Waking up to the shhhh… ‘Hostile Takeover’: Trying to sneak one by us!

Part One: Unlike our hockey battle , this one has gigantic consequences

The US Constitution protects the People: How's it doing?

Like all really tough discussions, there really is no easy or “best way” to start.  But, usually, we as people with good conscience all know when the time is right.

 Right? Well, for me the time is now.

To start, I have a question for you, and please don’t take this the wrong way…..Have you woken up to the not so nice stuff that is happening in the world the last few days, weeks, or months? And, this is scary, it’s actually been happening over a longer period of time, but for most of us, we didn’t notice.

For that, I feel kind of stupid as I started to see the picture, but I suppose that too is normal when we “clue in” to an issue that we didn’t see before. The work I did on the Phoenix Coyotes case has helped me realize that the issues in life, and the world are the same for us all. Bad stuff happens to good people – usually at the hands of some misguided ‘bad apples’. You know the expression, “one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch”, or something like that?

Yes, we sometimes don’t see it coming either, do we?

 It’s kind of like a husband or wife coming home one day and finding the better half gone. “What was that fog I was in”, you might say?  Or, an auto accident, when you stand on the sidewalk, and someone asks you a question, and looks over to see a glazed look in your eye, realizing you are in a trance of disbelief. Oops, not going to get a coherent answer  from you now are they?

Didn’t see that coming! 

But later, in  using the example of a spouse abandoning their mate, when the situation is ‘digested’ and thought through,the facts, the reasons, and the actions support the argument that all supporting evidence was there all along. We just didn’t pay attention. If you are a husband, your wives will likely remind you of that regularly.

So what now?

Well, in order to process the new reality you are in, you must first go through some sort of process to sort things out, right?

It goes something like this – denial or confusion, anger, grief, acceptance, and perhaps when strong enough again, you rebuild what was torn down. – taking action.

One thing you may realize in these situations is that you really had less than you thought you had. The new reality means you suffered a blow, and must now deal with what the true picture paints. The true reality may be hard to swallow, but dealing with it will lead to true happiness and satisfaction.

The learning curve

As I investigated the Phoenix Coyotes issues during the bankruptcy trial, I learned many things, and reported the corruption I saw. The hidden agendas, the secret relationships, the move to avoid competition and gain unfair advantage, and on, and on. You know, all the normal day-to-day stuff that occurs day in, day out.

 That’s life right? That’s how the world works. What you are told very often doesn’t match the cold hard facts.

To be the ‘bad apple’, you have to have been sold on the benefits. In short, you would need a motive. You would need to “sell out” because the power and money offered would be too good to be true.

Let’s call the motives  of those involved for what they are – greed and ultimately power as the ultimate goal!

I also noticed that some mainstream media were slow to catch on, and I at first could not understand how they were not reporting some really good information that would affect the case.

Ah, naive Craig, what were you thinking?   I was so asleep, that my naivety kept me from paying attention to what the term  “mainstream media” really implied. Why would they use that term? Then I learned that the news we sometimes read is not what the observable facts that if you choose to look tell you. Weird as that is, there is sometimes either a suppression of the facts, or a denial. I would have to say that a “suppression” is more likely and more common.

And why would I say that? Well, I can see the press coming to the site to read articles. At the beginning I remember telling my family that, “this is it”, these guys (media) have caught on!  Oh boy, they are going to report and investigate these issues now. Wrong (insert expletive deletive here)! Poor naive Craig! I had learned a valuable lesson alright.

The “lessons” continued and I now realize that there are many “Craigs” out in the world. So don’t feel bad if you fit into the “Craig list” (not to be confused with” Craigslist”! ) Those of us that actually believe what we were told, and presented in the news, television, etc. is always accurate.  As it turns out, there is a whole industry of media out there with either worry of getting legally reamed, or worse, with political affiliations or powerful people with hidden agendas.

The bigger game

What did we learn in the Coyotes case?

Well, we started to see that the Phoenix Coyotes were in a pickle. The economy of the United States was in trouble, and the ripple effect of that meant that some fans that would have otherwise had money to see games could no longer afford it. But, even the best case scenario had the team on league approved welfare where the bottom revenue teams took money from the most profitable teams. That way, hockey could be put systematically throughout the U.S. At least, that is the logical reason. But what if the true reason is not exactly that? What if corruption, profit-taking, and the “industry” surrounding the construction of arenas which leads to municipal tax collection was at the root?

If the processes of growth of the NHL are indeed based in greed resulting in  helping a group of business friends, that has rippled into the injustices of us in Canada, the owners, the fans, and others, the question is how did it become that way? Put another way, what would have been the lever or vehicle to allow the corruption to fester?

And, what rules would have to have been bi-passed to ensure corruption could thrive?

Well, we may not know all the answers to these questions but we do have lots of suspicion supported by evidence. The “what we could see” factor is important to lead us to desire to seek the truth.

Why was the NHL’s constitution not honoured? Good question.

Once a Constitution is abused and “interpreted” in a way to allow an individual or a group to bend the rules, that will jeopardize the integrity and the safety to those it is designed to protect. In our case, it is the fans, isn’t it?

For a country, the Constitution, specifically the American Constitution and the Canadian Constitution would have to be amended or worse, manipulated, interpreted, or ignored in order to allow crimes to be committed. Sounding familiar?

If the NHL’s Constitution is being manipulated, how much worse would it be for the citizens of countries like Canada and the United States, or the entire world?

What if the players in that global game have a criminal reason to control and manipulate the rights of others for personal gain, power or control?

In Part two, we will look into this as it relates to the “actual facts” of how the citizens of the United States are being treated by their government.

You might want to watch Glenn Beck for more insight. And please try to put your personal opinion of him aside, and ask the bigger question of why he is sticking his neck out, and accepting criticism.

He has not been canned by Fox News as people are listening and his viewership is growing. Could he be in his own way telling us some truths based on facts?



One response to “Waking up to the shhhh… ‘Hostile Takeover’: Trying to sneak one by us!

  1. Yes Craig, I have no doubt whatsoever that Phoenix, Columbus, Nashville, Atlanta etc were really all about the developments/tax bases with the hook’ being an NHL Team as its primary tenant, the emotional equation to the fixes that were in play. Since Day 1 of the NHL’s existence, it was always about the arenas, not just for pro hockey but so too for Boxing (Norris Sr.) etc. Its’ been left up to the likes of Ted Lindsay, Russ Conway, Carl Brewer, Griffiths&Cruise & some of the more emlightened (Shoalts, Campbell, DiManno etc) reporters in the mainstream to call out the NHL for what it really is, and most wind up being villified by team & league executives. Takes guts & resources to “follow the money”. Short of lengthy & expensive legal crusades to turnover the dirt, not much we can do but speculate, connect the dots & reach some rather obvious conclusions.

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