From 'under the bus' to driving it!

Oh, don't worry about that - he will! In fact, he'll be driving the bus!

Oh, don't worry about that - he will! In fact, he'll be driving the bus!

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Just a reminder to the remaining press supporting the Phoenix Coyotes. There is a judge presiding over the case that does not believe hockey is supported in Glendale. Just thought I’d let you know.

That may come in handy the next time you choose to downplay the significance of a mere 1000 (to 3000)  fans coming out to see the team play in Glendale, preseason or not. All eyes are going to be watching. Why not?

Here is an example of the blogging from the die hard Phoenix fans:

First, it’s preseason, secondly the numbers are most likely reflecting the extremely tough offseason with all its negative press and virtually NO marketing. God knows the local media had nothing good (or anything for that matter) to say on the subject. I don’t know many teams that are going to sell out a preseason game after the 5 months of hell like the Coyotes have gone through.

And while the fans aren’t going to do much to influence Judge Redfield Tomlinson Baum (apparently that’s the “T”) you can still silence some of those naysayers. Put your money where your mouth is and your mouth howling at the games.

When in “preseason” you have a chance to prove support of the team you stand to lose you choose not to? You blame marketing, or the hard off season? Hello?

If there was profit in Glendale, Mr. Moyes wouldn’t be in bankruptcy. If the fans actually came out and bought NHL calibre tickets at NHL calibre prices (at least $50 to $70 per pop), those hamburgers and programs and beers wouldn’t have been “thrown in”. The fan support has been terrible, and without money, this team will not make it in Glendale. Don’t have to convince the judge on that one. Basketball isn’t the only game that doesn’t “play well” at arena.

The judge that you have a chance to prove or disprove this to is definitely watching. The fan support is still terrible, and thanks to that, it’s over in Glendale. No amount of blaming everyone and everything around is going to change that.

To put it another way, had the fans in Winnipeg had a chance to show a judge in a fell swoop how much they appreciated their hockey team, I think you would find the same 35,000 (that’s right, three ‘zeros’ not two) that filled the streets would have been trying to cram themselves into the Winnipeg arena (that only housed 15,000).

And that brings us to the point.

The fans in Phoenix (Glendale) blamed Mr. Moyes for the hardship of the team. I guess he was the “flavour of the week” for a number of weeks when it came to finger pointing.

The NHL jumped on that bandwagon, as convenient as it was, and continued the charade of blaming Moyes.

Well, according to the official website of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes, the NHL continues to paint Mr. Moyes as a desperate man. Yes, as they say,‘ in a last ditch effort’, he is requesting mediation:

In what could be a last-ditch effort to save his plan, Moyes sought the emergency hearing as the lead debtor who took the team into Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 5 with the intention of selling the team to Balsillie.

Just a word to the NHL, it’s attorneys and others that believe the judge is siding with you. Think! Judge Baum is supporting Moyes’ mediation request. Baum does not think hockey can work in the desert. He likely decided shortly after he told everyone he did not see any other legitimate bidders than PSE at the outset of the trial who was the favorite. That was supported by the arrival of the U.S. trustee in bankruptcy.

The fact that Baum said Reinsdorf and Ice Edge were just “hanging around”, and were not serious is a way of saying “I see what you tried, and it didn’t work.”

Baum has tried to get the two sides together throughout this case. “Have that seat ready for Mr. Balsillie, won’t you”?

Really folks, do we need a sledgehammer to see what the reality is here?

Judge Baum favours Balslillie. He would likely let the NHL rot if it were not for the man that Jim Balsillie helped pull from under the bus.

Despite it all, Moyes has tried to offer the city of Glendale a chance to really look at the $50 million. As also urged by the judge.

Moyes has suggested mediation, as supported by Judge Baum.

Again, is it so hard to see that this case has always been about Mr. Moyes?

Judge Baum saw all the money in a legitimate bid that pays off all the creditors. It was even sweetened to allow several years’ debt service on the arena bond. There is money ready to cover the interest should the NHL force an appeal.

Judge Baum does not want to force a decision upon the NHL, but will if forced to.

That writing is on the wall.

It's time to wake up and realize who's driving the bus

It's time to wake up and realize who's driving the bus

Mr. Moyes deserved his money at the end of this fiasco. Judge Baum knows it. He has been trying to make it happen in a cordial fashion for quite some time now.

Yes, Moyes has gone from being thrown under the bus, to driving it.

And yes, he will be driving the team north.

Thanks for the suggestion.


3 responses to “From 'under the bus' to driving it!

  1. I can appreciate Mr.Moyes’ filing/posturing in requesting Mediation at this late date however, its’ a little like asking Jack Nicholsons character in The Shining to “calm down there big fella, take a time out will ya?”…. You cant reason with the irrational. You cant put the toothpaste back in the tube. In Gary Bettmans version
    Crazy Jack eats his own & jumps into the snowcat heading for South Florida, Atlanta, Nashville, Long Island, Columbus…………..

  2. Michael Dell acording to wikipedia is interested in the smart phone business…perhaps there is more at stake here for the main players than the Phoenix Coyotes

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