Selling the fight and the "war on terror"


We are now going to take a “hockey break” to bring you a related issue. During the course of the case for the Phoenix Coyotes, we learned that politics has likely played an indirect role at the very least in the bankruptcy of the Coyotes. We, in our investigation have learned that there could be hidden agendas with much graver consequences that transcend sport.

For this Sunday, we take you to something of world interest and concern – what is the American Government up to and why?

For the updated full story  including video please go here  



3 responses to “Selling the fight and the "war on terror"

  1. Good points…..this relates to the Coyotes?

  2. “Kicking it up a Notch” or 7 eh Craig?!… Your synopsis of “More questions, suspicions…” are things I too, along with tens of millions Worldwid, inside & outside of government have asked ourselves time & time again as the shockwaves & subsequent events after 911 continue to ripple outwards. Please consider this;

    1. A scandal of Mammoth Proportions was about to be exposed prior to 911 with some 2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagons Coffers.
    2. The US has a long history of “Flying False Flag Operations” in order to kickstart all out war or to cover up or distract from any number of illegal activities globally/domestically.
    3. Teams of nondiscript “maintanence men” were seen throughout both Towers & Building 7 at the WTC just days before 9-11.
    4. Leading, World Renowned Architects, Demolition Experts & Structural Engineers have produced irrefutable, hard evidence that their was no way the buidings wouldve’ collapsed from the planes alone,
    that the buildings collapse bore all the hallmarks of a controlled explosion, leaving the question of how WTC Bldg 7, two blocks away also collapsed in the exact same manner. It wasnt hit by a plane, & buildings closer to Towers 1&2, much closer to the epicentre were left relatively unscathed.
    5. Former & current high ranking Military Intelligemce, CIA, Political Operatives, Politicians of all stripes have all stated publicly that 911 was an “Inside Job” and that the subsequent 911 Investigative Panels propped by the Bush Admin were simply “Dogs that wouldnt/couldnt hunt”.
    6. Wahabism,the most extreme form of Islamic Fundamentalism, is funded by the Saudi Royals & other wealthy/influential Arab emirates & entities inculcates millions upon millions of Islamic children virtually from birth-death globally.
    7. As the former British Marine stated & really asks one to contemplate, “how do you seek out & destroy an idea?”.

    You cant’. But boy oh boy have we all been sold a Bill of Goods or what?!…


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