Let them eat cake!

For the bullet summary, please go here. To contact your MP regarding the Veto issue, please go here. Click here to file your complaint about the Veto of the MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment) to the Canadian Competition Bureau (CCB).

Although Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) is involved in some pretty good stuff, is there an aspect of their operations that are biased to Toronto? “Hey, we are here”, we might shout in other parts of southern Ontario. Gregory Galante offers this opinion with bite! Take head, how well are we truly appreciated by those holding hockey captive in this hockey starved hotbed?

Marie Antoinette was the wife of Louis XVI and queen of France. During the French Revolution, the peasants were complaining about the lack of bread. Rumor has it, Antoinette stated, “Let them eat cake”. Although some refute the meaning and motives of Antoinette, the statement and the saying has “defined” her, and who she was.

Like Marie Antoinette, what is the MLSE trying to feed us?

Like Marie Antoinette, what would the MLSE suggest we substitute for our hockey hunger?

Could we say that there is another reputation in the making? This one being that of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE)? Are they telling us to “eat cake” of a different sort?

Well, let’s have a  read of Gregory Galante’s informative and thought provoking piece.




In the case before Judge Redfield T Baum there has been near absolute silence from the giant elephant in the room know as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.  MLSE has instead allowed the NHL to fight its battle for it using the inference (and a silent one at that) that it will unleash the mother of all lawsuits if the NHL should lose this fight and Jim Balsillie should (OH MY GOD) find himself in possession of the Phoenix Coyotes and begin the move north to the Hammer.

 One of the propaganda balloons that was floated earlier in the summer by one of the numerous MLSE minions in the mainstream media was that there isn’t really a need for another team in this market as MLSE satisfies the market INCLUDING HAMILTON and surrounds and this is evident by the efforts of MLSE to spread goodwill and promote the game of hockey in Hamilton.

 Let’s examine this claim if even in a brief and perfunctory manner.

 A quick trip to the Toronto Maple Leaf’s website will lead you to a menu where you can select a menu called COMMUNITY.  Clicking this option opens a drop down menu with selections called TEAM UP FOUNDATION, COMMUNITY RELATIONS, LEAFS AT SCHOOL, among others.

 Selecting and reading through these options will educate the reader that they have/had the opportunity to enter a foursome in the Maple Leafs Alumni Golf Classic at the Angus Glen Golf Club in…… Markham Ontario. For a price, that is.

There is a thing called the Leafs@ School program.  Players (upon request of the teacher/school) may attend class to boost the benefits of staying in school etc. Please put in a written request 6 to 8 weeks in advance.  (At time of writing, a series of phone calls to Hamilton area teachers known by the writer failed to find a single one with any knowledge of this program or information that could confirm that it had ever happened at a Hamilton public or separate school.)


A more careful perusal of the options in the Maple Leafs Community section of the website seems to indicate that each of these events/opportunities for community interaction with the team is tied to cross corporate sponsorship with partners/sponsors of MLSE.  While there is nothing wrong with that and in fact is standard practice in sport, it is yet just another indicator of where the motivations of MLSE lie.

  The bottom line…

 Toronto Maple Leafs players DO IN FACT attend schools, visit children at THE HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN, perform public service announcements and try to build good will in their community. They should be doing these things.  The community in question however just happens to be TORONTO.  Now one might be asked to forgive the hubris of those running the show at Bay and Lakeshore for thinking that Hamilton is just a suburb of Toronto, but we all know different.  If in fact they truly believe that, then where is the effort to build good will and grow the sport of hockey in “the suburb called Hamilton”.  Oh that’s right, there isn’t one.


Larry Tanenbaum: What's that Larry? Loblaws can't compete with you at Maple Leaf Gardens for concerts? Sounds a lot like a veto power, wouldn't you say?

Larry Tanenbaum: What's that Larry? Loblaws can't compete with you at Maple Leaf Gardens for concerts? Sounds a lot like a veto power, wouldn't you say?

At the end of the day the statement that began this article turns out to just be another attempt at misdirection and subterfuge by the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT.

 Like Marie Antoinette, the decision makers at Bay and Lakeshore are bunkered down in the Palace, counting their treasures while the masses begin to grow restless, their hunger for more hockey choice grows, and questions about the state of things in the Dominion of MLSE echo unanswered around Southern Ontario.


Richard Peddie: What should we do? There's not enough 'hockey' cake to go around?

Richard Peddie: What should we do? There's not enough 'hockey' cake to go around?

Yes Richard (Peddie), yes Larry (Tanenbaum), let us eat cake. We all know how that one turned out.





2 responses to “Let them eat cake!

  1. Harold Ballard methodically destroyed the once proud Leaf organization over his nearly 30yr reign of disrespect excorcising any & all remnants of integrity established by the Smythe years. MLSE has been kicking it up notch by notch ever since. Rather than retrofitting MLG, which is as much as if not an even greater part of the “Leaf Brand” as the Team itself, they greedily & irresponsibly headed south in nothing short of a real estate grab. Just a suggestion. Buy the Gardens back from Loblaws. Fix it up back to the pre-Ballard era complete with the Queens Portrait on the South Wall. Set up a Trust in Conn Smythes name. Rent the place out to the GTHL, the OHA, Hockey Canada, the CIAU. Give back what youve’ stolen. Make it right, make it whole again. Drop the threat of Veto.

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