Sorry, do I know you?

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“Sorry, do I know you friend?”

“I think you must have been somebody that I might have known, but I don’t know. I don’t think we’ve ever really met. No, I don’t think I know you after all.”

The ‘down and out’ know what that’s  like.

As mentioned before,”‘nobody knows you when you’re down and out”, as sung by Eric Clapton. You might know the song, it’s a reflection of a man having fallen on hard times.

Another that comes to mind, as sung by the Doors, goes something this, “I’ve had money, and I’ve had none“.

There is a common theme in much ‘blues-esque’ music, that explains things and circumstances can change. And the bigger point, is they can change for everybody and anybody. There is nobody immune to hardship. Nobody.

One day you might be on top of the world, the next not so well off.

Songs reflect reality sometimes, and the lyrics just mentioned are a theme and a message.


Jerry Moyes: Helping and forgiving

Jerry Moyes: Helping and forgiving

We have talked about Jerry Moyes a lot, and how completely unbelievable it has been that the ‘it’s mine’ attitude has eroded common consideration for another human being.

 The NHL, the City of Glendale, the Reinsdorf group, the Ice Edge group, and even Wayne Gretzky did not once in my reading, ever express consideration for Jerry Moyes, and his losses. It was all about them.

Way back when, the team, as Moyes would recall, was suggested to him that it should be moved to Glendale in the then newly planned arena. Not knowing much about sports ownership Moyes agreed. And as we know, the rest is history.

 The point to be made is that Jerry Moyes, once placed under the bus, has had opportunity to show who he really is. As mentioned, he seems to have moved to driving it. Fitting analogy for a man that built his fortune in the transportation business.

Moyes has demonstrated passionate pleas for common sense.

Now, wouldn’t that seem unlikely coming from the man who was fast becoming down and out?  That’s a sign of true (good) character if you ask me.

It would seem Moyes has extended a hand of forgivness, and in an attempt to do his own version of damage control, he is trying to save others from a like fate.

What do I mean, a ‘like fate?’

When you have been down, you can become sympathic to others heading for disaster. Despite the fact that the NHL and the City of Glendale have treated Jerry Moyes with anything but respect, Moyes has become the voice of reason in a completely bizarre situation.

He sees the parties to this fiasco heading down the road to becoming down and out, perhaps in a different way than he, but nonetheless heading over that cliff.

The NFL and the MLB, at the outset of this case has stood behind the NHL.

But, for the love of God, how much longer will they be willing to want to associate with a league that has shown no character, no structure, and no compassion for one of  it’s own (Jerry Moyes as owner), and is making a mockery of itself with ‘rule changes’ as they go along? Reminds me of sandbox games. Change the rules to ensure you win. Childishness at it’s finest.

It is fast becoming obvious the NHL is playing a game of ‘knee jerk reaction’.

“Oh, what was that PSE, a deadline to sell the team by December 31st? No, that’s not good for us. We could go beyond that date to after December 31st, which just happens to correspond to when we will also be looking to relocate the team. So, judgey poo, please just remember that we will appeal (Goldfein speak up so the judge can hear you now), and on top of that, this will not work either. No, the PSE idea does not fit our needs, so why don’t you just act like a good judgey and give us the team? Don’t forget we promise we will give any profits from the sale to Mr. Moyes, but as we said, we don’t expect any, so no biggy.”

Yes, because people who play games like this are so well respected, aren’t they? They show true colour and character, don’t they?

The only character I see from a desperate league is a very, very, very poor one. How about you?

And, MLB and NFL, so far your reputations are pretty decent. Not much bad press coming down around you, except for the nagging question, “are you guys like these guys? Are you leagues all just as bad as the NHL?”

You are known by your relationships, and as unfair as this sounds, we all know one is judged, lives, and dies by the ‘company he keeps’.

How long before the NFL and MLB are going to distance themselves from the NHL?

Wouldn’t it be smarter to suggest that they actually follow their own constitutions, and they don’t too have a  ‘dictator’,  known as the commissioner?

 And,  wouldn’t it be prudent at this stage to ensure the sports world knows that ‘the commish’  in their leagues doesn’t actually  have full reign and control to manipulate it as he sees fit?  Yes, wouldn’t it be a good time to show us you don’t run the same way?





Having to sacrifice Jerry Moyes was a fleeting consideration. Yes, he was expendable. I have much more to lose, one might think. Sad really.

Gary Bettman: How does it feel?

Gary Bettman: How does it feel?

A scrambling Bettman, desperately trying to avoid the bankruptcy court, but coming up 20 minutes shy of saving much embarrasment and rock turning. It was all about him.

Oh, the road down is a lonely one indeed. Not too many friends along the way.

To me anyway, it is crystal clear this was a mission of avoiding truth at all cost, and keeping the mistakes from the microscope.



And to the officials at the City of Glendale, the PSE team has effectively exposed you for being less than ethical too.

How in the world can you turn down an offer that supports your need to find local ownership, but gives you an ‘insurance policy’ against the NHL itself, by offering up at least $25 million either way?

The city does not think that the offer is significantly different?

Can you see a judge saying, ‘do I want to associate myself with this city anymore?’


Elaine Scruggs: What's really the motivation in supporting the NHL?

Elaine Scruggs: What's really the motivation in supporting the NHL?

Does the judge want to now uphold the city he would prefer to distance himself from?

 “Hey Judge Baum, it’s the ex-mayor, remember me?” “No, I can’t say I do. Now, if you will excuse me”.

If the City of Glendale doesn’t take the insurance, who will remember them when the next election comes? No, I’d say as soon as the Coyotes relocate, it will be a very ‘down and out’ moment indeed.

And the press, even in Toronto, is starting to see this for what it is, and are not shy of voicing their opinions:

But there is another oddity – the brainiacs running the City of Glendale are backing the NHL bid that gives them very little other than a promise to try and find a buyer who will keep the team in Phoenix. Hey guys: Nobody is going to buy your swampland; you may get someone to play there this season and possibly next, but that is it. The team is moving and $50 million is a lot more than you will ever see from the NHL straw man who eventually agrees to play the patsy.

 It doesn’t stop there, Richard Peddie doesn’t get off the hook either:

But this next decision is different. The consequences of ruling in Balsillie’s favour are monumental and could change the way professional sports operate in North America. The leagues have always maintained that they own the right to decide the “who and where” – who owns the team and where they play. And while the NHL continues to sing that song, the Toronto Maple Leafs are dusting off their blue and white legal briefs ready to challenge a move into “their territory.” Oh to be a fly on the wall in Richard Peddie’s office!


After all, it’s all about the Leafs and the MLSE.

The above reads, it ‘could’ change sport in North America. Or it could actually send a message to leagues not to be as disorganized and corrupt as the NHL. They must have concrete constitutions not able to be manipulated and interpreted by the commissioner. One man controlling many.

It might also lead to investigations by certain authorities that will realize that ‘self-policing’ breeds the corruption of sports leagues.

So, again NFL and MLB, are you just like these guys at the NHL, or are you running a better operation? Perhaps we need to have a closer look?

Wayne Gretzky: Poor timing

Wayne Gretzky: Poor timing

It strikes me that on the eve of getting a decision on the issue of mediation, Wayne Gretzky voices his resignation, and cites ‘nobody wants me’.

As much as I respect Wayne Gretzky for what he has done for hockey, I cannot respect the timing of his announcement.

There are way too many people yelling, “What about me?”, in this charade.

As I have said before, ‘what about Jerry Moyes’?

Did anybody care about the man who is now showing how much he cares?

The “what about me” people in this mess are getting rather tiresome.

If you all just had consideration for your fellow man in the first place, this could have been avoided.

So, what about you?

Perhaps we won’t know you either, when you become down and out.




3 responses to “Sorry, do I know you?

  1. Moyes is absolutely correct & Glendale City Council has shown themselves to be complete fools (excvept for Phil Lieberman).

    Moyes suggesting the city move on & fill the arena schedule with concerts & events is bang on. The city could easily double the tax revenues from the area & not look back, pocketing $25-$50M along the way.

    What no one has mentioned in all of this is that the arena was voted #1 for concert venues in North America. That’s right, #1 in NORTH AMERICA..

    Instead of playing on the strengths of the arena the city bogs down in their own litttle mess. I hope the voters of Glendale turf out this crew next election because they deserve much, much better. Phil Lieberman for mayor?

  2. Agreed Patrick!

    Beacon Sports’ recommendations also supported this. They said the other events amount should move from 35 or so to over 100.

  3. Just an observation, look at the pictures of Wayne and Moyes here and now, don’t they look like hell now? This whole thing has drained the life out of them, I wonder how many sleepless nights they had trying to solve this team and its problems. Its obvious Jims wouldn’t have been Moyes first choice but turned out to be his last.

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