Moyes appeals to the City of Glendale for the last time

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Don’t worry folks….the snubbing of the $50 million offer from PSE to the City of Glendale was fully expected, and does not mean Jim Balsillie’s bid is dead. It was sadly expected from a non-deserving city.

I don’t mind reading the papers. I really don’t. But why do the writers of newspapers that refuse to give insight into issues, quickly jump at the chance to make bold statements, without consideration of the true facts?

That may actually be why you are reading this article right now. You heard that Jim Balsillie’s prospects grow a little dimmer in his bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes.

Well, duh, No!

I like the Globe and Mail, and think it has produced some of the best opinion on the Coyotes case. The objection is the headlines that may give false fear to those that read them.

Later today, we will explain why the City of Glendale had little choice but to reject the PSE bid. But for now, the issue is the relationship of Jerry Moyes and the city and fans that continue to reject him.




The City of Glendale doesn't want to make a decision for the people? They should have a look at this picture that is worth thousands of words (and votes)

The City of Glendale doesn't want to make a decision for the people? They should have a look at this picture that is worth thousands of words (and votes)

I suppose in a fitting final jesture, it would make absolute sense that the City of Glendale would not heed the advice of the owner of the Phoenix Coyotes.



After all, the city refused to listen to his cries for help when he needed it, and now, they did not allow Jerry Moyes in to the city council meeting when they were to decide whether or not to take Jim Balsillie’s $50 million offer.

The mayor snubbed Moyes as she did likely many times before:

Moyes said he had asked to be added to the council agenda but staff told him he was not scheduled and could not speak.

“I wish they would have listened to me,” he said outside the council chambers, where officials had promptly convened privately on the Coyotes.

What strikes a cord the most, is not that the council rejected PSE’s offer. No, that was expected.

What is compelling is that Jerry Moyes even bothered to try to help.

To this writer, the fact that he was sucked dry to the tune of hundreds of million of dollars in trying to save the Coyotes from extinction before bankruptcy (without concern from Glendale), makes my feelings for Moyes as a man even more solid.

It must just be who he is. He is a man that cares, but unfortunately, he expended his money and effort on a city and a fanbase that, for the most part have collectively snubbed their noses at him.

This will be the last time however.

Later today, our next article will explain why the city of Glendale did not accept the offer… should make this sordid issue plain and clear.

After all, this was never just about hockey.



2 responses to “Moyes appeals to the City of Glendale for the last time

  1. That Glendales’ Mayor & Council continue sipping from the NHL’s Punch Bowl is hardly surprising. From here on out, the optic’s are going to get really, really, really ugly for the City & the NHL as the team plays to crowds of a few thousand, minimal in-stadia advertising, no TV or corporate sales. The financial losses’ will be absolutely staggering with the League & 29 others, many in very precarious positions themselves having to pay the freight. Once confronted with 1800 paying customers in an 18,000 seat arena, an unbreakable & onerous lease, watch IceEdge & Reinsdorf run for the hills for yet a 2nd time. PSE & relocation was the only hope, the City of Glendale effectively pulling the plug on the teams life support with its rejection of Balsillies offer. They’ve dug themselves a hole, and rather than stop digging & get out minimizing losses & moving on, they’ll keep going until they wake up in Beijing.

  2. Definitely make it eight! I can definitely see Winnipeg getting a team back with in 1-3 years, whether by relocation or expansion. Since it looks like it’ll be relocation, either the Phoenix Coyotes will return to Winnipeg or another sun-belt team will. Hamilton will get a team one way or another. Perhaps the same year that happens, Winnipeg will too to make it eight! Soon afterwards, Quebec City will also get one. Bring the Jets back to Winnipeg no matter what team it is! They really got hornswaggled when Bettman decided Winnipeg couldn’t support NHL hockey anymore. Yeah sure! Pee Wee Bettman will be in for huge surprise.

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