Wake up folks – Gore and co. will say anything hoping we are all sleeping

Don’t question Al Gore, the climate “goo-roo”, or his goons will break your microphone…..oh my!!

If you live in the United States, don’t think your politicians are necessarily working for YOU!

He may want a piece of the world, but other than that......

Hey Al, there’s a 75% chance you’ll be the next drugged patsy they slap on a plane to strip us all of rights…..do you buy that?

And Arnold Schwarzenegger fought over the warming  issue with Sarah Palin. You see, ‘ol Arnold has no doubt been promised some power from the Global Warming dupers. Not as good as becoming  the next Hitler like he dreamed of perhaps – easy Arnold, easy big fella!

No wonder Sarah has gone Rogue!

Now there’s a business opportunity – smuggle in televisions to California over 40 inches. I hear Scwharzi has a ban going on. He knows the unfriendly power drain those nasty big TV’s has, now doesn’t he?

Back to Mr. Gore….Give us that scary sound bite and run, run Al. That’s right, don’t answer to it, no! Get the goons to break any reporters mic instead. Run Al run!! Even Fox is catching on to the propaganda!

Is anyone still giving you credibility for the “truth” – inconvenient or otherwise?

Well, we don’t buy the whole “Nigerian” terrorist thing, anymore than we buy your 75% chance that the polar icecaps will melt. You, Al are a con man!!

Mr. Beck has the cahoonas to call you and the globalists for what you are:

Wake up Canada! Wake up World!

Time to arrest these crooks, cons, sickos, and the sooner the better before they do indeed take over the world and put us all in slavery.

You can either believe us, or listen to Al Gore and his insane inconvenient load of garbage that he stands to gain large from. Enron resliced and rediced.

Gore and the globalists have 145 trillion reasons to pull this con off – all of them dollars. The drive of the elitists is to strip the wealth out of the world, creating financial hardship the likes of which we have never seen before.

We can even see it coming and not believe. Like this fellow with the “yeah right”, lax attitude that this fellow has, as he admits, yes, there is a New World Order, and Kissinger likes to think of himself a a shadowy figure……hard to watch, but the information is there.

Well, if they are able to set up that elusive world government, like a corporation (i.e. not democratic!), that will allow you to tax the living beejeeslies out of anyone and everyone, giving goons like Gore amazing power, you are asking for trouble. Look no further than the European Union to see how that is working for the freedoms and rights of the people.

Ahhh, Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Kerry - "global" allegiances, eh? Bye, bye U.S.A.?

Might explain why President Obama wasted his time to go to Copenhagen to get those “insignificant signatures” on that document that will be expanded upon known as the Climate Change  Treaty (agreement). Can you hear Dr. Evil now?

I know Jack van Impe can! And he also knows that the New World Government will be supported by religious officials that will fall from faith, and form a new World Religion.

And President Obama, in the past has mocked the words in the Bible. Can it get any more twisted? For those with ears to hear, now is the time!

The feet will be made with iron and clay, meaning that there will be a revolution to fight this insanity, and it has already begun. Iron does not adhere to clay, and the nation will be divided.

The time to tune in and pay attention is now.


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