Ignoring Mr. Moyes? That'll cost 'him'

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When a fan on Make it Seven tweeted Brahm Resnik, a reporter in Phoenix covering the Coyotes’ case, and asked him about a recent article, Resnik wasn’t sure what point the writer was trying to make regarding the arena bond details……..He said, ‘What’s the point?’ I think it was obvious. Let’s look though at some simpler math instead, related to the team losses……..

It’s okay, let’s ignore Mr. Moyes’ time. After all, time is money. And, it’s not our money, it’s his.

Let’s make sure the clock runs out on the $100 million he would stand to come away with should he sell the team and relocate it to Hamilton. We can’t have that. The money is better lost in Glendale.

Don't give Jerry Moyes five minutes! Who is he, anyway?

Don't give Jerry Moyes five minutes! Who is he, anyway?

Since the Coyotes lost an estimated $60 million dollars last year, let’s see how much that is per second, per minute, and per hour.

Well, $60,000,000 divided by 365 is $164,383.56.

So, every day that Jerry Moyes owned the Coyotes it cost him about $164,400.

Let’s figure out the per second cost.

There are 60 seconds in an minute; 60 minutes in an hour; 24 hours in a day; and 365 days in a year.

So, 60x60x24x365=31,536,000 seconds in a year.

So, if the Coyotes lost that $60,000,000 last year, that means they lost approximately $1.90 per second. Similar to watching the national debt clock I can no longer seem to find on Senator of Arizona, John McCain’s site. Strange. Maybe he saw the irony of the situation in Glendale and Arizona and decided to remove it.

Anyway, if you want to waste 10 seconds of Mr. Moyes’ time, that’ll be $19.00 please.

How would you like to lose money at a rate of $.63 to $1.90 per SECOND?

How would you like to lose money at a rate of $.63 to $1.90 per SECOND?

Want 10 minutes? That’ll cost you $114 per minute x 60 minutes =$1,141.00

At the annual loss of $60 million dollars, Jerry Moyes lost $1141 every 10 minutes.

But, some say that number is not right. Some argue, if the cards are played well, and if expenses are cut, the true losses are closer to $20 million per year.

Okay, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s call it $20 million.

You want 10 minutes of Jerry Moyes’ time? That’ll be $380 please.

Jerry Moyes showed up at the city council meeting to ask for a few minutes of the council’s time. They said he was not on the agenda. I guess Jerry Moyes was not important enough. After all, his time is only worth between $380 to $1141 every 10 minutes, or $2280 to $6,846 per hour. Who is he?

Oh, that’s right, he’s the man that is expendable, and not worth allowing to cut his losses. He’s the guy that doesn’t deserve about $100 million of the $400 million he put into the hockey team.

Why give Jerry Moyes any time? He isn’t important anymore.

It is much more important to have hockey for the few hundred to few thousand fans that show up now to see the Coyotes play hockey.

And, if we look at the season as being about 50 home games with exhibition matches thrown in, the $20 million in losses amounts to $400,000 per home game. At $60 million, that figure rises to $1.2 million per home game.

But hey, the few thousand fans that will show up are worth it.

If there were indeed 4000 fans in attendance at the last exhibition game, that would mean each fan cost Mr. Moyes between $100 and $300. I hope they all thanked Mr. Moyes for the expense on the way in or out.

But, if there were only 1000 fans as reported, that would have increased the loss per fan to $400 to $1200 per game. Sounding more like the ticket prices at the Air Canada Centre to see the Leafs.

And, since we can no longer blame Jerry Moyes for the current problems, why not turn fan anger to the lack of publicity now (yeah, that’s it, there’s no advertising):

Some of the few fans who showed up at Tuesday night’s preseason opener against the Los Angeles Kings blamed lack of attendance and support on the local news media.

And we thought tickets only cost $10. What were we thinking? The tickets cost the fan $10, but cost Jerry Moyes much, much more.

Did anybody give Moyes a thank you?

The fans of Glendale will have spent Mr. Moyes’ potential $100 million in about another 608 days. Just under two years. Who cares? Not their money.

But, the NHL will likely move the team in one year if they are awarded it and can sucker the City of Glendale into that deal, so that would mean Mr. Moyes will be paying some other city’s fans to watch hockey there. What part of that do ya gotta love?

Time is money, that’s for sure.

We know the City council of Glendale didn’t show any respect for Jerry Moyes’ time or money.

Should we bother to ask what that $50 million could have meant to the City per second? Do they care about the impact on the taxpayer? Chances are they have little respect for the people of Glendale too, judging by their treatment of a very generous resident.

But hey, who are we, anyway? We are just bloggers whose articles are not credible to “publish”. And what’s the sense of trying to show some math the so called professional reporters seem to ignore?

Because there isn’t anybody out there that would like to know the details of the bond, and why the City of Glendale claims they would lose $500 million. That’s not worth digging to get to the bottom of, is it?

And, after all, ‘What’s the point?’  Eh Brahm?


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