Seeing the shining light: Why ‘Blame-Stream’ & ‘Mainstream’ are becoming ‘Same-Stream’

Alex Jones: The voice of government corruption for more than 20 years



Two news reporters from opposite paradigms see the light, bridging the gap between Mainstream news  and the so-called quackery of Conspiracy Theories…..and to bring back tradition, a minister of 50 years in broadcasting ties it all together 


If you thought our woes from Gary Bettman’s interpretation of the NHL Constitution was bad, you aint seen nothing yet!  

There’s a new game going on, but this one isn’t on the ice.  

It really should not be called a game, as the implications are huge. It will make any information I have brought you on any issue look like child’s play. It’s time to pay attention – now!  

This game is being played out in news shows from two unlikely places and  if you were to tell Glenn Beck a year ago he would be a player in the new game, he would have said you were crazy. Well, not anymore.  

Of the two patriots fighting the War on Propaganda, the man we can more easily recognize is Glenn Beck,  the love him or leave him “crazy guy”, that has been marked by Time Magazine and other “mainstream” media as, you guessed it “Mad”. Not so fast Time, what’s your agenda? Ironically Beck saw the “light” just a little while ago compared to Alex Jones.  

Expected political worry that cannot last forever

Some of the advertisers on Beck’s show, where he proudly displays the “No Spin Zone” gear, including doormat as you enter the studio, have bailed on Beck. No, he wasn’t as guilty of  serious indiscretions as is the  Tiger (Woods), but he did start to tread a little too far into the taboo land of criticism for the government, and specifically how he believes the U.S. is currently, and perhaps conveniently forgetting all about that silly little thing like called the American Constitution.  

You know, that whole 1776 Revolution, freedom, liberty, complete jibberish that no President in his right mind would consider important to the nation he serves?  

No, “it” represents, according to Obama, a roadblock to the Government being able to do for it’s people what “it” (the Government) or “he” (the President) needs to do. The only question is, who is he serving?  

One thing is clear, whatever Obama thinks the government needs to do is not what the people are saying, nor the Congress, and likely not the Senate. I guess those are vehicles, like speedbumps – annoying but once over them, we are off to the races on the “agenda” of, what was that again, oh ya, “Hope and Change”.  

“Change” to what? And who gets “hope” exactly?  

 And that is why we have now seen the unthinkable – a shift in media from mainstream to “samestream”. Where the “way out there” is starting to look sane, finally, and two supposed guys that would never have called each other friend may as well give each other a hug. Brothers for a common cause would be the best way to look at it. What Jones can’t do with his 400,000 knowledgeable listeners, Beck could likely help with the bagillion viewers he has, that incidentally has been growing, and will no doubt continue to grow.  

And how do we know that?  

I don’t know, but since he appeared on the Leno Show last night to rousing applause, I think he will have a good chance to increase his viewership, have the advertisers lining up to come back, and maybe, just maybe, he will give his “running mate”  pal O’Reilly a run for the primetime spot in the future.  

(Here’s part 2)  

Who knows, but like a good ball game, tune in won’t you?  

Now, the other unsung hero, Alex Jones,  needs some great respect for the 20 or more years he has contributed to the cause!  

Jones upon first listen would be thought to be the prototypical,  crazy conspiracy theorist , but on steroids. At first, he appears so far out there on the “master universal plan”, his confidence and knowledge seems very mythical indeed. How could someone have claims to so much proof over so many years and we are only hearing about him now?  

The really disturbing reality is that as you start to pay closer attention to his sources, his guests (and their credentials and status), the more you begin to wonder what in the world is going on? Could he hold merit? Could some of the stuff actually be true?  

 With some big names coming on the show, including Charlie Sheen (on 9/11), Chuck Norris (on a variety of issues), Lord Monckton (former advisor to Margaret Thatcher and a strong vehicle that pushed for “ClimateGate”), Ron Paul (Senator that actually likes the Constitution), more and more famous musician-activists, you scratch your head and wonder in amazement.  

An endless list of real  experts with real credentials come on the show  that we could use a PhD just to be able to decipher what they stand for.  Unlike the expert Al Gore that says the Climate Change science is “settled”, the experts Jones has interviewed and refers back to, including vast amounts of government documents and testimonies makes Gore look like a bartender that says he can perform open heart surgery.  

The head scratching does stop at some point though, believe me!    

Glenn Beck: Mainstream to "Samestream" -Bridging a critical gap!

The things Jesse Ventura has seen will "blow your mind"

Former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, an animated character you likely either know or would instantly recognize, has had an amazing breakthrough show air on it’s own right – called “Conspiracy Theory”, on True TV (US).    

Jones helped Ventura, along with a host of other expert contributers (about five more) that helped Ventura shape the show to bring some rough info to light in an entertaining, “we can digest that” kind of way.  

The show represents another strange breathrough in that there is surprise that it was actually allowed to air. One episode has the police “finding the black boxes” from the planes of 9/11. Oh ya!  

The Beck-Jones duo?

Alex Jones likely remembers Beck from “the old days”, and you might forgive him if he tends to mention Beck in comments like, “Well, if you asked Beck, he’d put some weird libertarian spin on it”, and yada, yada. I am not sure if Jones has heard the new and quite dramatically changed Beck these days. It wasn’t long ago indeed that Jones nudged Beck. Did he hear?  

 As Beck would say, “get out you ‘DVR’s, you won’t want to miss another show”. And, oh boy is he right.  

 For those men in the household that are tired of the girls’ soap operas, fellas, we are ready to rock and roll. Imagine Sunday football that runs all week, and you can tune in whenever you have a free moment.  

 Jones’ show played on two sites,, and is not for the weak  of being able to sustain a culture shock – a little “whaaaat” as you pop onto either of the two sites. It’s one of those, you may start to listen, but then, only vaguely mention it to your wife or kids cause they may think dad has “really lost it this time”.  

 The fun comes in, when you listen to a show, hear some news, and are able to blurt out a weird idea that is later proven to be true.  That’s because the incredible content that Jones and his experts, and resources spew at you leave you thirsty for more.  

 You can see the family looking at you with the “how did you know that” gaze? After all, aren’t all parents and especially “husband parents” stupid? Imagine having the conversation well in advance that the Global Warming, er sorry, the we got caught so we will downgrade that to the “Climate Change” issue was a scam, and rhyming off that there were leaked emails from some researchers that didn’t want to be prosecuted, and no doubt needed to cleanse their consciences. Imagine further explaining who Lord Monckton is, what he has done, and what he is continuing to do about it.  

Both Jones and Beck and many others have listened to the expertise of Lord Monckton, a “brave heart” in his own right. Take a look at the flavor of Beck’s call to sanity, and think for a moment why a government would be pushing bogus “science” that is “fiction”, and is being used to extract hundreds of billions of dollars to the IMF bank, and more importanty, to create a “World Government” (New World Order), that will impose regulations on the world’s so called “sovereign” nations. And don’t think for a moment that the “foot in the door” Obama is seeking on this will not be expanded upon – one step at a time – to effectively take control of……I won’t say it. Watch…  

 This is stuff you don’t read in the New York Times, or see on CNN, and why not? 

 Well, those media sources with “prestige”  helped Obama get to the White House in the first place. What would they be thinking to report the “real story”? I think that is called journalistic suicide, which should not be confused with “senator-cide”, that may be taking place live on FOX this weekend over the ‘Obamacare‘ duping. 

And here is the key. Why in the world would this news not be reported by major news sources? Does this not lead to huge speculation for some, and adds proof for others that the mainstream media game is driven as a propaganda machine? We are not talking about some crazy guy with wild ideas here – this is a Lord with vast knowledge – a Lord with ties to the government of the UK.  

 Find out why the Senate may not be joining their families for Christmas this year to help Obama push through a healthcare bill that is being worked on in private, and will be dished to the Senators at the last minute. Fun stuff!  

 Ram it home as fast as you can and get it out of the way, right? It only represents one-sixth of the U.S. budget – no biggy!  

 Anyhow, enough said for now, because if we haven’t got you just a little concerned why the U.S. is turning into a tyrannically run police state, I guess we never will, eh? May explain why when you watch FOX, you quickly realize they are “deprogramming” their viewers in a reverse way to the way the news was presented to them from the mainstream sources.  

And if you pay particular attention, you will also see many references to the “old days” to bring you back to realize they just aren’t the same anymore. Incredible food for thought.  

The war for your mind, as Jones would put it seems to be shared by FOX, and they are turning up the heat in counter-defense, fighting fire with fire. How soon will it be before NBC  joins the “patriot”  media allies?  

 Beck is “PVR”-able at 5PM EST on FOXNC, and 2 AM (same bat channel). You’ll find Jones at his sites, and a whole bunch of other places including some tremendous films including one of Obama in full length on YouTube, and his masterpiece, The Fall of the Republic (below). I won’t spoil your fun!  

 Suffice it to say that the “learning curve” to figure out why two guys that should be at opposite ends of the spectrum are eerily together now is worth the time.  

Jack van Impe: Bringing in the "Christian element" of support

A television Bible prophet for the past 50 years is no stranger to most of us. Jack van Impe reported on the FOX programming, and on the December 16th broadcast, van Impe ties it all together, further bringing the Christian element into the picture. Glenn Beck would seem to have come to Christ, and Jones may be fulfilling his own destiny proclaiming to be a Christian, but avoids debate on his program, sometimes interpreting things a little differently, but focusing on the “facts” to avoid, in his words, “being put in a box”. Perhaps Jones wisely is avoiding the loss of some audience to the important issue, and in turn allowing to be labelled or criticized.

When you get the goods, this may help explain why Obama has signed an Executive Order, cocked and ready to pull the plug on “all media sources” , including television and internet!   

The fitting phrase to describe that comes from Jones, and he uses it regularly, “Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up!”  

The content of these shows will make the issues surrounding the suspect ‘interpretation’ of the NHL Constitution pale in comparison to the outlandish current suspicion of the trouncing of the Constitution of the United States.  

Figuring out why Obama is in a hurry to arrange all these strange world changes in short order, including a health care bill vote on December 24th at 7 PM, might be the most important thinking we call all do. He says time is running out on several issues. Time running out? Perhaps he is worried that more people will catch on to an agenda that starts with, what was best described by David Horowitz on the Beck show. Phase one, likely a stepping stone to the true Presidency. I think we know where the eyes are focused, don’t we?

And that, all kidding aside, scares the beejeeslies out of me.


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