Mixed signals in this dragging on saga: Enough already!

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Derek King is becoming the assistant coach of the Toronto Marlies.

King may be moving from Scottsdale, Arizona, where he had lived and worked as a real estate agent, and worked in the development camp for the Phoenix Coyotes.

King was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1967.

Is Derek King’s moving a signal that there is less opportunity with the Phoenix Coyotes, and is it also a sign that real estate growth in the Phoenix area is waining?

Does this give a hope for hockey in Hamilton, as King would be a reflection of ‘the sinking Coyote ship’?

On the other hand, we have the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund buying up the shares owned by CTV Globemedia and increasing their share of MLSE to a tune of 66%. That’s two-thirds ownership. Obviously they consider the profitability of MLSE to continue to grow. With ticket prices so outrageously high for Leaf games, I guess they have a point. I suppose the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund doesn’t think Hamilton will get a team, which would have a downward pressure on usury Leaf ticket prices anytime soon.

And, we have Jim Balsillie saying enough is enough already, and showing a level of confidence that his position in bidding is strong enough to force the court to stop the stall tactics of the NHL head office. A court imposed relocation fee and decision that he is an eligible owner is fast becoming expected from his legal team, and his deadline is now September 14th.

For all of us waiting and getting tired of how long this has dragged on, we applaud the ‘put up or shut up’ attitude of Balsillie.

So, we have King jumping ship for Toronto, the Teachers buying a bigger stake in MLSE, and Jim Balsillie putting more pressure on the powers that be to put an end to this already, in a move of confidence that his bid is solid.

Who are we to believe?

Real hockey fans in Canada and the U.S.A. will attest that this farce is getting old. The NHL’s dragging of it’s heals is going to hurt the game of hockey and it’s popularity.

Does the NHL think they can continue to insult the hockey fans of Southern Ontario and not have a revolt?

We’ll see.


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