Del Biaggio gets the 'boot': Sorry Jim, you're character is not at these levels

For the bullet summary, please go here. To contact your MP regarding the Veto issue, please go here.

Wonder why they call him ‘Boots’?

If there was any question Judge Baum should quietly laugh under the bench at allegations of Jim Balsillie lacking character it cannot come at a better time.

Yes, ‘Boots’ looks like he’s getting the boot, as quickly uncovered from Make It Seven’s Patrick Romanoski.

Note to Jim Balsillie – Patrick deserves a Hamilton Tiger job offer for persistence and excellence. Make him an offer he cannot refuse should you get this team!

Anyhow, let’s let the AP say it, as they do best:

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has sentenced a Silicon Valley financier to more than 8 years in prison for bilking banks and investors out of millions of dollars in an attempt to buy a pro hockey team and finance a lavish lifestyle.

William Del Biaggio: Did his 'pot' call Ballsillie's 'kettle' black?

William Del Biaggio: Did his 'pot' call Ballsillie's 'kettle' black?

William “Boots” Del Biaggio III was sentenced Tuesday in San Francisco. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to a felony charge of forging financial documents to obtain $110 million in loans from several banks and two NHL owners.

He used the money to buy an interest in the NHL’s Nashville Predators and to pay personal expenses that included $4 million in gambling debts.

The judge also ordered him to pay more than $67.4 million in restitution. His interest in the hockey team will be sold and the proceeds distributed to his victims.

Where are we now?

Oh ya, five down and 25 to go.

The NHL was wrong in the national TV deal approach. They should go with  a ‘reality show’.

In the next episode of ‘Thugs off ice………”

Sorry Jim. They were right. Your character is no where near these guys! What were we thinking! When they said poor character, maybe it was a typo….you are actually a poor ‘judge of’ character. Guilty?


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