When the ‘inmates’ run the ‘Pen’: One flew ‘out of’ the Cuckoo’s nest!

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The inherent nature of sports leagues will eventually breed corruption, and the NHL is a ‘corruption poster child’!

Help, police, help!!

Help, bankruptcy court, help!!

Help, U.S. Department of Justice, help!!

Is anyone going to help?


The "Make My Day Law" should be extended to Business interests and justice....."Go ahead punk, make my day"

The "Make My Day Law" should be extended to Business interests and justice....."Go ahead punk, make my day"

If you have been around long enough, you can recall who you were friends with, and whose house you gathered in to watch Dirty Harry movies. Or, all Clint Eastwood movies for that matter. The crook had a choice, give up and go to prison, or if he felt lucky, to ‘Go ahead, and make Harry’s Day’.

Harry was a movie hero. Vigilante justice was his specialty. Filling in a void where law seemed to have too many loopholes and cracks, and allowed the guilty to get away with all kinds of ‘bad stuff’.

Harry represented the cop on the edge, the one ready to do what it took to ensure the scum did not get away with it!

Harry sent many bad guys to jail! Well, if the prisons were run by the inmates, you would think Harry would have convinced more of those guys to ‘make his day’. If Harry knew the system was corrupt, he might have  become a vigilante to change the system.

What if the prisons were run by the inmates?

On the ‘inside’, there are ‘rules’ that you must follow, and people you must respect. If you don’t, heaven help you. A shiv may be at your throat or side, and you may be in deep trouble.

Well, what if there was more going on in the Pen than just secret little games, and a sub culture? What if the inmates took control over the institution itself? What if the powers that be decided to surround themselves with other inmates, and it bred more corruption?

Well, we might not be talking about penetentiaries here, but in a sense we are talking about protecting the rights of the less corrupt  inmate(s). What if there is an inmate in trouble? What if the bullies in the Pen are bothering him, and want him ‘taken care of“? If the inmates run the show, who is there to police the inmates?

The NHL as any sports league is ‘self-policing’, as described in this article by Slam Sports:

“The sports leagues are sort of a self-selected, closed group,” Eric Schaffer, a senior bankruptcy partner at the Pittsburgh law firm Reed Smith, said this week in an interview. “They decide who is going to be admitted to their league, they police themselves.

They also want to make sure they retain the ability to be the exclusive arbiters of who is going to be in their membership.”

Sure they want to ensure they pick and choose who enters the club. The same kind attracts like kind. A less than ethical person tends to find other, less than ethical people. It’s really that simple.

The Phoenix Coyotes case has been in large part about a man who ‘flew the cookoo’s nest’. Jerry Moyes was being bullied in the NHL club. He decided he had enough, but could not turn to the very league that was conspiring to put him away financially. No, he needed a Harry Callahan.

Did Jerry Moyes find the man who would help him change the system? The man that would stand up to the corruption, the greed, the unfair business practices, and the good boys club, and say enough is enough? I think he did.

Filling the void where law cannot always help

Filling the void where law cannot always help

We can look at Jim Balsillie as Harry. A man often criticized, and often portrayed as the bad guy, when indeed he is the only one that will stand up to the corruption of his day.

And, is standing up to the current system a bad thing?

Not according to a scholar:

Ross, a sports law and antitrust scholar, said a victory by Balsillie would be a good thing because the major professional sports leagues have too much power over ownership.

Sports leagues have illegal monopolies by preventing new entry from deserving clubs,” he said in an email to The Canadian Press. “Sports leagues harm consumers by being run by the clubs themselves, in their own self-interest, instead of the best interests of the league as whole.”

If Dirty Harry got arrested in the movies as a corrupt cop that doesn’t play by the rules, people would look, turn away, and ignore him. And when Harry did his thing, and saved the ‘streets’ from more bad guys it would largely not be discussed. A silent hero.

Well, it’s time Harry and all the Harrys’ out there get the thanks they deserve.

I, and many other Canadians are standing behind our Harry! There will be much fallout from this case, and we will likely not stop until things change. Whether vigilante style or otherwise, the NHL is broken. The inmates are running the Pen, and it is high time that got changed.

Jerry Moyes was a victim and a reflection of the abuse and control a league gone bad can have. He was chewed up and spit out by a vicious plan to strip him of his wealth, then his title, and sense of manhood.

Well, Jerry Moyes has turned out to be the white knight of Canadian hockey. He and Jim Balsillie are dishing out there own version of vigilante justice that will continue to fill the void, where law fails.

We can only hope that the justice system will learn from this case and make the necessary changes to change the rules. All to ensure the inmates don’t run the institution. Especially when it affects the safety and rights of fellow inmates.

The ‘Make My Day Law’ has been a law instigated to protect people from violence. Should there be a version created for business bullying and corruption to protect the rights of franchise owners?

Go ahead, make our day!

Go ahead, make our day!


NHL, we all know this has been a case of corruption, greed, collusion, and bullying. We also know that Jim Balsillie represents the exposure of this, and the attempt to stop it. So, we here in Canada stand behind Jim. So, NHL, ‘Go ahead, make our day!’


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