Let's see….Plan 'C', a dumber yet City, and Mr. Balsillie: "The sky is falling"


Movers? Are you kidding. Goldfein tapped us dry on that appeal!

Movers? Are you kidding. Goldfein tapped us dry on that appeal!

‘Don’t worry Glendale, we got ya covered. Don’t you worry! Good night, now.’

‘Jerry, quick, get Tony over here with the moving truck. We’ll do it while everyone’s in bed’. ‘What’s that Bill? We’ll, leave them a note  in one of the private suites…nothing they can do! It’s been exactly 365 days! Now, hurry up, help me get this in the truck!’


So, Plan B is out (Ice Edge).

Plan C is still in. Of course they are, they are the league.


Someone please pinch me. Tell me the politicians in Glendale’s City Hall actually had to get elected. Like there wasn’t anybody any better that could have been put into these offices?

Tell me they get paid handsome salaries to serve the people, and make wise choices, and are the elite of the citizenry.

Because so far, I have not seen anything by their actions and thinking that even closely resembles common sense.

Hopefully, the officials at the City of Glendale will wake up, take a deep wiff of whatever they substitute for Tim Horton’s coffee down there, and get a jolt of reality.

You may also have to tell me that they truly believe their hockey franchise is actually gots a snowballs chance of surviving in Glendale.

Yes, because the assurances of the NHL’s one year guarantee, and valuation of $120 million for the team is a roaring sign that all is just peachy.

 The City of Glendale really needs to go into a room and decide if they can allow the NHL a one year out clause. They could not offer it to anyone else, so I’m thinking no. And if that’s the case, PSE wins this auction by default, and that $50 million sounds like a nice parting gift.

Ah, to have been a cricket in that meeting when Jim Balsillie offered $50 million. Churping away until the time when all when silent. Even the cricket probably stopped rubbing his legs together to pay homage to the moment. Dead silence. Yes, they would need a public meeting to decide if just about all the rent payments in advance would be a good idea compared to just one year’s rent from the NHL.

Does the City of Glendale truly believe the NHL is still trying to save the franchise in Glendale?

There is one thing about the fallout from a failed collusion plan. Don’t expect loyalty to be there when the sky starts to fall. Lot’s of luck in your next election too, because the 72% of voters I am sure that didn’t want money spent on the hockey team are going to make a point of showing up at the polls. The same 72% that it was OK before to say, ‘don’t worry, we know what’s best for you.” Suddenly now the City cares about the voters? My guess is the same 72% will say take the $50 million and run. Just a hunch.

When Bill Daly was asked if the NHL was going to sweeten the pot and increase their bid above $140 million, he gave the fan friendly one word answer, “No”. Thanks Bill!

According to McGran at the Toronto Star, aside from Bootes Del Biaggio there are other owners waining too.

If this was a nursery rhyme I think Turkey Lurky would be looking for Henny Penny right about now, and looking up.

‘The sky is falling’.

"Come back and fight" (Monty Python)

"Come back and fight" (Monty Python)

It’s like the soldier in the Monty Python movies who loses his arms and legs, and rants, “Come back and fight ya cowards”.

How long can the NHL suffer the indignities that are all coming down around them in a flurry, as if the heavens have openened up and is raging with fury?

A man like Jim Balsillie should be looking really good about now.

And, City of Glendale, if you don’t stick the lease penalty of $720 million with the NHL and make the mistake of trusting  them like poor Jerry did , do me a favor and miss a couple interest payments on the bond like Tom Hicks did.  That’s right. Ross Perot sold him the same bill of promises you got. Yes, miss some payements because then we may find out who holds the bonds to the arena when they complain. Thanks!

Or, are the players in this game like those Lemmings heading for the cliff? Soon to go over at full speed.



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