Secretive and controlling?

When we posted the article on Jerry Moyes being the victim of a squeeze play, there was an interesting and rather immediate reaction.

At that time, Vieste LLC, the NHL, and the City of Glendale all visited the site in short order, suggesting we struck a nerve.

When you uncork truth, does this mean the reaction is immediate, giving no credence to concern for anonymity?

Well, yesterday we posted the belief that Arabian investment from Abu Dhabi is likely involved in ownership of the arena bonds. We posted this information not in a willy- nilly, throw it out  there kind of way. No, we had mounting evidence and proof that Arabian investment is entrenching itself deep in the United States, with investment in Citigroup that even politicians have questioned. And, teaming up with American private corporations, it would appear Mubadala and other Arabian investors, as reported in many publications, have started a campaign of power, influence, and control.

The big problem one might have with all of this is that it is also no secret that the Arabian investors want to keep a low profile. Kind of like a hidden power play. Kind of sneaky.

Yesterday evening proved very interesting indeed, as we had visits (in short order) from the Abu Dhabi Investment Council:

23 Nov 23:14:29 IE 8.0 WinXP unknown United Arab Emirates Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Investment Council (IP removed)
No referring link

and shortly thereafter from Mubadala themselves:

23 Nov 23:24:36 IE 7.0 WinXP unknown United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Mubadala (IP blocked)
No referring link

Could it have been a curiosity related to false belief? Possibly. Or, could it be more confirmation that we have struck a nerve, and the folks from Abu Dhabi threw caution to the wind in visiting the article of interest, with no worry or forethough of us knowing it is them?

If we are getting close to the truth, how now should we feel?

Should we be more angry than the Arabian investors, knowing that they have controlled the game of hockey, and the chance Canadians might be able to get more of it?

Who has been influenced by this power the greatest? The U.S. as a whole, the State of Arizona, the cities of Phoenix and Glendale, or the NHL itself?

Who has “jumped into bed” to the greatest degree that has affected not only the game of hockey, but might I say the taxpayers of America?

If it is true, isn’t it time the investors from Abu Dhabi come out of the closet, say hello, and work in truth?

There are a couple of sayings that come to mind.

First, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

“And second, “the truth always comes out eventually.”

I like them both, and I think they both apply.

Should we start to feel sorry for the head office of the NHL, and the officials in Glendale, or should this spawn further questioning and debate?

We asked at the outset – “Who is them?” Who are the “bankers that Gary Bettman said the league and its “partners” are accountable to?

The $480,000 spot to park a car at CityNorth in Phoenix may have a close cousin to the usury bonds that have a $700 million plus lease break penalty.

It’s okay though, because it is the American taxpayers footing the bill for these deals, isn’t it?

Are all the powers that be accountable to foreign control?

The delay in selling the Coyotes may have more questions now. Questions related to “is it true”?


2 responses to “Secretive and controlling?

  1. That this entire situation is starting to look like a plot-line from LeCarre’ is hard to stomach. Think about it. Investors from the UAE sinking billions’ into the US economy (remember the brouhaha over the ports issues?) while surreptitously wielding influence over elected officials & by extension bleeding American taxpayers. In Arizona & elsewhere. Tip of the Iceburg. Of further note; neither the Arizona Cardinals nor the Diamondbacks or Reinsdorfs spring training facility in Glendale pay dime one in taxes to municipal or state coffers for their buildings, a matter the Goldwater Institute has pressed & which now sits before the courts. Determination sometime early 2010. As it flys in the face of the Arizona Constitution of “no gifts, no tax concessions, no tax rebates” etc to private industry, you can bet the primary reason Bettman/Daly keep moving the goalposts on deadlines to find a buyer is to await the outcome of the case, with plans already in place with the COG
    should the developers/teams/municipalities prevail.

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