Johnny come lately

Wait folks, we have international peace talks that tend to be tied into the deals of America, and potential Arab investment in America’s infrastructure. At least that’s what appears as we delve deeper into the activities of Mubadala  (growing by leaps and bounds) and Related Companies, and the powerful in America making deals with those from Abu Dhabi. Read on…..

netanyahu and abbas together

Get along my friends!

Could this be fueling, in part, the direction of the current talks?

What got me thinking?

Someone from the John Buck Company was on the site today checking out the article on some notes on IFG.

How is John Buck (& co.) tied in with the Reinsdorf family?

Not sure, but they do have this muckety relationship.

John Buck is more tied in with Mubadala, who has interest in Related  Companies, and has much in common that way to a mutual friend of Reinsdorf, namely Dell.

Come to think of it, how exactly did MSD Capital come to the financial rescue of the Coyotes anyhow? Doesn’t that seem a little odd unto itself? And how about those strangehold loan terms?

There is a connection worth taking a longer look, so let’s…

The big boys are all teaming up with Related, and the friendship is getting tight.

 Mubadala  became  involved  with John Buck, by, in 2008, forming John Buck International.

Mubadala also has a 17% stake in ALDAR Properties, Abu Dhabi’s largest real estate development company, as well as stakes in New York-based Related Companies and has entered into a partnership with Asia’s largest real estate group, CapitaLand.

Privately-held, TJBC brings decades of expertise to John Buck International having developed over 28 million square feet of premium commercial space across the United States.

Remember, Related Companies was bought into as well by Michael Dell, and was part of the CityNorth fiasco in Phoenix.

And the intertwining gets moreso, as Mubadala is a computer component supplier of, you guessed it, Dell:

A large chunk of MSD’s real estate action occurs through Related Companies, a development firm with claims on a number of prominent properties. In 2007, MSD Capital, Goldman Sachs and Mubadala Development pumped $1.4 billion into Related. Mubadala is also a large investor in Advanced Micro Devices, one of Dell’s main chip suppliers.

But the real bacon is in land development as the computer industry takes a beating.

And not surprisingly Related started out with government projects:

Founded as Related Housing Companies in 1972 by Stephen M. Ross, the company began by developing government assisted housing developments

Government certainly continues to be a boon for developers it seems.

 We also had the City of Phoenix on the site the other day checking out why the taxpayers of Glendale deserve full disclosure of the hockey team’s impact on the city.

Okay, so Mubadala with ties to Related Companies in Phoenix’ CityNorth, and part owner of John Buck International, and checking out the situation with Reinsdorf’s IFG and Glendale?


How related to the situation is Related Companies anyhow?

How tied into the United Arab Emirates is the U.S., where Obama would not apparently make eye contact with Netanyahu, but was having a gay ol’ time with Abbas?:

Abbas and Obama

Abbas and Obama

Not so with that bloody terrorist Abbas, hatchet man for terror-master AIDS riddled pedophile Yasser Arafat.

Where is this going? No idea.

What does it have to do with hockey? No idea again.

All I know is there are an awful lot of American reasons to support the money from the Arabs when it comes to what we have just read.

Abu Dhabi and the millions of reasons to form development alliances? And according to the New York Times, it has become significant.

“Such riches, coupled with the more-aggressive stance being taken by ADIA and other sovereign funds, has raised concern that these investors will wield their wealth for political as well as financial reasons.”

….Known as ADIA (pronounced ah-DEE-ah), the fund recently formed a small team that is now buying big stakes in Western companies. This unit masterminded ADIA’s $7.5 billion investment in Citigroup, the largest U.S. bank, in November (2008). It has also taken a large position in Toll Brothers, one of America’s biggest home builders.

Even those in government have questioned some questionable power plays, especially related to Citigroup:

Several in the U.S. Congress have demanded closer scrutiny of these firms, their practices, and their tax status. Yet many of these investments, such as Abu Dhabi’s stake in Citigroup, came at crucial times, when little other financing was available, to help stabilize firms in tough financial straits.

Mubadala was also mentioned with ties to the ever growing Carlyle Group, that so many prominent U.S. names are attached to. That will definitely be worth a future look (check this review of an interesting book written by another guy named Craig (Unger)).

When you are a country in economic trouble as the U.S. currently is, you sure could use continuing support of those Arab rich guys that are buying into your country in a big way!

And what is the problem? Well, just like private corporations “owning” the government of states like Arizona with infrastructure, what happens when foreign interests take over those corporations? Speaking of Abu Dhabi’s spending spree (2008):

Details about the true extent of its assets are scarce and its nearly impenetrable cloak of secrecy has fueled suspicions about the government’s intentions. News of sovereign wealth funds looking to purchase stakes in U.S. firms has prompted fears in some quarters that foreign investors might be seeking to quietly take over companies or to purchase influence.

Cloak of secrecy? Sounds like the secret of who holds those arena bonds, doesn’t it?

Politics and economics at it’s finest.

Let me guess, the land development subsidies will somehow get miraculously overturned and be back on track for Related and others?

Just sayin’…….(gulp)

Could it be the infrastructure growth of America and the development in Arizona is like a loose thread? Pull it, and you start to unravel a bigger issue?

The next thing we might find out is a rich Arab guy holds the secretive arena bonds! The way this has played out it wouldn’t surprise me, and in fact it would lend itself to explaining why so many can’t seem to get their jobs done, including a certain judge in Glendale. The ultimate ruling could have been made in a week after the case started, and the outcome smells of politics

Politics and hockey mixing in a “different” way perhaps?

And when you have two friends of Reinsdorf both with ties to Mubadala and Related Companies, and tied in with land development subsidies, what are the odds that Reinsdorf is the favorite to assume whatever comes of the Phoenix Coyotes?

When there is lots at stake in keeping these issues hush hush, a court may be manipulated and so can others to position an asset where it needs to go.

Just seems strange that’s all. Well, doesn’t it?

Why did you have to come along Johnny? Could of saved me a whole lot of info I really didn’t want to see.


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  1. Craig.I dont even know where you are coming from with that article.Nonetheless,keep up the ggod work.

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