Notes on a meddly of power and influence: Relationships of chance or design?

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I am using this article to do some reasearch on people of influence who may or may not be tied together in the meddly of relationships surrounding the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy case.

To start, how influential would you have to be to visit the White House at Christmas, as did Daryl Jones of (Onex)? Well, Onex is a very large company indeed and has ties to the U.S. Health Care System for one. It makes you wonder about the parting of the ways of Daryl Jones and Eric Rosen, to other firms.

William S. Cohen was the best man at John McCain’s wedding, and Cohen was the former Secretary of Defense. His Cohen Group is the lobby firm working for DRS Technologies, which Eric Rosen is  a Director. Let’s remember, Eric Rosen left Onex, to become a partner with Michael Dell at MSD Capital.

DRS Technologies  is a major supplier to the U.S. government department of defense, granted several contracts.

This article will continue to grow over time as more information is obtained, and if you are inclined to do some research, please ensure you send it along by the comments section.

The bottom line is that the relationships that tend to grow in the U.S., makes the parties to the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy case a little more obvious.

For instance, are we to believe that Daryl Jones and his link to Onex and Eric Rosen was not an influence of his group’s sudden appearance as the good old boys from Canada and the U.S. looking to buy the Coyotes? Or, would it make sense that there is much more in the way of past and future relationships that would benefit Research Edge outside of the hockey team? I think we know that answer.

And, we must ask ourselves a very important question that even strong relationships cannot penetrate. What about the concession demands by both the Jones group and the Reinsdorf group on the City of Glendale?

How is Glendale supposed to grant any concessions, as reported earlier,  because there are no concessions that will be allowed, and Glendale repeatedly denied any concessions will be granted? It truly is the hinge here, because without concessions of any kind, it is obvious this hockey team will not fly financially. Here is an excerpt:

Freeman said if the Arizona Supreme Court rules against the CityNorth subsidy from Phoenix and puts greater restrictions on such incentives, that could hamstring economic concessions Glendale might be able to offer the Coyotes. The NHL team has lost more than $300 million since moving to the Phoenix market in 1996 from Winnipeg.

There is one thing that is perfectly clear. The relationships in the following notes show there may be a bigger cause and bigger picture here. Could this case be a reflection of wanting to ensure some ‘deals’ of infrastructure growth of America do not wain? Because, if one brick falls off the building, the chances are more are to follow. For that reason, it is important to ensure the first brick is cemented back into place.

Although it is hard to imagine the Phoenix Coyotes as representative of a brick in the infrastructure and networking of America’s top powers and influence, I think we might actually be surprised to find it may be closer to the truth than we think.

The days of large real estate profits to the dotcoms of the year 2000 are over. Since then, real estate vacancies are up huge. No matter how much wealth you may have, the tanking of the economy can leave a cash flow crisis of epidemic proportions. This has left the poor and the wealthy alike scrambling to redefine and hedge their investment bets. What we may be witnessing as a bi-product of hockey woes, is a larger problem faced by America.

Have a look and do some thinking and research on your own. See what you can come up with related to how this ‘muck’ is forming. And return over time, as we add more cement to this network.



Alan Leventhal

Alan Leventhal

Alan M. Leventhal (Beacon Sports Capital & Beacon Capital Partners)

Eric J. Rosen, Boston University link

Onex Corporation (where Eric J. Rosen and Daryl Jones worked in the past)

Gerald W. Schwartz

Spirit Aerosystems Holdings Inc., DRS Technologies, Inc., DRS Technologies, Inc

Cohen Group (William S. Cohen)

Boston University

Gerald S.J. Cassidy (Cassidy & Associates)

Gerald S.J. Cassidy (Cassidy & Associates)

Gerald S.J. Cassidy 

(political lobbyist and client is Boston University where Alan Leventhal is Chairman) 


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