Eugene, which way to Wonderland? We need to find Alice

Alice, would you know if they call Hamilton 'Wonderland' by any chance?
Alice, would you know if they call the land between Toronto and Buffalo ‘Wonderland’ by any chance?
For the bullet summary, please go here. To contact your MP regarding the Veto issue, please go here. Click here to file your complaint about the Veto of the MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment) to the Canadian Competition Bureau (CCB).
First it was the Twilight Zone.
The lawyers for the NHL saying that the thought that there was a veto zone in Toronto was something out of the Twilight Zone. It must be the PSE just concocting up a story. Not true at all.
Now, the Twilight Zone is referred to as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ type stuff. Another fairy tale, in the latest phrasing of sarcasm from the NHL lawyers to the PSE side.
Or, could it be the Twilight Zone is in Ottawa, and Wonderland in Toronto (no, not that Wonderland, the’ Alice in’ one)?
Well, if that’s true, I believe Eugene Melnyk must know the way to both the Twilight Zone and to Alice’s  Wonderland .
Eugene seems to know a lot, and can probably explain how we can find Alice too.
As he would explain, Alice  or Jim, or anyone else for that matter had better not try to move a hockey team in that zone, whether it’s  Wonderland or Twilight.
Apparently the veto rights exist anywhere there is an existing team. Might explain the confusion of Craig Leipold too. Seems he had some trouble recollecting what he “would have said” in that deposition in this case. But he “wouldn’t have said” veto. No, that was so ‘before the deposition’.
In any event, the PSE lawyers recently filed this addition to the pile of filings that Judge Baum has had to read.
In fairness, this one is rather interesting. It describes the radio interview  of Eugene Melnyk on the Fan590 in Toronto on September 17th, as pointing out some pretty significant issues.
Let’s do a bullet summary of points made in the filing:
  • Melnyk never brought up a “character issue” for Jim Balsillie
  • Melnyk admitted there was the NHL veto rights that were still in effect
  • the NHL has denied the veto existence calling it a “conspiracy theory”, “big lie”, and referencing to “Alice in Wonderland”
  • a team could not be put in Hull, QC, due to the Senator’s veto rights
  • Melnyk confirmed the participation of PSE in this bankruptcy, and not character issues was the reason for the NHL’s rejection of PSE (pretextual grounds)
  • trying to move the team to Hamilton, and using the bankruptcy proceedings was like a “hostile takeover”
  • using the bankruptcy process violates “unwritten rules that are followed” in the NHL
  • if the team were to be considered in Winnipeg, there would be a good chance to work out a plan
  • moving the team to Hamilton means Jim Balsillie is not of good character

So many articles could be written on the “hostile takeover” comment. The one that quickly comes to mind is the “squeeze play” of Jerry Moyes, as a victim. It is interesting the analogy of a “hostile takeover” is used as the PSE group and Jerry Moyes attempt a form of poetic justice.

Which hostile takeover came first? We know the answer.

Pretty damaging evidence it must be agreed.

I don’t think Eugene was being anybody but Eugene in that interview. Straight up. And for that, we thank him.

And, Craig Leipold in conversation with Jim Balsillie was likely just being Craig Leipold. That is, until the deposition.

I suppose Judge Baum was right when we learned of this:

Baum has said in court that he would love the sides to come together but expressed doubt that such an agreement would be possible.

Yes, that certainly would make Judge Baum’s job a little easier. But note the “love” part. If Jim Balsillie wasn’t favoured to take this thing, why would Papa Baum care if the two sides started to get along or not?

No, sorry judge. I guess you’d better keep on writing that airtight case.

On the other hand, with your stature, I can’t see too many in Arizona legal circles that are going to stand up against you.

Oh, and the next vacation you deserve……ask Eugene. He knows the way to Alice’s house in Wonderland. I hear it’s kind of nice there.


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