The Francis example: Why playing God must fail!


Buying ‘any’ aspect of the Big Lie is unacceptable

The world’s current problems are no doubt based on misguided thinking. Deception has creeped in and made it acceptable to think that the world’s population can be controlled. Period.

Population control means the reduction of life on earth.

All one has to do is buy into the idea and accept that life is not that precious, and voila, we have a big problem.

Diane Francis has unfortunately made that mistake and has paid the lesser price. She was schooled, and hopefully will no longer be fooled.

In Francis’ rationale, she said she didn’t buy into the whole world dictatorship thing, but she made it clear that she must believe that their idea of reducing the earth’s population is okay. Well, unfortunately for her and the rest of us, that is how the bad guys figure they will win, only they are using Climate Change in Copenhagen  as the vehicle to set up a plan for world government, and  for ultimate human destruction of life, liberty, and freedom.

The essence of evil is always masked by something that sounds appealing. Evil is “twisted”, and that’s how it “gets you”. Evil is cunning, sneaky, and sly.

Diane Francis has shown how easy it is for any one of us to be fooled. We are not immune. And to the Bilderberg Group who is suspected of thinking otherwise, we have news for you.

‘Good’ wins.

Hopefully Diane will learn a valuable, humbling lesson


One response to “The Francis example: Why playing God must fail!

  1. About time someone called Ms. Francis on her naive utopian ideals. Like David Suzuki, Al Gore etc etc etc ad nauseum, I mean really. This “Planet Earth would be a much better place with fewer or in fact no people at all” 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse shit just turns my stomach & like Glen Beck; blood shoots out of my eyes. China, India, much of Africa all commit infanticide be it state sanctioned or not. Murder. Any voice in support, for whatever reason, is as flawed & criminal as Hitlers’ Eugenics Pogroms & Social Darwinyism. Lord of the Flies. Sterilizations.
    Babys in sacks full of bricks dropped in rivers. Sick World.

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