Something's rotten in the state of 'Glendale'

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But nothing is stopping the NHL from bidding $220 million except its constitution, BOG, and business ethics – nothing it can’t get around.
Joe Smith


“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark“. said by the minor character, ‘Marcellus’ in Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’ in act I, scene IV.

 What did Marcellus mean by the ‘state’ addition to his comment? Well, according to scholars, the fact that Marcellus mentioned the ‘state’ is to suggest the ‘rotting fish’ of the political situation is from the top down. The reason the state is in terrible, corrupt condition is directly a reflection of the head of the state.

Is something rotten in the state of the NHL?

Gary Bettman: Doth he protest 'too much'?

Gary Bettman: Doth he protest 'too much'?

At this stage, many would argue yes. It brings back the other quote of interest, “”The lady doth protest too much, methinks””, in Hamlet, Act III, Scene 2.

The queen said this to suggest that when someone complains ‘too much’ it suggests they have something to hide. What is so important to protect in Glendale? What is so important and potentially damaging that cannot be uncovered in the ‘state of the NHL’?

Can we conclude the NHL and in particular, the Commissioner protests ‘too much’?

It brings us back to a previous article or two. One, where I question why Gary Bettman is putting his identitiy in this, and protesting too much. Another, that suggests there is a tremendous amount at stake in land and taxes to want to ensure the bricks stay in place. A political reasoning could be at the heart.  But why would the commissioner of hockey be involved in the political infrastructure of America? Would it explain the systematic placing of hockey teams in locations where municipal infrastructure growth was desired?

 Just take a look at an aerial photo of Arizona and see how much sand there is to turn to cement. Lots of potential, and we know now that Glendale is not the only city going for broke in the strategy to have the rich, private equity develop their cities.

When Ron McLean, in a now famous interview with Gary Bettman asked if there were indeed folks in Glendale that wanted to have a hockey team there, Bettman said he believed there was.

Now, after Jerry Reinsdorf has pulled out amongst a myriad of uncovering of the truth, we have Bettman scrambling to Plan C. Plan B of course is the addition of the backup bidders, Ice Edge.

Ice Edge, had a bid of similar proportions to Reinsdorf, but bid $2 million more. Reinsdorf was on record as saying they would not get in a bidding war. Ice Edge a convenient backup plan if the truth be known in Glendale? Likely yes, and how convenient.

Research Edge (Ice Edge) has been shown to be a close relation to the friends of Glendale by the article mentioned above, and really brings us back to the question of who Gary Bettman said he would tell. To McLean: “I will tell them before I tell you”. The question again, is ‘Who is them?‘.

When Jim Balsillie was rejected by the NHL Board of Governors, we asked the question whether the inmates should be allowed to police themselves, to the detriment of some other inmates. Dirty Harry (Balsillie) needs to come in to handle the corruption brewing in the NHL. Will the court system be able to see there is something rotten too, and will the government powers that be be able to send in the troops to audit the affairs of the NHL?

Believe me, there is enough ‘protesting’ to raise those red flags quickly in a flag store running out of stock. Time for the government to police the unpoliceable, before Gary Bettman takes his puck from the sandbox, and goes home.

How much control does a league and it’s chief think they can have? How much bending of the rules and constitution can one man and league bend?

There is surely something rotten with the state of the NHL, and we must understand that without external influence and reigning in at this point will spell disaster.

The United States Bankruptcy system and U.S. Court system is being played the fool.

When a man can take his puck from the sandbox, turn around go home, and sell it to who he wants, what does that say of the power of a sports league, despite legal processes?

Is the commissioner protecting the league by wanting to buy the team in Glendale? Or is the commissioner, at all cost, trying to avoid certain people from opening a door of transparency?

When Jerry Moyes at the beginning of this process said that he would allow the court to bring transparency, I don’t even think Jerry Moyes knew the magnitude of his statement.

The U.S. Department of Fiscal Policy and the U.S. Justice department happened by to this site one day.

I would suggest they ‘happen by’ the offices of the National Hockey league, magnifying glass in hand.

There is much more to be told, and we are just getting restarted. Where are the concessions needed by Glendale? But let’s start at the beginning.

There is something rotten in the states of Glendale, and the NHL.




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