Better use those Blackberries for better communication

Bettman said whoever takes the team will have to rework the lease.

The only consistency in the Coyotes’ case has been the lack of “ownership” and responsibility displayed by the league’s commissioner. Everyone else pays the price, and it’s the new owner’s job to solve the $800 million dilemma too!  Pass the buck not the puck…

In stark contrast to Bill Daly’s recent comment that the NHL should work its own deal to address the Coyotes arena lease, according to Bettman, after meeting with Glendale officials:

The commissioner said he did not expect the NHL would be the one to re-negotiate the lease.

 And you would think with the “take a number” crowd forming to sign up for those huge losses, the negotiations would be easier:

Bettman said half a dozen potential buyers have come forward with interest in the Coyotes in Glendale. As for the sparse crowds that have plagued the team so far this season, Bettman said the sale to a permanent owner would turn that around.

And to that I say roll  the laugh track! 

Maybe Glendale is tougher than we all thought, and are going to surprise us here. The NHL and the snowjob they planned to sell the city might be the biggest mistake of all. The stone wall of Glendale may be coming to lurk the NHL as it has others along the way. This game is over!

 The $796 million to break the lease would also break the NHL, and likely send Gary Bettman to the unemployment line.

The snow (aka snowjob) in Glendale has stopped, and  toques off to Glendale!

 The NHL sold a bill of goods to Glendale and Jerry Moyes, and now the city is going to stick it to the NHL.

The NHL deserves what it gets at this point, and if Gary Bettman thinks it will take to the end of the season now to sell it, then he is deciding to mess with the 29 other owners in this league too.

We must ask – with six groups supposedly chomping at the bit, why wait? You would have to figure one would be okay with assuming the lease and taking this team on now, wouldn’t you?

Time is money – big money!

Tick, tick tick. Where is that calculator? Oh, here it is.

Like the debt clock Senator John McCain used to have on his website showing the National debt (like he was responsible for none of it himself – the nerve!) let’s recalculate how much the Coyotes might be costing the NHL by the minute. Oh, what fun!

Okay, let’s assume $60 million. I will be generous in calculations  as I will use a full 365 day calendar, even though the league does not run year-round.

At $60 million in losses for a year, every month, that costs the owners of this league $5 million.

Each day the league holds the team,it costs the owners of the other teams $166,666 collectively (or $5,747 each); each hour, $6,944; each minute, $115; and every minute for each of the  29  other owners- $4.00.

Almost $5,800 per day per owner and their is no hurry to find an owner?

But it’s okay, because it isn’t Gary’s personal dime. He has all the time in the world to play around with the owners’ money. At least Bettman is consistent in approach. He didn’t care about Moyes and is proving the same consideration equally among other owners.

And, I haven’t seen a lot of press on how happy those owners are now, and how much they stand behind the commissioner, have you?

 Glendale has become the pitbull that has its teeth firmly planted in the arm of this league, and it isn’t letting go.

There has definitely been a lack of communication and forethought when looking back on this adventure.

Had the NHL sided with Moyes and Balsillie, and convinced Glendale to take that $50 million this nightmare would have been over.

It’s part two, and the sequel stands to be even better than the first.

Perhaps the Blackberry will be a reminder of the mistake.

As each owner in this league looks to send Bill Daly and Gary Bettman an email or text, or BBM, let them remember that this could have gone away a long time ago. Or better yet, perhaps they should advise the team of Bettman and Daly that the losses will first come from their salaries. Watch how fast the team gets placed then!

Yes, gone are the words “viability”, “vitality”, and others of urgency  from Bill Daly. The quest to save this franchise does not exist as it did when it was convenient to use as an excuse. The cronies at the head office are leaving it to rot, and the remaining fans to choke on further uncertainty. What a crock!

What’s the new game?

As Judge Baum so eloquently put it, the league should really have considered “passing the puck”.

As mentioned, there has been consistency from Bettman in at least one aspect. When the going gets tough, he points the finger of responsibility and blame firmly on ( insert the name of anyone but Gary Bettman himself).

As a commissioner, the $800 million lease penalty is the boss’ responsibility. For that Bettman is yet again trying to pass the buck!

In the real world, that type of  CEO would be “outta here”!


One response to “Better use those Blackberries for better communication

  1. Amusing. Having just pawned off the Florida Panthers to Minority Owners in a situation similar to Ellman/Moyes in Florida leaving Cohen to whistle up a dark alley, Im guessing that the GB Game Plan consists of more of the same in Tampa, Columbus, Atlanta, Nashville. Sell sell sell on emotion with the promise of success on the ice=profit as justifiable logic. Didnt work in Tampa. Meaningless to Wang in Long Island. Worked real well for Tom Hicks, and never mind Colorado. Does the COG have Bettman & the NHL by the short n’ curlys?.
    Lets hope so. Its’ well past midnight down their & the guilded dreams’ continue to be tarnished by the stewards of the game.

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