Who’s the “brainiac” that thought this would solve the location problem?

Who thinks this stuff up?  A shuttle service to solve the woes of the misplaced arena?

I have never been to Phoenix. But I can guarantee one thing. The shuttle service that is designed to bring fans to the game will fall flat on it’s face.

You can’t sell a ticket for $20 let alone a bus seat, but wait, there’s more:

The service will run either $20 or $30 depending on whether or not an upper level or lower level ticket is purchased. The shuttles will depart 90 minutes prior to game time and will leave the arena 20 minutes after the game ends.


For $20 or $30 per trip perhaps a bus that doubles as an airbus would be in order? Even if the game wasn't great the ride could make up for it!

Over the course of the months of the bankruptcy case, there were a couple of fans that told us that the big issue with the transportation issue to Jobing.com arena was the time it would take after work to make it to the game, in rush hour traffic. Maybe a helicopter service would work better? Or how about a plane-bus that can fly over traffic?

Now, if I can assume an 8 PM or 7PM start for a Coyotes  game, that means that shuttle will leave at 5:30 or 6:30PM – hardly enough time to get a fan enough time to have dinner and clean up before needing to get to the bus stop.

And, when the recession has led to more foreclosures than ever, the Coyotes are a symptom of cutting luxury spending. So, the $20 or $30 that will be paid to get the bus is as much as a fan may be willing to pay for his or her seat! Ouch! Here is how bad things are as described by the Montreal Gazette:

The economy here was once based on growth, but construction has ground to a halt and there is a glut of real

estate in varying stages of foreclosure. A Brookings Institute study revealed that Phoenix ranked 95th among 100 metropolitan areas in the number of real-estate owned homes. These are properties whose ownership reverted to mortgage holders after they went unsold in foreclosure auctions. In effect, you can’t give houses away in this market. Unemployment has climbed from 5.6 per cent to 8.6 per cent in the past year.

Now we get a cleaner picture of what Ice Edge’s parent might offer off the ice. Sounds like a win win NHL, what’s the holdup? Now I’m cheering for Ice Edge – that’s a switch, eh? If it means “calling” the NHL and asking the big “why not”, I say why not?

And why not sell parking spots to the fans? I mean they would own the spots. After all, Related Companies has charged $480,000 per spot at CityNorth, so why not allow the fans to get that kind of return by selling “their spot” in the future for the same kind of profit?  Seems the market for parking is better than for housing. At least it is if you are a corporation gouging the taxpayers. Yes I talk alot about that because it really, really bugs me for the people of Phoenix. It really bugs me!

Back to the Coyotes Express….. talk about class distinction. Imagine how excited a fan that shells out more to sit in the lower bowl is going to be when he finds out that he will pay an additional $10 (or will it be the cheaper seats that pay $10 more for the ride?) than the fan sitting in the seat beside him. Sounds like a taxation scale not a bus service, doesn’t it?

 How much can you afford to pay us pal?  Put another way, how much can they get away with charging? Unreal. I didn’t know the transit cost was so much more or less for the rich or the poor. Shows what I know. Perhaps in addition to the ticket stub, you might need to bring last year’s income tax return? Just a thought.

Yep, the braniacs are at it again.

And, because the City of Glendale has tried so hard to attract spending in the area, they had better convince the restaurants and shops to have speedy food and other services. After all, the bus riders will need to gobble up that snack, as they will have only 20 minutes before their ride leaves, with or without them!

Like I said, who thinks this stuff up?

The only advantage I could see for a bus service would be an excuse to go party! That would mean the City would have to cater to the family and the partiers. So, have that 20 minutes after the game ride home for the little ones to get tucked in, but offer the second bus close to the bar closing time.  That way, the economy will get the needed boost, and the highway patrol won’t be scraping folks off the pavement on the highways. That I could see.

But 20 minutes to get on the bus? Even Gary Bettman would have a hard time making that bus, despite the fact that he claimed he could have found a new owner for the  team in that same time frame.

Wait, that didn’t happen now did it?

And to the same brainiacs I say, when the NHL feeds you the need to have an out clause in the lease or the steamroller will squish you, just step to the side, and call the lawyers you had in the bankruptcy court. Hit the NHL with the $796 million lease penalty right between the eyes!

Sit back, and let whoever gets the game whether by foot, bus or airdrop, and tell them to really enjoy themselves.

I know I will. Because it’s the NHL’s dime this time around! And for that, I might just take a trip to see you, and a game. I hear you can get some pretty good seats at some really good prices.


2 responses to “Who’s the “brainiac” that thought this would solve the location problem?

  1. I hear from folks’ in the know that it was a MR. WILBERFORCE HANEY from Pixlie that dreamt the shuttle service up Craig. Seems’ he can afford to do it because he pays’ 25cents per ticket, includes on-board snacks of Hot Cakes & bathtub gin, and saves on vehicular costs using his topless 1929 Ford Model A pickup which runs on said bathtub gin. As they may be stuck in a jam for extended periods, to avoid heet stroke in the 40+ inferno, hes’ thoughtfully provided parasols. LMFAO!……

  2. And for thems that wants ta beat the traffic to the rink?. Ya’ll can rent one of Mr.Haneys’ Rocket Backpacks from his “official supplier”. The ACME Corporation.

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