Coming full circle: The case around the suspicion!

For the bullet summary, please go here. To contact your MP regarding the Veto issue, please go here. Click here to file your complaint about the Veto of the MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment) to the Canadian Competition Bureau (CCB).

It would appear obvious at this point that the case never got beyond the suspicion of the NHL….what happened from that point, was an investigation into the collusion in Glendale, the NHL, and others

Further to the last article suggesting Jerry Moyes should not panic, I had occasion to go back to the beginning.

It’s only fitting, since at the final two days in court, the merry-go-round was coming around again. We were back to the original arguments, and it seemed we had gotten nowhere in the case.

But, that would be because we were all tired, and looking to make sense of the confusion that seemed to make no decision by judge Baum the innevitable outcome. The judge even suggested that was a possible outcome. No sale at all.

Lots of smoke to blur the vision. That is, until I read this article again!

The case against the NHL is the case in this setting.

As explained by Larry Watson, the lawyer for Ilene Lashinsky (U.S. Trustee):

“Without full disclosure, the integrity of the bankruptcy system is lost,” Watson wrote to the judge overseeing the Coyotes’ bankruptcy. “Who were these prospective bidders? Did these parties have a legitimate intent to purchase the team? Why did these local bidders step away from the sale process? Were they encouraged by the NHL to do so?”

I also remember a visit to my site from the U.S. Department of Justice. At that point I cried for them for help. Boy, now I realize that was dumb. They were already helping. That hit me as I read this section:

The U.S. Trustee is an arm of the U.S. Department of Justice tasked with monitoring all corporate bankruptcies. In this case, the U.S. Trustee for Arizona urged Baum to allow parties involved in the bankruptcy to collect documents and other information from the NHL.

So, how did the NHL do in satisfying the U.S. Department of Justice? My guess is not so good.

The case that Judge Baum has been building has been a case against the collusion of the NHL, the City of Glendale, and other parties, the friends of Glendale.

The judge has known the issue from day 1, and has been directing his courtroom to fill in the necessary pockets of information.

It is starting to make full sense to me now, more than ever. The solidification of the theory that Baum has suspected and worked with the assumption of collusion now backed up by information that was presented at the outset of the case.

Why Baum has not gone down slippery slopes much to the confusion of some lawyers in the case. He simply didn’t have to. It wasn’t necessary in ‘his case’ against the NHL.

As far as the continuing collusion strategy:

  • Is it any wonder the NHL never truly supported the Ice Edge bid? Ice Edge never really approved as owners?
  • Is it a coincidence that Gary Bettman mentions the fact that Jerry Reinsdorf may come out of the bushes to assume the team outside of bankruptcy court?
  • Is it any coincidence the City of Glendale does not have the time of day for Jerry Moyes, and won’t let him discuss the $50 million offer with the council members?

To all of the above, not at all.

It has simply solidified the case of Judge Baum.

And, SOF Investments is supporting the NHL offer too? Shocking, isn’t it.

What is ironic is the reason SOF cites; because there is less future legal issues.

Well, let me make this suggestion to SOF. You might have bigger issues in civil court if you don’t lend support to Jerry Moyes at this stage. Nobody has forgotten the ‘friends of Glendale’ of which you are a major player. Got it?

Collusion continues to be the issue.

It has been the issue from day 1, and in hindsight, it is now a lot easier to see the case that Judge Baum has been building.

As “Ic Arus” from Make it Seven has recently posted:

If you really think Baum will just default to the NHL’s bid your NUTS! If you actually TRY to look at things impartially; you’d see that the longer Baum takes, the more this falls for J.B One of the NHL’s main arguments is that J.B is of bad character – they have pretty much put all their eggs in that basket – the Judge has been through enough of these to know whether that’s simply a scam. I think he KNOWS IT IS! I think Baum is ubiquitous over all the major and minor points that bind this case – many have stereotyped him as ignorant… in some areas… to their detriment! As far as CofG he (Baum) advised them to seriously consider the $50M…. why? BECAUSE he knew (knows) they may end up with a whole lot less in the future. The Judge doesn’t need to set a precedent that would anger sports leagues…all he needs to do is point out that in THIS extraordinary case, the NHL was not dealing in good faith. THATS IT! Deal in good faith, follow your own rules and you have CONTROL of your business…. otherwise I (the Judge) will decide. Just keep in mind that the longer Judge B takes to make a decision….the more it looks good for J.B….in the interim I sure hope E.M keeps giving interviews. The guy basically said last night that if J.B had followed the ol’boys club unwritten rules he might be in by now……but in Winnipeg of course………lol He was very ambiguous at times…. yet he let enough slip to be used in a possible antitrust case. I also though I heard something about a right to his territory (50 miles) sounds like a veto to me. BTW…..under 4K for the 1st Coyote game of the year is PROOF enough – NO EXCUSES PLEASE!
Ic arus | Waterdown | Sep 18, 07:35am


Thanks ‘Ic’, the way you say it summarizes this nicely.

Just think too…. I should add the fact that I am not fully disclosing other ‘authorities’ identities that have visited my site related to this matter. Suffice it to say it would add a very interesting dimension to what we already know.

Why would this case take four months in bankruptcy court to see it’s conclusion? Hmmmm. Good question, eh?

Could it be because there was an underlying investigation against some parties to this mess?

Could the court have been used as a vehicle to gather evidence?

To that end, stop scratching your head. It might explain why Gary Bettman and Bill Daly were authorized to give depositions, but not Richard Peddie.

Is it a coincidence the Canadian Competion Bureau (CCB) starts the PR engine, and let’s us know they are on “stand by”?

Could the Canadian authorities have had a tip and a few shared words with their American neighbours?

I’d say, good chance indeed. And I was worried Judge Baum wouldn’t find that out. Sheesh, what a dummy I am.

That would explain the “hurry up and stop wasting the court’s time” attitude of Baum when the PSE lawyers wanted to set up a future anti-trust case. It wasn’t necessary; the CCB is ready to squish those fellas in a hurry. No case required.

Judge Baum knew that aspect was already covered. Wow!

Sorry NHL, it would seem you never really did fool anybody.

It’ll be pretty hard to formulate an appeal against a ruling that has you guilty of violating law, now won’t it  NHL?

 And as for Glendale, I hope the taxpayers don’t forget the city officials’ roles in losing out on a really good and generous offer.

When is that next election, anyhow? Eh, on second thought, that may not matter.

I think Judge Baum is going to fix you all pretty good this time.

Yep, I believe the fate train may finally be nearing the station.


4 responses to “Coming full circle: The case around the suspicion!

  1. Another nice article Craig. You can tie that one up & put a ribbon on it for Glendale & the other creditors. Judge Baum will find it difficult to accept the NHL bid when they have no agreement & can never get an agreement for the arena lease.

    He has 2 bidders there & the one that “cures” the lease best is PSE. He does not need input from Glendale on that, he will apply the best cure, he is not a witchdoctor.

  2. Thanks Craig…. but it’s really all your hard work and deep digging …. taking so much of your own personal time in pursuing – what I like to believe is – Justice. …Both legal and moral. I differentiate the two for the reason that it sure don’t feel like the two are synonymous anymore…in this day and age anyway. A little cynical I know but hey, what can you do.
    Judge Baum could help with that though…lol

    You are tenacious that for sure!

    Kudos to Patrick Romanoski as well!

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