So what 'they' are suggesting is that the court can be manipulated?

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In the past, we’ve asked the question, who is ‘them’?

You know, the folks that were controlling the destiny of Jerry Moyes.

I'll borrow this picture but not share the sentiment of hopelessness

I'll borrow this picture but not share the sentiment of hopelessness

Now the question is, how can the media (they) say that Jim Balsillie’s hopes are being dashed?

How quickly even the National Post reports that although they see Jim Balsillie with an outside chance, it’s not looking good.

Well, it wasn’t even looking good that he would still be in court, but he still is.

He has defied the odds, that would be the media. He is still there. In fact, if it wasn’t for the NHL placing their own bid in opposition, Balsillie would already be the last man standing. Oh, what would the media say then?

He is in a  hearing today, all but brief, to request mediation with the NHL.  That could be looked at like it was a good thing – the judge wanting the sides to come to terms because it is obvious Jim Balsillie is the favored bid. But, no, we have to look at it like a desperate attempt to salvage this thing:

And so whenever one party or the other proposes mediation, as Moyes and Balsillie’s company, PSE, did this week, it feels like weakness. Yes, Judge Baum has been dropping hints all along that he would like the two sides to mediate their way out of this mess, and it could be argued that attempts at mediation are just shows of good faith. But again, this is like WWI – both sides are entrenched, and the end will be imposed by the tip of the spear.

The odds makers in the media have never really given Jim Balsillie a chance. They still don’t.

The irony is, the press in Glendale and Arizona don’t give the fans there any hope.

It leaves us with a despair on both sides. So, who wants this thing?

Is it easier to publish bad news with little insight? It must be.

It would be like saying, “well, Canada stands to win a gold at the Olympics today, but the chances are they won’t because they never did before”.  “And there are several countries that may object, get together, and influence the judges” What?

The case in the Phoenix courtroom has been an issue of giving Jerry Moyes a chance to get some of his money back. The judge has been on his side on this.

The manipulation of the court by the NHL and it’s friends really is affecting the “integrity of the bankruptcy process” as implied by the U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee and the U.S. Department of Justice.  Something has to give.

The pigheadedness of the NHL, the City of Glendale, and the secured creditor have been against Jerry Moyes before this case started. They continue to want to control the outcome. Too bad they ran into a very intelligent judge.

So, when Moyes sought “bankruptcy protection”, he sought “protection” from the conspirators.

If the NHL and it’s friends can manipulate the court in the United States, we all have reason for concern.

And is this what we base the negative press on? A complete sense of apathy?

May a judge instill in us a greater faith that justice can prevail.

Media or no media.


4 responses to “So what 'they' are suggesting is that the court can be manipulated?

  1. The picture painted by the National Post is a little more than “likely” I’m sorry to say. However, the NHL & Glendales’ “Victory at any Cost” has left them in an untenable position as follows; 1) A money pit for the 2009-10 season with extremely embarrassing optics all round; 2) A city council whose obstinance in not accepting the inevitable & grabbing what they could while the gettin was good costing everyone dearly, with no “Plan B” contemplated; 3) The US Justice Department, Bankruptcy Trustee’s Offices’, likely the FBI (antitrust & collusion) & the CCB (ditto) sniffing around. In overplaying its’ hand while underestimating the litigous resolve of Jim Balsillie, the NHL has opened Pandoras’ Box and set the stage in a fight for its very existence. Stay tuned.

  2. Hey Steve,
    I enjoy your comments, but I respectfully disagree.
    The judge will make a ruling in favour of JB, and write his ruling to be strong enough to weather the appeal process the arrogant lawyer for the NHL has suggested…..the highest court in the land, my eye!

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