Mounting evidence suggests Abu Dhabi investors likely involved with arena bonds

Game on Arabia?

I will be very brief with this update, and I intend on expanding on the argument in an upcoming post. I will also apologize if I repeat myself here, as I do not have much time in fine tuning this report. I want to get this information to you quickly, as it is significant to the questions we have had with the Phoenix Coyotes’ case.

Today,  we had a visit from Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) looking specifically at the article on why Glendale would not accept the $50 million offer from PSE.

Now that I think of it, I recall visits from Abu Dhabi from the outset of the blog postings, and while seeming odd, I did not make the potential connection. At that stage, the potential Arab connection was not exposed as it is now, either.

We have reported lately on the link with Mubadala, Related Companies, John Buck Company, and Dell’s involvement in land development, and we all know that in Arizona Mubadala is specifically involved through CityNorth with the land development subsidies with Related Companies.

The City of Glendale not too many days ago came to look at the issue of the $50 million offer, and in fact, they have come a couple of times. Could this suggest communication between the interested in Abu Dhabi and the City of Glendale?

This would answer many questions and facts that have been presented along the route of this case.

The interview with Gary Bettman and Ron McLean gave us the impression that the “bankers” are controlling the show, and we asked, “Who is them?”

If Gary Bettman and the NHL know they are answering to investors in Abu Dhabi would this explain the weird state of events and positions? Would the Arab investors be wanting to wait to see what their options are if the arena bond returns (sales tax based) are not going to be as lucrative as expected? Would they be wanting to drag this out in an effort to see how fan support is, with the thought of releasing the team to relocation, if it means they could be “bought out” with proceeds of expansion? In short, the NHL may be doing what they are directed to do, as the $800 million is one helluva penalty. You’d listen too if you had that kind of power and pressure.

So much for the NHL pocketing expansion proceeds under those conditions, eh? It would likely go directly to the mighty and powerful in Abu Dhabi.

With CityNorth we learned one valuable lesson – where there is smoke, look for fire.

This would help explain why Glendale has not budged and cannot budge on seeing reality, if it is not their decision so to speak?

An isolated visit on its own from Abu Dhabi could just be a hockey fan in a foreign country, sure. But, we have seen mounting proof of Arab investment in land development already, especially so in Arizona.

Could we be getting  much closer to the initial question nobody wants to answer?

Could Mubadala or other Arabs be the underlying investors in the secretive arena bonds?

Reflect if you will on what we know and what we continue to expose.

With what I have reported and what is now becoming known, the suggestion that Abu Dhabi investors are prime suspects in land development financing in Glendale is becoming more prominent, and perhaps to be soon crystal clear.

Search this site for any information on the above to further research why I am going down this road. You too will likely start seeing the same connection I am seeing.


3 responses to “Mounting evidence suggests Abu Dhabi investors likely involved with arena bonds

  1. BINGO!. I’ve suspected that for awhile however, I still think theirs someone at league level (owner or owners?) who’ve invested & hold partial title on the Bonds, just how much in comparison to the Arab investment is hard to figure.
    Your point that it goes a “long way in deciphering why the COG rejected the 50M exit fee offered by JB” is right on the mark, provided pressure was exerted by both the Arabian investment group & ???? at league level. It follows that if the NHL was indeed serious about keeping the team in Glendale come Hell or Highwater they’d be working Triple OT to secure a far less onerous Lease as no one, not IceEdge, not anyone in their right minds’ going to take that puppy on. Bettman/Daley continue moving the goalposts with deadlines, buying time, as quite frankly I honestly dont think they have any answers nor even much of a game plan at this stage & not one serious prospect on the line. Chapter 8 summer 2010?.

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