Lest we forget!

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So,  not so funny story…..

I go to my mailbox this morning, and pull out the Hamilton Spectator.

And, I read this article. Then I get mad.

Jerry Moyes: Courage and Trust

Jerry Moyes: Courage and Trust

Are you kidding us? Stray from Balsillie? The NHL looks at Hamilton as a “league opportunity”?

Make a deal with the (insert whatever word best describes the league here)?

I am officially embarrased to be a Hamiltonian.

Jim Balsillie and Jerry Moyes embraced as they walked into court the other day, and for good reason.

These two gentlemen had just been through a war, that may not be over.

Balsillie and Moyes, and the folks at Make It Seven Rant Rountable have been working together (unofficially of course) to send a clear message of support to Moyes to say we are behind you 100%.

In the process we have discovered that there is more to hockey in the desert sands than pucks and air conditioning. Much, much more.

So, excuse me if I take great offense to the willy nilly way we make the off the cuff comment that, you know, the NHL does look at Hamilton as a league opportunity, and the lease does end on October 31st, and yada, yada, yada.

Shame on us! Shame on Hamilton.

Jim Balsillie: Compassion and loyalty

Jim Balsillie: Compassion and loyalty

If Jim Balsillie didn’t support this city, his dream of owning a Stanley Cup contender would have ended in Pittsburgh, another steeltown. Just not his passion. Not Hamilton.

He might even have a shiny Stanley Cup ring on his young finger right now. But, no. Instead he has fought for Hamilton.

Can I expect to see a retraction in a coming edition of the Hamilton Spectator to say, oops, we bad! I certainly hope so.

There is a judge in Arizona by the name of Redfield T. Baum that wants to ensure Jim Balsillie has every consideration to get a hold of this team. Baum is also aware that a fellow old schooler named Jerry Moyes deserves at least a small chunk of his money back (the $104 million), and he is willing to do what it takes to build a case for relocation.

But we in Hamilton are saying, “next”?

I’ll pretend I didn’t see this article, and hold my breath for greater support.

Jim Balsillie is more deserving the Order of Canada. Jerry Moyes for his courage is deserving to hold his head high.

The NHL?

They deserve what Jim and Jerry will throw at them, and all of Canada should be behind this precedent setting making of history.

And, we are taking our time getting into the thinking of judge Baum. But it’s coming.

This started out as a case of compassion for the injustice to Jerry Moyes, and how hard everyone has worked to ensure he gets justice.

Lest we forget!


One response to “Lest we forget!

  1. I think what you have here is simply a case of a reporter (note no bi-line) taking a “what happens if” perspective on things. It’s easy to read things into the angle taken (Balsillies’ not going to succeed so who else is out their?) and the questions posed. Secondly, the NHL has not, to my knowledge, pinpointed Hamilton & Copps itself as being a viable home for a 7th Canadian Team although they have acknowledged “Southern Ontario” in general as being so, all of which is backed up to the 9’s by PSE’s market studies & business plans of course. The Spec should have asked the more important question. What have you, Mayor Eisenberger & Council done, in terms of having frank & open discussions with your counterparts in Mississauga, Toronto, the Province/Feds to lobby MLSE & the NHL on behalf of your constituents, to tear down the walls of entitlement & restrictive trade practices emanating from the ACC & NYC?. Jim Balsillie brought you to this dance, its up to you to do everything within your power to assist PSE, Have you called Richard Peddie, Gary Bettman?. Pretty sure they’d take your call. Have you placed ads in the Toronto Star outlining the huge benefits a team in Hamilton would be for fans, MLSE & the city itself?. Gone on talk radio?. Had private chats with your contacts at Queens Park?. Ottawa?. The Canadian Competition Bureau?. Just wondering.

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