Thanks for that 'blogging' info Dave

You don't blogging well say, Dave?

You don't blogging well say, Dave?


I ran into a Sunday Toronto Star report (opinion) from Dave Olive.

Thanks for the info Dave.

Good to know the 200 or so folks that might want to read this or any blog are inconsequential to ‘change the world’.

Good also to know that the average blog only survives about three months, because the bloggers want to make money, and well, I guess can’t with such a meager readership.

Hitching a ride on major newspapers is the only way to sell out you say?

Maybe you are right. I see a little bit of jealousy in your writing Dave? Do I?

Is this the ‘I can’t say what I want cause I need to toe the MSM line, and the way I get back at you smarty-pants bloggers is tell you that unless you become attached to a paper you won’t have any impact’?

Would it be better to impact 200 in a big way, or 2 million in a whitewashed, inconsequential way?

Mainstream media does have it’s readership from the past, but once bloggers figure out a way to market themselves in a bigger way, perhaps MSM should be the ones to worry.

It would seem people are thirsting and hungering for more meat and truth.

Is the mainstream media so afraid of lawsuits that they have watered down true reporting? Killing trees for what, exactly?

What do you say Dave? Cat got your tongue?


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