governors, and we can see that relationships most likely have gotten in the way of fair assessment of Jim Balsillie.
Let’s hope the bankruptcy court, and Judge Baum will ensure that there is no further bias against Jim Balsillie, as he determines what is truly fair. It would seem the relationships run fairly deep. More importantly, these relationships seem to have biased at least some members of the Board of Governors, possible quite a few more.
The boys on the NHL’s  BOG seem to have quite a ‘good boys club’ going. Isn’t it high time to crack that lineup?
When 'fairness' doesn't stand a 'dog gone chance'

When 'fairness' doesn't stand a 'dog gone chance'

 Conflicts of interest? It would appear ‘black and white’ in this one.


And, if it is indeed a dog eat dog world, it would seem that Jacobs wants to ensure the dog being eaten at Chicago White Sox games continues to be supplied by his company.
Next article: With the court reconvening two weeks today on some outstanding issues, there are folks staying up late listening to others ‘beacon-ing’ off! It seems there are lots of people busy to come to terms and get prepared for what comes next!

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