Quick update

This will be brief this time 🙂

Just a note to advise readers that the City of Glendale, AZ came to the site on October 19th and read Patrick Romanoski’s article on why the City of Glendale would not accept the $50 million offer.

At this stage we might ask why?

Are they realizing now that they should have sided with Jim Balsillie?

Where is the NHL and it’s bail out of this franchise? How much will Jerry Moyes be able to get out of this team when the day is done?

What true precedent will be set at the end of the day for abused owners taken to the cleaners in this NHL?

And for those critics that think we are bashers of the NHL, please remember one thing.

We, the bashers are likely old enough to remember when hockey seemed pure, wholesome and really meant something. The current administration of this league has tarnished the value of the game for many of us, and we would like to see positive change.

It’s starts by being fair and equitable to the owners in this league that make it possible for the fans to have their team.

Let’s not foget that.


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