To care or not to care, that is the question

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Whoever here doesn’t care about Jerry Moyes, please step down

Sometime in May of this year, the case for ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes started.

On May 5th, Jerry Moyes made a decision.

This has always been a 'test of human compassion' for  the suffering of Jerry Moyes

This has always been a 'test of human compassion' for the suffering of Jerry Moyes

Moyes decided that the NHL did not care about him, and he could not trust them to do right by him.

Instead, he decided to put the Coyotes into bankruptcy protection, and in his words, let the transparency of the bankruptcy procedings shed light on his issues. The issues of a man that took over a hockey team that sucked cash faster than a Hummer on a highway.

I wonder if it was a tough call for Jerry Moyes?

Although we have seen the likely reasons he felt an outcast, I still wonder how hard a decision it was to stir that pot, and do the unthinkable to a league that really needed to get what was coming.

I don’t really think Jerry Moyes had a choice at all.

What has happened in this case has been an exposure of several truths on several fronts.

The real deal in Glendale being the promise of land development. The real deal in the character assasination of Jim Balsillie, due to the greed of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and to some extent the Buffalo Sabres.

We would have never seen these issues magnified in these proportions if it wasn’t for Jerry Moyes’ decision to seek bankruptcy protection.

I think I understand what “protection” in bankruptcy means now.

It has been an obvious yet meaningful learning experience to see the human dynamic of a man in hard times.

As the song goes, “nobody knows you when you are down and out”.

Can we change this a little? Let’s say it this way, “nobody wants to know you when you are down and out.”

Indescribeable justifications were made by the NHL heads and the fans of Phoenix to suggest Jerry Moyes was a poor business man.

Some say, he moved money out of the hockey team to bail out his trucking business, and overcharged on leasing office space to the team, as if to justify the attack and allegations. I find this incredible to stomach at best.

The reality is Jerry Moyes has likely lost at leat $300 million dollars since taking over this hockey team on the promise of a league that said you can indeed have professional hockey survive, and thrive in the desert.

And, I do believe the desert should have hockey. But the reality of today’s NHL is that it takes a lot of revenues to ensure an NHL hockey team survives. Said many times, $10 tickets and $400 season tickets is a true reflection of the desperation that exists in Glendale. An AHL team would fit the bill much better, but back to the point.

Beacon Sports, as one of the points to be made had said to sell more tickets and suites. Wow, terrific advice. Why didn’t they think of that? They did, just nobody asked them.

Back to Jerry Moyes.

How in the world could so many be so uncompassionate to the man who stands to lose so much?

This question has motivated me, as it has so many of my friends in Hamilton on the Make It Seven Rant Rountable.

“Cast off Jerry. He was a terrible owner. He drove this team into the ground.”

Those making these allegations against him perhaps we need to forgive. Was it just an excuse, a denial, in order to retain the team? A sign of compassion to Jerry Moyes and his family would mean that Jim Balsillie’s bid would hold greater merit than any other?

Ahhh, any other bid.

The common denominator is the question: Does your bid include consideration for Jerry Moyes?

Is it coincidence that one by one, the  ‘uncompassionate’ bids have fallen off?

First Reinsdorf. No consideration for Jerry Moyes. Gone.

Then, Ice Edge. Consideration for Moyes? Nope. Gone.

And now, the NHL.

At first Gary Bettman wanted to “save Jerry from further embarrassment” when he stripped him of rights with proxies. How nice Gary. Aren’t you a sweety for that. I’m sure Jerry really was thankfull to you for that. Not.

Perhaps that was the breaking point, when Moyes knew “nobody knows you when you are down and out”.

A sad display of thanks for the money. ‘Oops, no more? OK, sign here, you are no longer of any use to us.’

No, the NHL only now has come back with the untrustable promise that should they sell the team  and  make a profit, they will forward the profits to the Moyes’ estate. That comes with the fact they need to sublet the arena lease for a year while they find that elusive buyer.

The buyer has always been here. Jerry Reinsdorf awaits the team. Now, are we to believe he will pay a large amount of money for it? Please, not in a million years. It will be a deal he cannot refuse. And those profits? Please, there won’t be any Mr. Moyes. Come on, we all know that too.

The NHL is the last man standing that has shown no compassion for Jerry Moyes.

The reason we have all worked so hard is not because we really, really want a team so bad that we would do ‘anything’ to get one.

No, the real reason for the people on Jerry Moyes’ side is for human compassion.

Everybody else, can kindly step down.


One response to “To care or not to care, that is the question

  1. C’mon man, if you havent learned by now that compassion & morality is a weakness in these guys worlds I dont know what planet your living on. This is cut-throat, eat or be eaten, take no prisoners, blame everyone else City. Should the NHL have stepped up to the plate a year, 2 or 6yrs ago when Moyes’ first started to encounter difficulties?. Is the NHL demonizing Jerry Moyes for its own mistake in planting a team in the desert & then ignoring the realities of the financial bloodletting taking place for over a decade offering absoloutely no marketing, financial or relocation advice to the owner or team management?. Ellman sold Moyes’ a reeking heap in the middle of nowhere. The NHL stood idly by, a silent witness & malicious prosecutor to the events that have unfolded. Ration & compassion have no place in their script.

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