Making it Work: Do ‘they’ know something we don’t?

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The lawyer for Jerry Reinsdorf had informed the court that they wouldn’t be in court for much longer, wasting more time and money.

This really should make us wonder why they are bothering in the first place.

From day one, the City of Glendale has denied any claims of allowing for or negotiating concessions.

Jerry Reinsdorf’s bid, where it was accidentally leaked that there were quite a  number of significant expectations of concessions was met with disdain from the Reinsdorf camp that the information became known.

The Reinsdorf camp simply didn’t want  us to know.

So, what about wasting that time and money? Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t like wasting either, and doesn’t do something for nothing.

If the Reinsdorf group didn’t think they could get away with ‘getting’ concessions from Glendale, then why are they wasting everybody’s time and money? That is, unless they know something we don’t.

For that matter, we still have the Daryl Jones Group in the battle, and the last time we heard from them, they are arranging the financing, and were in discussions with the City of Glendale too. Again, if there is no chance to do anything but raise ticket prices, why do they continue on their merry way, with expectations at the end of the day, that they will get something from Glendale.

Is this presumptuousness valid? The facts say it is crazy. Unless we don’t know the true facts.

Yesterday I laid out some potential people of influence that may affect the hockey bankruptcy. There is enough power and influence represented in that article to send a fighter jet to Somalia. Well, maybe as Canadians we can ask a favor of our own. Perhaps you could go look for and rescue Amanda Lindhout (from Alberta) and Nigel Brennan (from Australia). The families of these reporters are not sure their governments are doing anything to help at all. Come on Canada, you could give them an update, couldn’t you? Prime Minister Harper, we are not hearing from you on hockey, but for the love of God, please do something for Amanda and her family.

Well anyway, back to the relatively unimportant hockey case.

We are talking about presumtuousness in the Phoenix Coyotes case now.

Let’s examine some information I have uncovered, starting with Alan Leventhal.

Alan Leventhal is a trustee of Boston University. I was erroneous to suggest he was the Chairman of the Board of trustees still, as he has given that position up. He has been recently honoured for his years of service, and bringing transparency to the University’s operations.

What is interesting about Alan Leventhal’s involvement at Boston University is his level of ethics and integrity. In 2003, when Daniel Goldin was being brought in as President, Leventhal had a problem with the ethics of Goldin.

Apparently quickly upon taking office, Goldin pulled out what is described as a ‘hit list’, and effectively began firing some noteworthy people from the University. Also, the University suffered a bad reputation of trustees taking advantage of their titles at Boston U, and gaining from their relationships in their outside business interests.

Leventhal was a critic of Goldin for the ‘conflicts of interest’ that were tainting the University.

So, when Leventhal became the Chairman of the Board of Trustees the University made some changes:

BU trustees unanimously approved an overhaul of the school’s management in April 2004 after a failed presidential search exposed serious problems with the way the board operated. One of the most important provisions was designed to prevent trustees or their companies from doing business with the university, because one major criticism was that board members had financial ties to the school that created at least the appearance of a conflict of interest.

That was good, right?

We must understand that being in a position of power and influence in a University of high calibre can really affect potential personal gain, and the influence of a high position in a University breeds the potential for corruption.

Why did Daniel Goldin come in with high expectation and arrogance? Well, when you worked for the Presidents of the U.S. in the past, and were:

….former administrator of NASA under Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush…..

you might start to feel a level of entitlement. And, apparently, Goldin took advantage of just that, and called in some friends to ensure he profitted by past and current relationships. The University was embarrased, and rightly so.

So, this make it even more surprising when in December 2004, the University lowered their standard, the standard just implemented eight months prior in April 2004:

But the actual policy approved and implemented by the board set a much lower bar, stipulating that a business relationship would not be allowed unless it ”has been found to be of clear benefit to the university.”

The University said the wording was ‘unworkable‘, and cited this:

”The feeling was that the ‘exceptional necessity’ language, if strictly applied, would have worked to the detriment of Boston University because it would have meant that we would not be able to do business with a best-in-class organization that provides substantial benefit and value to BU,” said Burgay, who used Lehman Brothers to illustrate his point. ”We needed a policy that protected the university from conflicts of interest and reserved the university’s ability to enter into business relationships that were in fact beneficial to us.”

Again, the question that comes to mind, that likely came to the mind of several of the professors at Boston U at the time is, ‘why all of a sudden make a ruling change?’ It really begs the question, ‘what relationship does someone see that would benefit them, but not fit into the guildelines?’ Doesn’t it? Or, is it just me?

I don’t think it is just me. You don’t make ruling changes for nothing, or under NO circumstances to justify them. So, what changed?

I do not have the answers, just many questions on relationships I have seen in a bigger picture surrounding the Phoenix Coyotes (go figure!).

Tying this in to the hockey case, you may recall in a previous article on Leventhal, that I said since Dr. Donald Fraser was a professor at Boston U, there was a good chance Alan Leventhal would have known him. Fraser, working as capacity of Board of Directors member of DRS Technologies, would know Eric Rosen.

Rosen, as ‘hands on’ director of DRS and partner in MSD Capital, could suggest Alan Leventhal would know Michael Dell. Well, without even knowing that, we know he knows Michael Reinsdorf, since Reinsdorf brought him in to assess the arena for the City of Glendale.

Alan Leventhal was reporting through Beacon Sports Capital to John Kaites and the City of Glendale for six months prior to Jerry Moyes declaring the team bankrupt.

This begs the question, where is the transparency of the group to Jerry Moyes? Didn’t Moyes deserve to know? Perhaps not Leventhal’s department? Perhaps. Technically, I guess not. Let’s give Leventhal  the benefit of the doubt.

Back to Fraser.

Dr. Fraser has some pretty impressive credentials, having specialized in Photonics.

When we need to know if there is a chance he knows Leventhal, it is fairly apparent, but it doesn’t hurt to add more to solidify this thought. In an article about scientific advances, Fraser had this to add in 2002:

”What we’ve formed here is a very unique thing for a university,” Fraser says. ”We can join research with funding and equipment and space and business expertise in one place.”

But Fraser acknowledges that, in the current environment, it’s difficult to raise money for Beacon Photonics, the center’s venture capital fund, and he says that his incubator space is currently less than half full. While the Photonics Center is already eight years old, it is still trying to prove that its model can work.

With Alan Leventhal’s dad a long time supporter of Boston University, it is very possible ‘Beacon’ Photonics lab was a family gift to the University. And it is likely a coincidence that the fund to raise money is named ‘Beacon’ as well. Suffice it to suggest that Alan Leventhal is familiar with the work of Dr. Fraser, and Dr. Fraser knows Alan Leventhal.

OK, so having substantiated the Leventhal family name with inroads in research, and the liklihood of Leventhal knowing Fraser, could this then help us tie Leventhal to the group in Glendale, AZ, the City and Ed Beasley?

Well, we know Leventhal knows Beasley and Reinsdorf. And, by the muckety map we previously examined, it is not a far stretch to path Leventhal to a ‘potential’ opportunity with MSD Capital.

Why the conflict of interest stringencies were reduced at Boston U, and the tie Dr. Fraser has with DRS Technologies does impose some questions.

 Also, Leventhal acting as Chairman of the Board of Trustees does open up the possibility of personal gain from this position, further bringing into question why the ‘unworkeable’ terms of the conflict of interest guildelines were changed.

If Dr. Fraser had an opportunity to benefit from his tenure at Boston U with DRS, and DRS benefitting with relationship with the University, would this have been enhanced by the lowering of standards at the University? Just a question based on the facts, not an allegation. Just a question.

Dr. Fraser worked for Command Control from 1990 to 1991, for emulation technology. From 1991 to 1993 worked under the secretary of defence, at the U.S. Department of Defense (Remember the ties to the military concerns of the U.S. . We will return on this thought later when discusing the Cohen Group’s influence).

You see, when we have friends of friends, and everyone is helping out the other, we must look at the big picture and all the presentable facts to see if these potential relationships add to the big picture, with consistency of argument. That’s all, and it’s that simple.

So, DRS Technologies is a hub of potential relationships and a definite place where the powerful could be connected in the Phoenix Coyotes case. Let’s look at the muckety map on DRS again.

  • Mark S. Newman is the president and CEO.
  • Eric Rosen is a director and first cousin on Mark Newman
  • Donald Fraser is a Board of Directors member
  • The Cohen Group is a lobby Firm (William Cohen, fmr. Secretary of Defense)

So, moving on, we can again recall Eric Rosen who in the past worked in the New York office of Onex Corp, along with Daryl Jones (Research Edge). Rosen is the partner in MSD Capital with Michael Dell.

Donald Fraser, as discussed at length, was a professor at Boston U, and we have established unquestionable ties to Alan Leventhal (Beacon Capital). This has brought Leventhal into possible relationship through Fraser to Michael Dell and Eric Rosen at MSD Capital.

The Cohen Group head is William Cohen. At this point, it would be good to have a close look at the muckety map of William S. Cohen and we will throw Senator John McCain in there too.

So, we have William Cohen whose lobby group the Cohen Group represents DRS Technologies. Cohen was the best man at Sen. John McCain’s wedding.

Jerry Reinsdorf did political fundraising for John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

We have influence in military spending (DRS Technologies and Cohen Group), health care spending (Onex Corp, and past relationships of Eric Rosen and Daryl Jones), and a whole lot of political pull that is present with Sen. John McCain.

Can we ask why we have not seen a lot of support from Sen. McCain to the Goldwater Group’s effort to stop land tax subsidies in Arizona? We can ask, but are we seeing a picture to suggest why?

Let’s remember that Jerry Reinsdord does not waste time and money too easily. His bid, and that of the Jones’ group is all about deals with the City of Glendale. Deals that Jerry Moyes could not get.

Michael Reinsdorf and Michael Dell established relationships of some magnitude with the City of Glendale over a long while. Jerry Moyes’ move to put the team into bankruptcy threw a monkey wrench into the relationships that were being nurtured with the City of Glendale, and no doubt angered Glendale.

Since then, the City has been in damage control, editing emails sent to Goldwater, and denying any concessions will be given. That’s what we hear. Why is reality different?

This case would have been over a long time ago had concessions been off the table.

Does Jerry Reinsdorf and Daryl Jones know something the rest of us don’t?

Lots of power and influence. Perhaps it’s time to ask a friend of a friend of a friend for a favor?

What do you think?


4 responses to “Making it Work: Do ‘they’ know something we don’t?

  1. “Would Reinsdorf ‘s (rediculous) bid still be in-play if concessions were indeed off the table as professed by the City of Glendale?”. Not a chance. Is IceEdge using this wreckage to further inroads within the Republican Party, State and Municipal Politicians & Power Brokers from New York to Boston to Phoenix whilst gaining entree’ to a whole new level of prospective investors for “other” opportunities which in reality is their true & not so hidden agenda?. Bet on it. Handing out business cards to all & sundry as they chase an ambulance they have no hope of catching.

  2. Well said Steve

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