Go long!! There are new "boys" on the field now!

Okay boys, keep running in the desert until the year is up, and then I am going to throw the long bomb to you……don’t worry, just play by these rules, and you like many other new NHL owners can get a franchise with no money down.

Okay men, we are going to go for the flea flicker…..this would send some boys going long, and others getting along like  little doggies. Getting lost that is.

Thanks for coming out Ice Edge. Your problem is that you might actually want to keep the team in Glendale….fools!

I hope you enjoyed watching the game with Gary in NYC, but will that be the last one?

Go deep, go way long, get down field as fast as you can as brother Gary is about to make the bomb pass.

Are you ready for the Bettman approved duet from the Toronto Argonauts fame?

You see, the Ice Edge boys come with a little suspicion of looking to chase ambulances otherwise known as the foreclosures and back taxes of the poor removed citizens of Glendale. Kind of like taking advantage of the poor.

The old buy really low, and sell really high aspect may not carry great political appeal.

Might also explain why we recently had a visit from the United States Senate – the politics is starting to take hold.

Maybe America doesn’t like the fact that a bunch of rich Canadians might buy up the misfortunes of Americans.

And, personally, as  a Canadian, I find it in poor taste as well.

It’s time for us all to take a long look in the mirror and ask are we earning the quick and easy buck, or are we really working for it like so many other hard working Americans and Canadians? Yes, there are mutinies taking place, and the average man is saying enough is enough.

Time to move on little doggies.

Perhaps feeling a little used, the group from Ice Edge have just experienced the joy of the politics and “thanks for coming out” lunch bag letdown known better as this man’s NHL:

Cynamon confirmed yesterday that he and Sokolowski are no longer part of Ice Edge and are going ahead on their own. He declined to provide further details. Daryl Jones, an Ice Edge investor, declined comment.

sokoloski and cynamon

Hut, hut, hut....

I don’t know, but I’m kinda loving it.

Daryl Jones of Ice Edge will not comment to the media on Howard Sokolowski and David’s Cynamon’s departure from Ice Edge to form their own bid for the Phoenix Coyotes.

What else could it have been?

Was it the idea of Saskatoon? Can’t have that, now can we?

On the other hand where are the deep pockets? Where is the room for the so called “new arena deal”?

I can’t see any of it. Nothing makes any legitimate sense.

Wow, imagine how excited potential owners would be on the, I don’t know, 8000 , 9000, or 10,000 to 11,000 fans that want to watch subsidized hockey in Arizona.

And they worry about the rather insignificant lease?

If a team stands to lose $40 million, $60 million, or $100 million, really, in the grand scheme of things how significant is the arena lease that represents only a couple of million dollars  a year in cost?

What is significant is the “out clause” portion of the lease agreement, or more specifically the lack thereof.

It is becoming less of a secret with all of this that the ultimate goal of the NHL is to move this franchise.

Will the NHL get their one year and out agreement?

Will Glendale be crazy enough to go along with a promise of a league that cannot really be trusted?

Now, the visit by the City of Glendale the other day checking out Ice Edge becomes a little more understandable. They are no longer the only fish in the sea.

But what kind of food is the Ice Edge fish looking to feed on? Ways to share revenue between a City and a private corporation eh?

What is particularly enjoyable is watching the neither here nor there, not approved, but not disapproved boys from Ice Edge that rubbed Jim Balsillie’s nose in the Anthony LeBlanc presence getting a little comeuppance.

Tit for tat, and that sort of thing.

If I were Ice Edge, I would be a little worried that Gary Bettman paraded the idea of this group  (Sokolowski and Cynamon) back in June.

It’s better to be in on Bettman’s ring on the inner circle than have an actual plan to help an ailing city, don’t- cha know?

Sounds to me like they might have been told they would have more favour in the eyes of the NHL outside the Ice Edge arena.

So for the football boys that might be handed a sweet deal to become the front men of the bigger plan, they might just be enticed to go along with it, and for football fans, to GO LONG!


One response to “Go long!! There are new "boys" on the field now!

  1. Right on Craig. Ambulance Chasers’ indeed. Running to beat the band while handing out business cards & private placement baloney to all & sundry. Like a farm dog chasing a car barking & slathering at Warp 9. So, what happens if he catches it?. What then?. Makes a Hell of a racket PR wise no?….

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