Like Charlie Sheen, perhaps we in Hamilton should ask for 20 minutes with the President too!

Questioning a nation and it's policies is perhaps long, long overdue

If we in Hamilton got 20 minutes with the President of the USA, I think we should respectfully turn our time over to Charlie Sheen, and the bigger issues that have shaped America! Put another way, are our issues on hockey and land development worth a look too?

Just sitting by the computer, and who pops in?

One guess. Nope, sorry not Charlie Sheen, but heck, would I like to speak with him.

Come to think of it, the seeds are being planted all over, and this hockey saga is no different.

Time for folks to pour a cup of strong coffee, and wonder why we had this little visit:

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Executive Office Of The President Usa(IP blocked by me for privacy reasons)
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Executive Office Of The President Usa (IP blocked by me for privacy reasons)
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Yes, a White Sox fan, but the Coyotes case has raised infrastructure growth policy questions. The people deserve to know the truth!

Our hockey issues aren’t as large as the questions that Sheen had for the President on 9/11, but they do question a country and the deals they make with private corporation and foreign interests that could result in shaping a nation.

I think Charlie Sheen and the families of 9/11 deserve more their 20 minutes.

As for us…..we can wait!


4 responses to “Like Charlie Sheen, perhaps we in Hamilton should ask for 20 minutes with the President too!

  1. Here are some possibilities; someone checking an investment with Beacon or doing research on them, Googled’ Leventhal/ Beacon & found your site; tracing an as yet underexposed connection between McCain & Beacon, Friends of Glendale & the GOP?.

  2. You do know sheen interview was a fake right?

  3. Yes, thanks….it wasn’t clear but my wife pointed that out. Question is, did he ask for the interview and get rejected? Lots of questions and valid concerns that shpuld be addressed. But pretty tough evidence from Sheen that would make the government look “not so good”. Visions of Bush reading little stories and his reaction almost appearing regretful but at the same time “not surpised” sticks in my mind. Third wtc building falling where reports came in before it actually happened begs the question on who was feeding the media? Tepperman demolition could not have done a better job felling those babies, and the wtc 7 building went down easier than the Winnipeg arena – straight down like the rest of them. Bush’ family in bed with Bin Lafen….could it be we have all been victim to the propaganda machine that the US government has fed us over many years? Fox News challenges and what happens? Fox is banned from the White House! Ouch! A young generation and plenty of ability to exchange information freely is going to challenge an already untrustworthy government promoting the much anticipated New World Order! God help us all!

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