Bow down and worship King Bettman, sir Balsillie, and you might have favour with the lord

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The reign of King Bettman has the townspeople in fear

The reign of King Bettman has the townspeople in fear

The King (Bettman) has attempted to strip the Duke of Glendale (Moyes)  to his knees, and relinquish him of any chance he might redeem some of his family wealth, let alone his dignity.

It would appear King Bettman is not too worried about the soon to be ex-Duke as he mocks him outside the courthouse of the land, once the procedings were finished:

Moyes says he feels betrayed by league, says hockey will never work in Glendale. Bettman says he sounds grumpy. – Resnik

Ah, the compassion of the king to the ex-Duke attempting justice despite the politics of the kingdom.

King Bettman should have taken his shoe, and squished the duke into the ground to prove his point. Instead, he let him off rather easy, with the simple, yet cutting, and deeply insulting comment of being rather “grumpy“.

Does the king think his kingdom will be upheld, and kept intact by a ruling of the judge of Glendale?

Methinks the king is a little leary, but perhaps afraid to show his fear, and the fallout of the case from the citizenry.

It would seem the poor of Glendale need the king’s help, and although worried, he is their only hope that the kingdom’s not so favorite game might stay.

Those owed money from the duke fear King Bettman, because the king has threatened long, drawn out legal action, tying up the poor creditors of any chance of redeeming their interests any time soon.

Ah, the king and his ways to manipulate and control those around him that try to get in his way.

He has become a master of control in a kingdom quickly becoming less trusting.

You see, the case against the ‘games’ has exposed much dirty laundry, and the reputation of the king has since suffered a real blow to his ego.

He is worried how the kindom’s council known as the BOG will view the negative image, and perhaps he is worried they may plan to overthrow him as king. The worry is less significant however, because there have been many backroom conversations and plans, and there is a lot to lose in the BOG for those council members. It would seem the king has them where he wants them.

But, nevertheless, aside from a very grumpy duke, there is a king that is equally leary.

It, of course, may in large part hinge on the decision of Judge Baum.

Judge Baum seems to be holding all the cards, and is not playing his hand, or tipping off the townsfolk too easily.

He says it may take him a while to write out his decision. He doesn’t want to be pressured.

A long time to write out the decision? It may take time? What on earth does the judge mean? Could it be he needs time to work on an airtight argument that would go against the kingdom, the king, and the ‘games’ themselves?

My word!

The ex-duke may just get a surprise, and could it be he would get some portion of his wealth back, that is more sizeable than the token jesture agreed to by the kings attorneys, only under the court’s duress?

Is it possible the judge is willing to endure the wrath that is sure to come for the kingdom in the quest for true justice?

Well, it appears the powers in the northern land of Canada  (the Canadian Competition Bureau) may be more behind the judge and his decision should it go Sir Balsillie’s way:

“We are seized by the matter, and we are monitoring it very closely,” Richard Taylor, the deputy commissioner of competition, civil matters, told the Star yesterday.


I suppose we will have to see.

Sir Balsillie, that has gallantly tried to bring compassion to the townspeople amidst the bad news that the ‘games’ must go, seems to have support of the judge. Yes, the judge would argue that the team has shown no profits in the past several years. And, the judge also knows that the ‘games’ are not supported by the majority of the townspeople.

There are other games that seem to take favor, but some townspeople would have them all pay taxes to support these less significant games. “Bring on another duke with deep pockets, so we can strip him of his wealth too” , they may chant the chant, a certain rhyme:

 “Cast him off a poorer man, but have him give us hockey while he can“.

Ahh, a ruthless bunch indeed. Oh, they will make excuses that the dukes were poor at financial affairs, and concoct other such jibberish to accomplish their greedy goals, but in the end, it boils down to a disregard for the many dukes that may come and go.

“Just bring another duke!”, they cry!

Judge Baum sees the games going to another land to the north, where the actual game was invented, and would surely be profittable. But, he knows he may not be popular when he makes his decision. Sir Balsillie has offered a generous ransom for the rights to the games, but there are dukes to the east that are greedy and object.

Judge Baum has even threatened to close the games down and have the athletes moved to other teams. Will he follow through? He also threatened the king with saddling him with very expensive bills, but under the judge’s direction. Was that all smoke in an attempt to get him to give favor to Sir Balsillie?

 Sir Balsillie, anxious to move the games to the far away land as soon as possible has been given a tidbit of hope by a counsel of King Bettman. Yes, counsel Clark, advised Sir Balsillie to mind his manners before the king, and he might stand a chance to obtain the games:

NHL’s Clark believes in JB’s potential for “rehabilitation.” Judge scolds attys for getting personal in arguments. NHL’s Clark po’d about accusation of “lack of candor.” Fighting words!

NHL atty says JB needs to show “humility” and “regret” and “apologize” — and maybe he can get a few owners to support him.

Were these words by counsel Clark to put down the brave knight, or where they true words?

“Bow down to the king and the king’s council, and you might gain favor, sir Balsillie”.

Surrender, and live by the rules of a kingdom that thrives on stripping dukes of their rights and spitting them out?

Oh, what will Sir Balsillie do? How badly does he want the games?

Should he trust the untrustable king, his council, and his corrupt kingdom?

Should he abandon the duke he came to help in his time of need?

Or, should he hope the judge, in his long decision, is going to refute the king, and provide justice to the games?

Compassion for the fallen duke.

It started out that way, and fittingly, the fable must have a happy ending.

 ‘Meno en’ faith to the true Lord, Sir Balsillie. Trust not the false lords.



3 responses to “Bow down and worship King Bettman, sir Balsillie, and you might have favour with the lord

  1. I wish I could share your optimism, however, I cant see this ending in any other way but for Judge Redfield “T” (Timid) Baum ruling in the leagues favor as from day one (May 5th) he has been loathe to set precedents & or confront the NHL for its blatant contempt & manipulative transgressions. The fact that the league “sweetened the pot” from zero to about 3 cents on the dollar for Moyes & Gretzky combined with SOF’s & Glendales “enthusiastic” support of the NHL’s bid leaves Baum with a clear path of least resistance to finally wash his hands with little recourse for appeal by PSE. Justice denied for the sake of expedience & a lack of cajones’ for fear his judgement being overturned in appellate court despite the huge discrepencies in competing bids. I do not share bloggers/commentators/reporters high opinion of this Judge, nor do I have any “sympathy” for the guy for the “overwhelming” decisions he has to make. This thing, at its core, is black&white. Too bad for all parties concerned that they drew a Judge from Pixley who makes Jeb from Green Acres look like Mr. Deciisive.

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