Ironic isn't it?

Now, I will set the record for brevity 🙂

Just to let you all know that the City of Glendale came to the site just yesterday, and looked at this article.

Oh well, I hope they were careful when they got what they wished for?

To Jerry Moyes and Jim Balsillie I say this…

Gentlemen, I want you to know that when history looks back upon this tale, your two names will shine bright. While the owners that remain and are to come into the NHL may have their day today, they will not be significant in the anals of history.

You two gentlemen were responsible for shedding light on the corruption of man, not just hockey, and I am grateful to you for that.

Positive change can be the only result of stirring the pot, and we can look to you both for effecting it.

Thank you again Jim Balsillie, from the fans of Canada, that watched you try to bring hockey back to Canada, and because of your efforts, it is one step closer.


One response to “Ironic isn't it?

  1. And thankyou Craig for your dilligence in unearthing the various levels of insider dealing pursuant to this matter. It may well have been a slam dunk for Reinsdorf back in July if not for your reporting. So here we are. Moyes receives MAYBE 2-4 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR if he signs off NOW or nadda/zero/zippo in a month or two. Gretzky?. Who the Hell knows what promises Gary Bettmans made to him?. A piece of the Kings’?. Likely. As for IceEdge?. Those guys were/are The Men in Black. Spooks. PR Headcases with ulterior motives hatched up over cocktails paid for by investors money with their pals at the NHL. An Investment Cabal consisting of The Penguin, The Riddler, The Joker, Lex Luthor….. This storys’ far from over my friend. Keep digging. Stay tuned.

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