Slow roller coming


No, baby, No!!!

There was a scene as shown here in one of the Austin Powers movies that the guard was going to be squished by a steamroller. But, the guard had lots of time to get out of the way, but instead stood motionless, screaming while the very slow roller came and, well, you know…Does this not look like the current slow-moving NHL, that (yawn) is taking their sweet time in making the next move on the City of Glendale? Ya, that’s the City, the lame ducks that have really no recourse but to complain should someone yet again want to tamper with that arena lease: The “I told ya so’s” at this point will not save you Glendale. You’re in bed with the only “friend” you have left, and they brought the family pack of Ritz crackers with them.   

(And why is it every time you try to cut and paste something from the National Post, they throw in the ever annoying ‘come read more’ software marvel. Guess what fellas, put better content and leave the blogging and decision to read based on merit and not forced sleight of the software hand, okay? You are out of the woods, CanWest is going to bundle you like TV service….we will get you whether we want you or not….congratulations. Just kidding!)
Slow roller coming….Glendale prepare, prepare!
“It’s one possibility of moving towards resolution. Now, all the potential purchasers have the big elephant in the room — what’s the lease going to look like?” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. “It may be one way to move the process forward by going in a doing our own deal, understanding what we have, and then we have something to sell. It could make it easier.”
(pssst….National Post, there you go again…we are linking to your piece already so stop the annoying “read more” okay….if we cut and paste, we will give you credit…relax and don’t be paranoid now! )
Earth to Bill and Gary, earth to Bill and Gary. Can you hear us boys?  Call Ice Edge, apparently they have no trouble with the  White Elephant lease. That is, unless you want to act like the teacher in the room that doesn’t want to pick the kid in the front row, and are looking to bob your head around him so you can find any “other” takers.
I think we are back to the tag team wrestling metaphor. Glendale will listen to the league, because, well, it’ s the league. And nobody wants to have their dirty deals let known to the world anymore, right? Wink, wink, nudge nudge!
“In other words NHL, you are the setup men, and then and only then “they”  take over. “They” aren’t going through “that” again! Too humiliating. “They” aren’t going to look like the bad guys. “They” might be saying that to the NHL, and so Bill and company are “feeding” it to Glendale that way.
 Oh, the pain of a slow moving strategy – so slow that maybe we will all not be able to piece together the “moves” that come weeks apart. Maybe we will not know what “squished” us, eh? So much for the importance of vitality” and “viability” and all those cool sound bites Daly had leave his lips in the “early days” of this crock.
The steamroller is moving  and Glendale is in it’s path.
It’s intermission, time for a movie scene…..
shoot_650Glendale: “Hey Gringo, they are all gone ….we did it…..we can now share the prize!!”
NHL: “What do you mean “WE”, senor?”
Sorry, we’re back….
Perhaps the NHL is going through the motions in a seedy attempt to get the (hush-hush, don’t say this too loud) “out clause“:
Daly would not say whether the league would ask for an escape clause in any renegotiated lease deal. He said he also would be making a presentation to the general managers tomorrow updating them on the status of the league’s investigations into several front-loaded, long-term contracts.

Slick one Bill. Okay, now I am convinced that you and Gary stand in front of the mirror at night rehearsing how that sounds and looks as it will part your lips right? Right, am I right? You boys truly did miss your calling. Politics would have a special place for the two of you. So, Glendale isn’t the only long term deal you want to squish but it is the first in line, right?  

It’s gonna hurt unless you “call it” Glendale!!

Glendale, time to take a step to the right or left and let that roller go right on past.     

Stick it to them before they flatten you too!
And, Bill Daly said:
“It may be one way to move the process forward by going in a doing our own deal, understanding what we have, and then we have something to sell. It could make it easier.”

And if you can understand what Bill meant, perhaps leave me a comment. Because like all good politicians, the sound bite is clear, but the message is, well, slimy!    Okay National Post, we”ll put it in now…..insert NP plug below..

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5 responses to “Slow roller coming

  1. Right-On Craig. You can “Bet yer Bippy” Bob Daley is gonna be threatening the City of Glendale with Chapter 7 if they don’t step up to the plate & knock their future political careers out of the park in selling out the taxpayers with major concessions. Something they wont & cant do. The league knows it. Hell, anyone whose spent 20 minutes following this charade knows it. Their are no “other sources of revenue” available. So the NHL’ll go through the motions, ask for things already refused that have been hashed to death, and at the end of the day, Glendales’ left whistling up a dark alley in the company of Jerry Moyes’, Wayne Gretzky & broken hearted Coyotes fans.

  2. Now that was a good comment Steve!

  3. Oh, and sorry for questioning the issue of the out clause already in place. The “new” news confirms you being right again 🙂

  4. The league’s got its’ back to the wall with really only 2 options; 1. They garner major concessions’ from the COG on the Lease (wont happen) with an “out” clause then flip the team to Ice Edge or; 2. Declare Chapter 7 as their defence for the sure as shootin lawsuit from the COG, announce expansion in 2 or more markets, hold an expansion/dispersal draft and Bob’s your Uncle!. It’s extremely disingenuos for Daley to be claiming at this late hour that the NHL’s gotta “look into the lease to see what theyve’ got”. Gimme a break. He & GB can probably quote entire passages of that tome verbatim. As for the hubris of “finding new revenues”?. Details please. Im sure the folks in about 10 other markets would love to know where they too can purchase the Magic Elixir & Silver Bullets to which they allude so enthusiastically.

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